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PostSubject: Races   Races Icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 7:06 am


True Kree resemble humans almost exactly, with the exception of blue skin. Kree have a higher strength level than that of a human, and require more nitrogen to breathe comfortably. Kree bodies are adapted to environmental characteristics on Hala that are un-Earthlike: they have a higher gravity and a higher concentration of nitrogen in the atmosphere. Under Earth's lesser gravity their strength and speed increase. However, they cannot breathe in Earth's atmosphere without using a chemical, "breathing formula", or artificial life-support devices.

The original Kree had blue-colored skin, but a second racial group with pink skin resembling that of human Caucasians emerged over the millennia. Presently, the blue-skinned "purebred" Kree are a small, but powerful, minority. Pink Kree are much more durable than their blue racial brethren.

Adult Kree range (typically) from between 5 to 8 feet (1.5 to 2.4 m) tall. Some female Kree can physically influence men, and a few can even drain the life force of others.

The Kree were an evolutionarily stagnant race. This was due to a single member of the Kree race attempting to gain control of The Crystal of Ultimate Vision. This unnamed Kree found the crystal, but attempted to use it to become akin to a god, with powers as of those of the Phoenix Force. As punishment, the crystal "genetically froze their evolution in place" allowing the rest of creation to pass them by. In an attempt to further their development, some Kree bred with other species, producing the 'pink-skinned' Kree, who are similar in appearance to Caucasian humans. These pinks (also called 'whites') eventually outnumbered the blue-skin Kree. The Kree value what they consider to be their genetic purity, to such an extent that reproduction outside of the species is a strict taboo. In the Kree empire it is a crime for a male non-Kree to impregnate any Kree.

The Kree race has produced individual super-humanoid beings, either through natural mutation, genetic engineering, or cyborg technology, including Captain Mar-Vell, Ultimus, Shatterstar, Shatterax, Korath, and others.

The Supreme Intelligence attempted to jumpstart the evolutionary process of the Kree. Through a series of events he arranged for a large number of his people to be irradiated with a Nega-Bomb (killing 90% of the Kree), and then artificially sped up their evolution by means of an artifact called the Forever Crystal.

This new brand of evolved Kree, called Ruul, have a grayish skin tone and many shoulder-length tentacles atop their heads. Individuals possess the ability to 'will' adaptation to different environments, spontaneously developing the ability to breathe underwater, fly, or whatever their circumstances require.

The Kree are a nationalistic, imperialistic and militaristic society with the only widespread religion being worship of the Supreme Intelligence. A small minority practice a pacifist Cotati religion, but this is forbidden. Some are members of the Universal Church of Truth.

The Kree Empire extended throughout nearly a thousand worlds in the northwestern lobe (Earth reference) of the Greater Magellanic Cloud with outposts in other galaxies.

Kree names are usually short, being one or two syllables. Given names are separated from surnames by a hyphen. Examples include Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg, Una-Rogg, and Zey-Rogg.

Generally, the offspring of officers of the Kree Imperial Militia are immediately conscripted.

The Kree population was in excess of 30 billion prior to the nega-bomb detonation. The Kree lost an alleged 98% of their population after the nega-bomb detonated. Although the pink-skinned Kree are in the majority, it is the blue-skinned Kree, such as Ronan, who dominate their society.

Under the Supreme Intelligence, the Kree Empire was a military-technocractic dictatorship. Under Clumsy Foulup, the Kree were temporarily a monarchy, and while under Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn they were a military dictatorship.

Leaders of the Kree have included the Supreme Intelligence, Clumsy Foulup, Nenora, Zarek, Ael-Dan and Dar-Ben, Phae-Dor, Tus-Katt, Morag, Ronan the Accuser and most recently, Black Bolt of the Inhumans.

The Kree began their empire over a million years ago, within a hundred years of the acquisition of interstellar technology from the Skrulls (at that time, a benevolent people). The Skrulls at the time were attempting to start a galactic empire of their own, this one based on free trade, and they landed on Hala to help the barbaric natives advance to the point where they could join.

Although Hala is the official planet of the Kree's origin, for a time, the planet Kree-Lar in the Turunal system served as the capital of the Kree Empire as well as the seat of the government. The Kree Empire is ruled as a militaristic dictatorship. The permanent ruler was the organic computer-construct called the Supremor (or Supreme Intelligence), an immense computer system to which the preserved brains of the greatest intellects of the Kree race have been linked. Aiding the Supreme Intelligence were a number of imperial administrators on Kree-Lar, who are also governors of each of the member worlds, and a vast standing space militia. They also employ powerful automatons called Sentries whose job it is to keep member worlds under the empire's watchful eye.

The Kree empire is later ruled by Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family who gained power after Ronan the Accuser, ruler of the Kree after the Supreme Intelligence's demise, submitted to him.

The Kree Empire extends across almost a thousand worlds in the northwestern lobe (Earth reference) of the Greater Magellanic Cloud. They are the only race in the galaxy to possess the Omni-Wave Projector technology, a device which can enable communication across hyperspace as well as be used in an offensive capacity as a weapon. They also possess cloaking technology, which they call the 'aura of negativity'.

Kree technology includes advanced warp-drive starships, advanced robotics, cyborg and cybernetic technology, advanced genetic engineering, psionic technology (Psyche-Magnetron), advanced energy weaponry (Uni-Beam), nuclear power and weapons.

