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 History of Marvel 2175

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PostSubject: History of Marvel 2175   History of Marvel 2175 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2012 10:40 am

1923- A Hitler led Nazi Party unsuccessfully attempts to overthrow German govt.
1926- Treaty of Berlin signed by Germany and Soviet Union (declares neutrality if either country is attacked within next 5 years)
1927-Stalin becomes undisputed leade of Soviet Union
1928- Kellogg-Brand Pact signed by major world powers in Paris (outlaws aggressive warfare)
1929- Kellogg-Brand Pact goes into effect; Begining of Great Depression in U.S.A
1933- Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany; Reichstag Fire Decree is passed nullifying several German civil liberties; FDR inaugurated as president of USA; Enabling Act passed making Hitler dictator of Germany; Gestapo established in Germany; Hitler outlaws trade unions, public book burnnings started by Nazis, all non Nazi parties banned in Germany, Nazi party becomes official party of Germany; Einstien arrives in USA as refugee from Nazi Germany; Germany leaves League of Nations
1934-10yr German-Polish Non- Aggression Pact signed between Ger. and Pol.; Hitler becomes Fuher of Germany; Soviet Union joins League of Nations
1936- Germany reoccupies Rhineland violting the Treaty of Versaiiles
1938- Germany annexes Austria
1939- German Army invades Czechoslovakia and takes control of it; Soviet Union, United Kingdom and France form a triple alliance; Germany invades Poland kicking off WWII
1941- Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and delcares war on USA and UK; UK, USA, Netherlands and New Zealand declare war on Japan
1942- USA begins Super Soldier Program recruiting a young Steve Rogers and others; a sabatoge attempt is thwarted allowing others to join Rogers; USA shares the super soldier serum with their allies
1944- members of the Nazi party that oppose Hitler approach Allies for assistance with Operation Valkyrie; Valkyrie is a success and Hitler is assassinated; New Nazi party leaders sign treaty with USA, UK, and France; Soviet Union refuses to sign treaty with Nazi Germany and declares war on USA, UK, France and any others that signed treaty with Ger.
1945- Germany and USA successfully test nuclear bombs; Germany lays seige to Stalingrade
1946- USA invades Japan in an attempt to end the war without resorting to extreme measures; Germany and USA are forced to use thier nuclear bombs in joint attacks on Moscow and Tokyo devastating both cities and ending the war.
1947- Nazi Germany joins the newly established United Nations
1949- People's Republic of China established
1950- Captain America helps establish SHIELD along with Col. Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dougan, and Sgt. Liberty (Bucky Barnes) to keep an eye on Nazi Germany, the Cold War between US and Ger. officialy begins
1952- Captain America is severly injured during a mission and placed in suspended animation in hopes of future technologies advancing enough to revive and repair him.
1964- Reed Richards, Susan and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm become the Fantastic Four after suffering a accident while on a space mission.
1966- Professor Charles Xavier establishes his School for the Gifted; Founding of the X-Men
1970- Captain America is revived and becomes a member of the Avengers alongside Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Thor, and Bruce Banner
1975- Mockingbird, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Vision, and Mrs. Marvel join Avengers
1999- Civil War in super hero communtiy; Registration Act passed all costumed vigilantes requiered to register with the government.
2001- Skrulls invade earth but are turned back by the worlds superheros; Registration Act repealed
2004- Norman Osbourn becomes president of the United states and appoints his son Harry as head of SHIELD
2011- Searching for an edge over the USA German scientist unearth ancient, Asgardian weapons and begin studying them.
2012- The Serpent (Odin's brother) returns using the Asgardian weapons the Germans discovered to bring back his Worthy; Nazi's use the chaos created by the Worthy to attack the US
2014- The War comes to an end after Thor sacrafices himself to defeat the Serpent and the Germans are turned back by the heroes of the US lead by Captain America.
2035- The Earth once again finds itself in the middle of an intergalactic war between the Kree/Shi'Ar/Skrull, Germany and USA set aside their differences to keep the earth safe
2037- Kree/Shi'Ar/Skrull war ends and treaty signed between the three races on Earth, as part of the treaty the three races agree to ensure Earth is not targeted again
2045- Race to colonize nearby planets between US and Ger takes off; China quietly expands it's empire taking control of Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and other small asian nations
2050- Ger. manages first successful maned mission to Mars; China takes over Japan finally conquering most of Asia
2052- USA makes a breakthrough in terra forming turning Death Valley into a garden paradise
2060- US and German colonists on Mars begin fighting over land.
2070- US/German Marsian land wars finally stop with a DMZ being established
2080- China begins colonizing the moons of Mars; US and Germany both begin researching possibility of colonizing other planets/moons in the solar system
2100- Germany follows US in starting to colonize other planets and moons of the solar system
2125- DMZ line on Mars erased as more nations finally begin to join US, Ger, and China in colonizing the planet and it's moons
2150- China attacks German and US colonies on Mars; US and Germany declare war on Chinese Empire and put an end to the Cold War between them
2152- Australia, Great Britain, France, and Spain join US and Germany; Russia, Iran, Iraq and Italy join China
2160- Third World War finally comes to an end, Chinese Empire broken up and divided.
2175- Leading nations create a new police force to monitor the expanding space colonies; Organizations like SHIELD from leading nations combined into a global terrorist prevention force

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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History of Marvel 2175
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