The Psyche-Magnetron, for example, was a weapon that possesses matter-shaping powers. Whosoever possessed it could conjure up anything ever devised by Kree Science. When its rays hit the user, it could create the device desired by the user and also modify the genetic structure of the body giving it super powers. The Magnetron Power Unit or Power Core was contained in a small shielded box. Unfortunately, it was extremely radioactive and, once outside of the box, it immediately changed its form to a bigger, starred polyhedron. It then emitted the same radiation emitted as the Psyche-Magnetron when it bathed a subject, but in such a high quantities as to burn, blind, and totatally annihilate the senses instantly and, sometimes, even kill the subject in a few minutes. Through its rays, the user gained greater matter-shaping powers, that, unfortunately, were very difficult to control. The radiations covered all the known spectrums and they were strong enough to transform an area as wide as, say, Northern Florida, into a radioactive wasteland.

The Destructoids
The Destructoids are gargantuan weapons of war, each one manned by hundreds of men. They have two forms: 1. A starship 2. A giant roughly humanoid configuration. Whatever form they take, they have great destructive firepower, so great that it only takes two of them to pacify a primitive defenseless planet. In the latter form, their propulsion comes out of the equivalent of their legs, and their blasts come out of the equivalent of their arms. In the former form, their propulsion comes from the stern while they shoot their blasts from the bow of the ship.

Millennia ago a race of humanoid reptiles called the Skrulls came upon prehistoric Hala. At that time the Skrulls were a largely peaceful space-faring race, and they set about educating the natives to the point where they could join their trading empire. However, Hala was home to two equally intelligent races, the Kree and the Cotati.

The Skrulls proposed a test to determine the worthier race. This test involved taking 17 members of each race to distant planetoids in different solar systems in another galaxy, providing them with complete supplies to last one year, and then returning at the end of that period to judge the worth of what each group had managed to create. The Skrull starship took the Cotati to a barren moon in one solar system and then brought the Kree to Earth's moon where they created an arena, the Blue Area, and left them there. While the Cotati used their abilities to create a beautiful garden on their formerly-barren moon, the Kree used the rudimentary technology provided by the Skrulls to construct a magnificent city.

A year later the Skrulls returned to judge the accomplishments of the two groups and return them all to Hala. Once back on their homeworld, the Kree leader Morag learned that, although the Skrulls who had retrieved his group had been extremely impressed by the giant city, the other Skrulls were more impressed by the Cotati's success. Enraged, the Kree first wiped out the Cotati and then, when the Skrull delegation protested, killed them as well and seized the Skrulls' starship. They then set about deciphering the technology of the starship.

Within a hundred years of acquiring interstellar technology from the Skrulls, the Kree empire began to spread throughout the Greater Magellanic Cloud. The Kree launched an attack upon the Skrull empire and the peaceful Skrulls were again forced to become war-like to defend themselves. The Kree-Skrull War would continue for hundreds of thousands of years.

At the same time the Cotati on Hala were almost driven to extinction by the Kree. However, a small handful of Kree, the pacifist priests of Pama, hid and kept safe a group of Cotati. Eventually these Kree began worshipping the Cotati that they had kept sheltered. To further hide and keep them safe, the priests relocated the surviving Cotati throughout the universe.

About 250 years later the Kree Science Council, aware that the Skrulls had once created an incredibly powerful weapon called the Cosmic Cube, designed a cybernetic/organic supercomputer called the Supreme Intelligence (sometimes referred to by the honorific "Supremor") to help them in creating a Cube. When the computer became functional, it determined that a Cosmic Cube would be too dangerous to construct and refused the Science Council's request. The computer was then used simply in an advisory capacity.

At the beginning of the Kree-Skrull War, millions of years ago in Earth time, the Kree established a station on the planet Uranus, a strategic position between the Kree and Skrull empires. Through their work at this station, they discovered that sentient life on nearby Earth had had genetic potential invested in it by the alien Celestials. Intrigued, the Kree began to experiment on Earth's then-primitive homo sapiens.

Their goal was apparently twofold — to investigate possible ways of circumventing their own evolutionary stagnation, and to create a powerful mutant race of soldiers for use against the Skrulls. However, although their experiments were successful in creating a strain of humanity with extraordinary and diverse abilities, it was assumed that the Kree apparently abandoned their experiments for reasons which are not yet clear. However it was later revealed that the Supreme Intelligence had in fact predicted its death by the hands of these experiments and ordered their destruction.

Their test subjects, eventually dubbed the Inhumans, went on to form a society of their own, which thrived in seclusion from the rest of humanity. Their city Attilan has frequently been relocated. The Kree abandoned the project eventually, but stationed a giant surveillance robot, Sentry 459, on a small South Pacific island. The Fantastic Four's unwary awakening of the long-dormant Sentry alerted the Kree to Earth's advanced state of evolution. The Sentry's destruction brought the Kree official Ronan the Accuser, with the intent of passing judgment on those who "murdered" the outpost guard. He intended to punish the Fantastic Four, but they defeated him. Ronan's own defeat increased Kree scrutiny of Earth, setting off a chain of events that continues to reverberate.

Over time, and as the war with the Skrull dragged on, the Supreme Intelligence gradually accrued more and more political power and responsibility until finally it was elected as absolute ruler of the Kree. Eventually, the Supreme Intelligence came to be worshipped and an organized religion built up around it.

The Earth's importance as a strategic beachhead became apparent when the Avengers became involved in the latest round of Kree-Skrull hostilities. The Skrull were revealed to have been infiltrating human society in an effort to control America's political infrastructure, using their shape-shifting abilities to replace key political figures. In the meantime, the Kree were reestablishing cultural ties with the Inhumans, ostensibly for the purpose of technological exchange, although their true intentions turned out to be far more sinister.

At this point, Captain Marvel, former hero of the Kree Empire, approached the Avengers with evidence that renegade elements within the Kree Hierarchy (led by Ronan the Accuser) were planning to 'erase' humanity through the use of exotic technology. This particular scheme was foiled by Marvel and the Avengers (comprised, at that time, of Goliath 2, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, Yellowjacket, the Wasp, and eternal side-kick Rick Jones) but it proved to be only the tip of the iceberg.

As the war escalated and Earth's position became increasingly precarious, the original Avengers (including Thor, Iron Man and Captain America) were recalled to active service after a Skrull scouting party (led by interstellar menace The Super-Skrull) managed to abduct Marvel, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The Skrull also attempted to destroy the Inhumans' Great Refuge with a nuclear-level incendiary device, but failed when the Avengers intervened. This was the group's first inkling that an interplanetary war was being fought over possession of the Earth. During the ensuing conflict, the Super-Skrull took his prisoners back to the Skrull home-world, leaving the remaining Avengers to pick up the pieces and reform their tattered forces.

The conflict worsened when the Avengers began to understand the scale of the war erupting all around them. Setting off in pursuit of their kidnapped allies, they discovered a vast 'Skrullian' armada en route to devastate the planet Earth; an equivalent Kree fleet poised to annihilate the Skrulls; and a full-scale insurrection breaking out between the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan the Accuser. All sides were determined to either invade or decimate the Earth in order to prevent it falling into the 'wrong' hands. Led by Thor, Iron Man and The Vision, the Avengers launched an attack on the Skrull flagship, somehow managing to turn back the fleet after a desperate battle (during which Goliath 2 was deemed to be MIA and presumed dead when he attempted to stop a Skrull spacecraft from reaching Earth).

The war came to a close when the Supreme Intelligence managed to bring Rick Jones into his presence. The Intelligence had been usurped by Ronan the Accuser, but (as he explained to Rick in retrospect), he was still capable of channeling his powers through an agent. While the Intelligence cared little for the fate of Earth and its inhabitants, he recognized that the Kree-Skrull war was futile, and temporarily altered Rick's DNA to release his 'full evolutionary potential.' Armed with godlike powers, Rick literally froze both Kree and Skrull forces in mid-stride, allowing the Intelligence to re-establish control over his people and bring the war to a halt.

The effort proved too much for Rick's fragile human physiology; as he collapsed lifeless to the floor, the Supreme Intelligence teleported the remaining Avengers to his side to witness his grim sacrifice. The irony was not lost on the assembled heroes, who reflected that a frail teenaged boy had succeeded where all of their collective might had failed. The final act in the cosmic tragedy was played out by Captain Marvel, who - understanding the debt owed by all of them - agreed to merge his life-force with Rick's body, bringing the boy back from the brink of death at the cost of their own individual freedom.

At several points in the years after the end of the first Kree-Skrull war hostilities were said to have broken out again between the two empires. It is unclear how serious these conflicts were though they were often referred to as "wars".

The most significant of these instances came when the Skrulls lost their ability to shapeshift, and a Skrull Warlord provoked new hostilities. During this war, the Supreme Intelligence was incapacitated by the Silver Surfer who removed the Soul Gem which the creature used to maintain peaceful balance between its blue and pink Kree components. Afterwards, Nenora, a Skrull spy in the guise of a high ranking Kree official, took command of the Kree empire. The war ended with Nenora's death at the hands of S'ybill, the Skrull Empress. Rulership of the Kree was assumed for a time by an alien named Clumsy Foulup who was, however, soon assassinated by Kree military officers.

The machinations of Thanos led to the sudden elimination of half the universe's life-forms. Unaware of Thanos' role in the disappearance, the Kree and the Skrull blamed each other and temporarily renewed fighting.

Not long after the conflicts with the Skrull ended, the Kree again found themselves embroiled in a war, this time with the Shi'ar Empire. This war was much shorter, and was engineered by the Skrulls and the Supreme Intelligence.

The Avengers of Earth became involved in the conflict when the Shi'ar opened a wormhole in Earth's solar system to gain rapid access to Kree territory, unconcerned about the damage that would be caused to Earth's Sun as a result. Their involvement inadvertently set off a chain of events which led to a Nega-Bomb being detonated in Kree space. The bomb explosion, in which negative energy was released into space causing an extremely powerful explosive and radioactive reaction, devastated the Kree empire, and led to its surrender to the Sh'iar. It was eventually revealed that the Supreme Intelligence was ultimately responsible for the bomb's detonation, as the whole thing was a bid to kick-start the Kree race's genetic development.

Kree territory was then annexed by the Sh'iar, with Majestrix Lilandra naming her sister Deathbird as the territories' administrator. Deathbird has since abandoned this post.

The remaining Kree were evolved into the Ruul through the machinations of the Supreme Intelligence and the Forever Crystal, a very powerful mystical artifact, and it appears that the Kree Empire has, at least in some part, been reestablished. As the Ruul, the race emerged as the major antagonists behind the events known as "Maximum Security", presenting themselves as a heretofore unknown race until their origins as Kree and behind-the-scenes manipulations were revealed. Later after the universe was destroyed and recreated by Genis-Vell and Entropy, son of Eternity, the Kree race was restored to its original form.

Kree soldiers attacked the Earth and were driven off by the Avengers; in the process, Hawkeye was killed. But this may not have been the real Kree, as the entire incident was later revealed to be a product of the Scarlet Witch's reality-altering powers when she was temporarily driven mad.

During Annihilus invasion into our universe from the Negative Zone Kree forces, commanded by the merchant House of Fiyero, made up 90% of the United Front (an army that consisted of Nova, Star-Lord, Ronan the Accuser and others) fighting against the Anniihilation Wave. After mercy killing the Supreme Intelligence (who was lobotomized by a traitor to the Kree Empire) and wiping out the House of Fiyero, Ronan the Accuser assumed control of the Kree Empire.

Not long after dealing with Annihilus' Annihilation Wave the Kree Empire was assimilated by the Phalanx when the Galadorian Space Knights, who had already been assimilated, infect the Kree Security Net. The Phalanx isolate Kree Space from the universe and are only saved by the future Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Warlock (of the New Mutants), and his son.

The Kree have an agent on Earth that learns about the Skrull Secret Invasion but he is supposedly killed before he can summon help.

Noh-Varr, a Kree from a parallel Earth, proclaims the planet under Kree protection and takes part in the final battle. He is deemed a hero by the planet's population and by the Kree that learn of his bravery during the attack. He takes the mantle of Captain Marvel and serves on Osborn's Avengers until he learns of their true nature. While on the run he manages to communicate with the Supreme Intelligence who grants him the title and position of Protector of Earth and bestows a pair of custom Negabands to him.

Ronan the Accuser, the acting ruler of the Kree Empire, forges an alliance with the Inhuman Royal Family to locate and save Black Bolt from the Skrulls. Ronan only agrees to help the Inhumans in exchange for Crystal's hand in marriage, to which Medusa agrees.

Shortly after the Invasion of Earth occurs, the Inhumans begin their personal assault on the Skrull Empire. After destroying a Skrull warship that has fled into Shi'ar Space, as well as three Shi'ar Warbirds, the Inhumans next travel to Kree-lar and claim dominion over the Kree Empire.

Emperor Vulcan, leader of the Shi'ar, declares war against the Kree and launches a surprise attack during the wedding of Ronan and Crystal. The Kree retaliate and through the actions of the various royal family members they endear themselves to the Kree.

After the assassination of former Empress Lilandra the Kree launch a T-Bomb intended to end the war swiftly and decisively. The bomb is powered by Black Bolt's voice who resides in the bomb. Black Bolt is attacked by Vulcan and the two are presumed dead when the bomb explodes in Shi'ar territory. The Kree claim victory and control of the Shi'ar empire.

With Black Bolt's death, Medusa struggles as sole ruler of the Kree Empire until her son comes of age. However, she would not have to struggle long, as Black Bolt returned to Attilan and the Kree throne shortly after his supposed death.

Notable Kree
Supreme Intelligence
Ronan the Accuser
Korath the Pursuer
Mar-Vel (Captain Marvel I; deceased)
Noh-Var (from an Alternate Earth known as Protector)
Carol Danvers (Earth superheroine who was genetically modified by accident; is effectively half-Kree)
Dorrek VIII/Teddy Altman (Hulkling; member of the Young Avengers; son of Mar-Vell and Princess Anelle making him half-Kree/half-Skrull; lover of Billy Kaplan (Wiccan); was taken to Earth where he was raised)
Genis-Vell (Captain Marvel/Photon; former member of the Thunderbolts; genetically engineered son of Mar-Vell and Elysius who was artificially aged to adulthood and imbued with memories of growing up on Titan; Killed by Baron Zemo)
Phyla-Vell (Quasar; genetic daughter of Mar-Vell and Elysius; created in an alternate timeline that was woven into current reality (Earth-616) when Genis led Entropy to remake the universe; developed romance with Moondragon; gained Quantum Bands after taking them from Annihilus)
Ultra Girl (Suzanna Sherman/Tzu-Zana; an Earth superheroine who is a Kree savior, she is a Kree/Human mutant and former member of the New Warriors)

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Races   Races Icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 7:12 am


The Technarchy is a race of giant techno-organic entities with very aggressive natures. They travel the universe looking for things on which to feed, which can be organic or mechanical. They feed by infecting their prey with the Transmode Virus, converting it into techno-organic matter, from which they then drain the energy, or "lifeglow". If the "lifeglow" is not drained from organic creatures after infection, then Phalanx are formed, creatures who maintain hiveminds, unlike the highly individualistic Technarchs, and who are inherently coded to send a message to the Technarchy once they reach a critical mass. The Technarchy, who consider Phalanx to be abominations, exterminate all such "nests" upon receiving the messages.

The Technarch homeworld was called "Kvch," is covered with cities, and itself appears to be techno-organic in nature. The Technarchy is itself a dictatorship, led by the Magus. The Magus has only had contact with Earth on account of the actions of his son Warlock, who chose not to continue a native custom whereby the son eventually kills the father and takes his place in their society. The Magus pursued his son and had several encounters with Warlock's new team - the New Mutants - and other Terran superhumans such as the X-Men and Avengers. Each time the Magus was thwarted in his schemes, and was thought to have returned to his home planet. An offspring of Magus in a mindless state has been revealed to be lying dormant underwater and awoken by the codeword "Warlock". His existence was revealed by the resurrected Bastion who plans to use him as a weapon in his war on mutants.

Bastion rewrote its programming and infected Donald Pierce and the Leper Queen, the recovered techno-organic remains of Cameron Hodge and Steven Lang, as well as the corpses of Bolivar Trask, Graydon Creed, and Reverend William Stryker with the Technarch transmode virus, declaring them to be the future of humanity and the end of mutantkind. Eli Bard, a closeted servant of Selene, infected himself with the programming and has also used the Technarch spawn to resurrect the corpse of Caliban as well those of Warpath's massacred tribe. He then presented himself to Selene who rewrote its programming even further and resurrected other mutants, including Pyro and Cypher so she could set her plan into motion of becoming a goddess.

The Technarch reproduces using an advanced assembly line, using the genome from a "parent." The "babies" are then brought up in a creche. The Technarch themselves are asexual, and refer to their parents as "siredams," after "sire" for father and "dam" for mother. Upon reaching a certain age, Technarch young must face their parent in single combat to prove that they have the right to live. Those that are weak are killed, while those that are strong kill their parent. The only known exception is Warlock, a mutant Technarch with a peaceful disposition, who refused to fight and instead chose to flee, ending up on Earth where he joined the New Mutants. The Magus came after him and challenged him directly, before being eventually devolved to childhood by a merged Warlock and Cypher. He later returned and was defeated by Warlock and Hope, another ally who infected him with an altered version of the transmode virus, leading him to flee in self-hatred.

Powers and abilities
Technarchs grow in size and strength throughout their lives, and gain new abilities as their power increases. In addition to the shapeshifting and energy-channeling abilities granted by their physical nature, Technarchy members can (with enough power) travel through hyperspace, cross dimensional barriers, detect energy sources at interstellar distances, detect mental activity, detect lifeglow, communicate in a wide variety of formats, and even fuse hydrogen.

Notable Technarchs
Magus-Rulerer of the Thechnarchy; 'father' of Warlock
Warlock- Peace loving 'son' of Magus
Tyro- Adopted 'son' Warlock

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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Skrulls are green-skinned reptilian humanoids with large pointed ears, red or green eyes, and chins with several vertical folds in the skin below their mouths. Skrulls are known for genetic and molecular instability, and genetic diversity, due to Celestial experimentation creating the Skrull "Deviants" (now the only surviving Skrulls). The Skrulls are known for their physical malleability and ability to shapeshift to any size, shape, or color at will, taking on the appearance but not the characteristics of other beings and objects within a volume range of .75 to 1.5 times the Skrull's original volume. Skrulls are able to assume virtually any form, be it organic (e.g. cows ) or inorganic (e.g. lamp ). As a result, the Skrulls excel at spying and infiltration. Skrulls are also able to use their shapeshifting abilities to form weapons (e.g. blades and clubs) with parts of their bodies, making them dangerous hand-to-hand combatants. Their sexual dimorphism is roughly the same of a human being, but their sexual orientation is more complex since they can change their genders at will. Indeed, Xavin once casually said that, for a Skrull, changing gender is comparable to a human being changing their hair color.

The Skrulls later developed the ability to render themselves undetectable when using their shapeshifting abilities, even from telepaths and those with superior senses. Reed Richards discovered a method to use technology to negate this ability and reveal a disguised Skrull's true form.

Courtesy of their advanced technology, the Skrulls have also been able to augment their abilities in certain warriors, such as the Super Skrull and War Skrulls - an elite group who with special encoding are able to emulate the powers as well as appearance of their templates.

It is believed that Skrulls' eyes are incapable of subtle visual perceptions as those of Earth humans, e.g. Skrulls once mistook samples of drawn artwork for photographs

Millions of years ago, the Celestials performed genetic experiments on the reptilian ancestors of the Skrulls, resulting in three branches of Skrulls that eventually warred with one another. The Deviant branch — possessing the innate ability to shapeshift — were triumphant, and afterward wiped out all members of the other two races until only two were left: the Skrull Eternal, Kly'bn and Prime Skrull of the original Skrull race. Kly'bn implored them to spare his life, as killing him would kill part of their heritage. The Deviants' leader, Sl'gur't, fell in love with him, with the two eventually becoming the gods of the Skrull pantheon. As Kly'bn could not change, Sl'gurt vowed to never keep the same shape for too long. Prime Skrull escaped to Earth in the 20th Century and later became a member of the Underground Legion. From that point, the Skrulls began to expand their territory. The Deviant branch later split into two more groups, the modern Skrulls and an anomaly called the Dire Wraiths, a parasitic race that could still shapeshift and had use of magic, but were not as technologically advanced as the Skrulls.

The modern Skrulls originate from the planet of Skrullos, and were originally a mercantile civilization, primarily interested in free trade and willing to share their technology with all races they deemed worthy. When they encountered a new race, they simply transformed themselves to resemble that race. The Skrull empire that resulted from these contacts was based on free trade and mutual cooperation. The empire is controlled by an Emperor and each of the 978 worlds is controlled by a Governor.

Eventually, the Skrulls developed long-distance space travel; a great tour of the universe was undertaken, led by Emperor Dorrek, and in a full decade of travel no civilization was encountered he deemed superior to the Skrulls. Finally, the Skrull delegation reached the planet Hala, home to the then-barbaric Kree and the peaceful Cotati, and held a contest to determine which of the races would represent Hala to the Skrull Empire. Seventeen members of each race were taken to different uninhabited planetoids where they were left with sufficient supplies for one year. At the end of that period, whichever group had done the most with themselves would be adjudged the most worthy. The Kree were taken to Earth's Moon where they built a great city while the Cotati were taken to another barren world in a different solar system and used their abilities to create a beautiful park. Realizing that the Cotati were going to win, the enraged Kree killed all the Cotati. When the Kree revealed that they had solved the question of who would represent Hala to the Skrulls by destroying their opposition, the Skrull delegates were appalled and vowed that Hala would forever be banned from their circle of favored worlds so the Kree massacred them as well, took over the Skrull landing spaceship by force, and developed their own technology from it.

Because of the immense distances involved, decades passed before the Skrulls learned of the Kree’s activities. By this time it was too late. The Kree were now advanced and audacious enough to attack the Skrulls in their home galaxy. During the millennia that followed, the Kree aggression forced the Skrulls to become a militaristic civilization, and the Skrulls eventually developed the vicious streak needed to conduct intergalactic war. Their entire culture was remade in the warrior image. The Kree-Skrull War continued for thousands of years with only brief interruptions.[4] The Skrull Throneworld is later moved from Skrullos to the more central Tarnax IV, with their empire encompassing over fifty worlds.[5] The Skrulls also created the first Cosmic Cube, which later became the Shaper of Worlds; the Shaper related that, upon attaining self-awareness, he lashed out blindly, destroying two thirds of the Skrull empire and casting the civilization back into barbarism (suggesting this occurred before the war with the Kree broke out).[6]

The Kree Accuser Ronan had wrested control of the Kree Empire from the Supreme Intelligence and attacked the Skrulls, reigniting hostilities. The Avengers become involved once the Super Skrull kidnaps Captain Marvel, and in turn they battle a Kree Sentry robot, three of the original Skrulls that had fought the Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, rogue Inhumans and legions of Skrulls. The Supreme Intelligence ends the immediate conflict by revealing to Avengers' ally Rick Jones that he has vast mental potential, which is then used to freeze all combatants in place. The Supreme Intelligence announces that, while the Kree and Skrulls have reached genetic dead ends, the human race displays incredible untapped potential. It was revealed years later that the conflict produced a Kree-Skrull hybrid, Hulkling, who is the child of one-time lovers Captain Marvel and the Skrull Princess Anelle.

The Skrulls became aware of Earth when they discovered a space warp linking Earth and Throneworld. Later they discovered the Earth possesses an equidistant link to Hala. They see Earth as a world to conquer but they are content to hold off a full invasion. (Perhaps they are afraid the Kree would learn of the plot.) Because of their caution, the Skrulls have sent only a handful of scoutwarriors to infiltrate Earth, but fails to take into account the presence of the modern superhero.

In 1958, Skrulls attempted to sabotage Earth's space program. They battled 3-D Man, and set the Cold Warrior against 3-D Man.[9] Later a small scouting party used their shape shifting powers to impersonate the Fantastic Four, committing crimes so the country would turn against the Fantastic Four, the only ones with the power to stop them. But the Fantastic Four were able to locate the Skrulls and tricked their leaders into believing the Earth was full of threats. The fleet left and Mr. Fantastic made the Skrulls that were left behind shapeshift into cows and he hypnotized them to remember nothing about their true heritage.

In retaliation the Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII dispatches Kl'rt, a Skrull known as the Super-Skrull, to Earth to defeat the Fantastic Four. Kl'rt possesses the powers of the entire Fantastic Four (in addition to shapeshifting and hypnotism), and he holds the team at bay until Mister Fantastic discovers the source of his power and uses a miniature device to jam the ray, before the Human Torch imprisons him inside a crater. The Super-Skrull posed as the jailed Dr. Franklin Storm, after transporting him to the Skrull throneworld, and battled the Fantastic Four as the Invincible Man; another Skrull ultimately caused the death of Dr. Storm by attaching a bomb to his chest before he was transported back, although Storm turned to the floor, saving the Fantastic Four by using his body to shield them from the blast. The Fantastic Four later travel to Tarnax IV and find the Skrull responsible for the murder of Susan and Johnny Storm's father (which turned out to be Warlord Morrat). Skrulls were involved in other events such as sending the Super-Skrull to battle Captain Mar-Vell, and abducting the Thing as a contestant in the Skrull Games.

Later the cosmic being the Watcher adjudicates a duel between champions from both races: Colonel Bel-Dann of the Kree and Warlord Raksor of the Skrulls. After one year of conflict the duel remains deadlocked and is ultimately abandoned with no resolution. Years later during a conflict with Xandar that included the Fantastic Four and the Champions of Xandar, Emperor Dorrek VII's wife, Empress R'klll, stages a coup and kills him to become ruling Empress.

Empress R'klll's reign is short-lived, however, as the greatest blow to the Skrulls arrieves in the form of the World Devourer Galactus. After his Herald Nova annihilates the Skrull fleet, Galactus devours Tarnax IV, killing billions of Skrulls, including R'klll and the Princess Anelle. With the destruction of the central government, the Skrull Empire has collapsed into hundreds of bickering factions. Their galaxy is filled with Governors who have declared themselves to be Emperor of the Skrulls and soon a civil war began. The Shi'ar maintain a heavy presence in the former empire as well, constantly dealing with packets of resistance.

Later Reed Richards discovered that yet another Governor-turned-Emperor, Zabyk, had created a genetics bomb, which, when it exploded made all the Skrulls lose their shape-shifting abilities. Whatever form they were in they were stuck in at the time of the explosion.

In desperation, since without their shapeshifting powers they were vulnerable, they managed to kidnap the herald of Galactus, Nova, in an attempt to get Galactus to destroy Kree worlds for them. Their plot failed when the Silver Surfer helped Galactus rescue Nova in exchange for his freedom from Earth.

When the Celestials made an appearance, this scared the Skrulls into starting a second war with the Kree to show they were not powerless. The attack was first made by Kylor, one of five governors claiming to be Emperor. He had a spy in the Kree Empire, Nenora, who gave him the early edge. They tried to hide their secret weakness at all costs from the Kree.

Kylor was eventually betrayed by Nenora, as was the entire Skrull race. She assumed power of the empire and wished to keep it for herself. It was Empress S'byll who stepped up to control the Skrulls and finish the war. She was able to resurrect the Super Skrull and he returned to find the empire in shambles. They tricked the Silver Surfer into attacking a Badoon fleet, which he was not aware were allied with the Kree. Since the Kree waged war on the Surfer, he allied himself with the Skrulls to save Zenn-La from destruction.

To restore their powers, the Super Skrulls DNA needed to be transferred to S'byll, because only a female could spread the ability to the other Skrulls. The Surfer helped them to power a machine that would return the Empress' shape shifting abilities. The device was successful. With this power she was able to restore every Skrull she touched and became the true Empress of the Skrulls.

She and Super Skrull waged war with the Kree with the help of the Silver Surfer. She replaced Super Skrull with Captain Reptyl and he helped to change her into an emotionless reptile. But Reptyl was betrayed by one of his own and the Skrull fleet was utterly destroyed by the Kree. S'byll and Silver Surfer went alone to attack the Kree homeworld of Hala.

Gaining the knowledge that Nenora was actually a Skrull gave them the advantage. S'byll gave her shape-shifting abilities back to her, crippling her and showing the Kree her true self. A peace treaty was created.

The Skrulls eventually broke that peace treaty as they kept their military drive and prefer to fight rather than negotiate. Among the other races contained within the Skrull Empire are the Druff, Guna, Kallusina, Morani, Pheragot, Queega, Tekton, and Yirbek races. Other races remain independent, whether through treaties or open resistance. Such races include the Clegrimites, Gegku, Krylorians, Wilameanis, and Xandarians. The Skrull-Xandarian war with the Xandarians recently ended with the destruction of Xandar by the supervillainess Nebula.

Skrulls are meanwhile involved in numerous other activities. They were revealed to have conquered a medieval planet and abandoned it after its inhabitants perished. Skrull Prime Ten battled the Fantastic Four and Captain Mar-Vell. The Skrulls sent their own representative to witness the fate of the Phoenix, at her trial by the Shi'ar. There is a lone appearance of Queen Akilll of the Skrull. A lone Skrull poisoned Vera Gantor to force the Avengers to seek the Resurrection Stone on his behalf.The Skrulls sent their General Zedrao to give the dying Captain Mar-Vell the Royal Skrull Medal of Honor.

A group of genetically-bred Skrulls called Warskrulls began infiltrating the Shi'ar Empire. They used a Nexus Amplifier to assume total physical discorporation of their targets, adopting their super powers along with their physical appearance. They captured and replaced the Starjammers with members of their race as well as key components in government. The Warskrulls, acting under the direction of the paramount among them, posing as a Shi'ar called the Chamberlain, began committing murders and even genocide upon various Shi'ar affiliated races, such as the P!ndyr, in the name of the Shi'ar Empire. One Warskrull replaced the Imperial Consort, Professor X, called himself Warlord, and took mental control over Lilandra, the Majestrix of the Shi'ar. They were eventually defeated by the combined forces of Deathbird and the X-Men and later the Shi'ar vowed to weed out any other Warskrulls.

Some time later a Skrull called Paibok mounts a campaign to invade Earth, using another Skrull called Lyja as an infiltrator. The plan involved secretly replacing the real Alicia Masters, The Thing's blind lover. The plan fell through when she instead seduced Human Torch and the two eventually married one another. The long running facade eventually came to light and the group discovered that the real, human Alicia was actually being held captive by the Skrull nation and Lyja defects, having fallen in love with the Human Torch. The Fantastic Four rescued her, but Lyja seemingly died in the process as she sacrificed herself to save Johnny when Paibok attacked.

Paibok later revealed to Devos the Devastator that she was still alive. Paibok, with the assistance of Devos, awoke Lyja from her comatose state, also bestowing her with the power to fly and fire energy blasts from her hands (becoming "Lyja the Lazerfist" . These powers were later revealed to come from a special device implanted into her. Joining them in search of vengeance, the three arrived on Earth, and isolated and battled the Torch at Empire State University. Panicking, the Torch burst into his Nova Flame and destroyed the campus. Alongside Devos and Paibok, Lyja witnessed a battle between the Fantastic Four and an alternate Fantastic Four. However, Lyja still bore feelings for the Torch and once again betrayed her cohorts to side with the Fantastic Four which ended with the Fantastic Four destroying the "Skrull War World", the Skrulls' largest attack ship.

A group of Skrulls traveled to Earth where they began plotting to invade the planet once again. They were however at some point approached by Apocalypse who wanted to lure together twelve powerful mutants that he needs to ascend to godhood. At the same time, the body of the Living Monolith, who had been hurled out into the far reaches of space by Thor, is found and brought back to Earth. On Earth, a mutant Skrull named Fiz sneaked into Xavier's mansion to tell them urgent news of trouble: the Skrulls have allied themselves with someone powerful and the only thing he knows is that there are twelve mutants that can't be harmed and that something terrible is going to happen. Fiz also reveals the existence of a subtype of Skrulls that possess innate powers like the Earth mutants. Deemed outcasts by the others Skrulls, they were hunted by the Empire.

After the eventual defeat of Apocalypse, Professor X left into space to train them, giving them the name Cadre K. Cadre K and Xavier returned to Earth during the Ruul's attempt to overtake the planet by turning it into an intergalactic prison. A wounded Z'Cann attempted to pass on vital information to Rogue. Their physical contact affected Rogue's powers for some time. The information was received and the X-Men were reunited with Bishop.[30]

The Skrull Empire is the first of the major interstellar empires to be invaded by the forces of Annihilus. The Annihilation Wave's superweapon, the Harvester of Sorrow, physically destroys dozens of Skrull planets. In the aftermath the Skrulls unsuccessfully attempt to convince Hulkling to become their new Emperor.

A group of Warskrulls attacked a remote Shi'ar space station and took it over. Disguised as Shi'ar, they were taken aboard the space station willingly and slaughtered all those aboard except a few to keep working the ship. The group however was eventually defeated by a group of X-Men (Darwin, Havok, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Nightcrawler, Professor X, Warpath). These Warskrulls are however revealed to be cyborgs.

A flailing Skrull empire, under the leadership of newcomer Queen Veranke, makes an all-out effort to infiltrate and conquer Earth. A group of Skrull infiltrators first capture and replace many of Earth's heroes, and these infiltrators are later followed by the main assault group. This wave of Skrulls forms a new version of the Super-Skrull, with each possessing the abilities of several different heroes. Their invasion ultimately fails, costing the life of Veranke, and reducing their numbers even further. Even their Gods are slain, and the Japanese God of Evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, takes over their Pantheon.

After the events of Secret Invasion, the Skrulls, now in smaller numbers, have since began plotting to rise back to power by orchestrating events for their benefits.[35] However, several planets that the Skrulls settled on began being targeted by the Builders and while the Silver Surfer tried to save most of them, the Skrulls' population was once more decimated.

Notable Skrull
Cadre K - A group of "k-class deviant skrulls" who have powers and physical appearances unlike other Skrulls. They oppose the killing of their kind by the Empire in the name of racial purity; led by Professor X for a while.

  • Fiz - A Mutant Skrull who journeyed to Earth to join the X-Men. He assisted in the battle against Apocalypse. He led Skrull mutants to rebel against the Slave-Drivers. He left Earth with the others and Professor X to find a new homeworld. Fiz could alter his size and mass.
    Goroth - A Skrull that has stretching abilities.
    Nuro - A Skrull that has the ability to elongate his body.
    R'Tee - A Skrull that has the ability to project spikes from his arms and head.
    Spunje - A Skrull that has the ability to absorb and reflect energy.
    Z'Cann - The leader of Cadre K. She was captured by Intergalactic Council. Z'Cann is a telepath.

Hulkling (Dorekk VIII/Teddy Altman) - Theodore "Teddy" Altman, a Kree/Skrull hybrid, the son of Anelle and the Kree Captain Mar-Vell. He is a member of the Young Avengers
Kl'rt (Super-Skrull) - A Skrull who has the powers of the Fantastic Four and became the first Super-Skrull.
Lyja - A Skrull who infiltrated the Fantastic Four and married Johnny Storm while impersonating Alicia Masters.
Paibok - The Power Skrull.
Veranke - The current Skrull Queen. She posed as Spider-Woman. Killed by Norman Osborn.
Xavin - A Super-Skrull in-training and member of teenage super powered group Runaways. Xavin is the child of Prince De'zean of the Skrull planet Tarvax VII.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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Races Pandora_in_front_of_polyphemus_The_Geek_Solar_System-s1920x1080-79860-580


The world Kora is home to advanced race of aliens that call themselves the Koratin. The Koratins are similar to humans in appearance but their skin is blue, they do not have any hair on their head and their ears taper into a point similar to an elf. The average Koratin has about the same amount of strength, stamina, and durability as your average human. However there are certain Koratin who are able to manipulate energy, which they call The Vim. The more experienced and the more one trains with The Vim the stronger their energy output becomes and the stronger their physical body becomes.

The planet Kora itself has gravity similar to earth and a Earth like atmosphere. Kora also has a wide variety of biospheres like Earth as well, having lush jungles (with exotic alien plant life), frozen tundras, and scorching hot deserts, as well as more temperate zones.

Koratin Military

The Koratin military is divided into two classes the Regulars and the Jägers. The Regulars are the typical rank and file soldiers of the Koratin Army. The entirety of the Koratin Guard is made up of Regulars and their conventional weapons. The Jäger Korps are the elite fighting force of the Koratin Military made up entirely of Vim warriors and are seperate from the conventional Koratin Guard but do operate along side them.

Koratin Guard

Races 2s63rwn
Koratin Regular
Koratin Regulars are the normal infantry force of the Koratin military. They are a well trained and disciplined fighting force. Armed with beam rifles firing a highly concentrated burst of energy similar to the repulsor beams used by Iron Man's armor. Outfitted with a tactical helmet providing great protection from both energy attacks and other battlefield hazards, the helmet is also equipped with a advanced HUD allowing Regulars to fight cohesively as a unit, keeping in contact and helping to reveal enemies. Koratin Armor is also extremely durable, taking up three hits with a beam rifle to pierce the armor.

Races Gnerl
Koratin Gnerl fighter
Length: 17.37 meters
Crew : 1 pilot
Armament: Tri Barrel Light Laser cannon x1, proton missiles x18

The Gnerl is the main fighter used by the Koratin Guard, a trans-atmospheric fighter capable of flight in both space and within a planets atmosphere making it a very versatile craft. Armed with three particle beam cannons in the nose of the fighter allowing it bring a considerable amount of fire power to a engagement. Inside a planet's atmosphere these fighter pods have been clocked at hitting speeds beyond the capabilities of modern Earth fighter craft.

Races Theatre_scout_2
Koratin Battle Walker
Height: 20 meters
Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)
Armament: Medium Laser Cannons x4, proton missiles x50

The Koratin Battle Walker is a quadrupedal assault walker armed with powerful particle beam cannons capable of shredding through modern Earth battle tanks with relative ease. It's armor is also extremely thick, shrugging off modern tank fire. Only concentrated fire from several tank would bring these things down. 

Races Nupetiet-vergnitzs-dagao-profile
Koratin Supercarrier
Length: 2000 Meters
Crew: 5000
Armament: Heavy Laser Cannon batteries x23, Proton Missile Launchers x10
Complement: 1000 Gnerl Fighters

The Supercarriers are the largest ships in the Koratin Armada but they are armed only slightly more than Koratin Battlecruisers. However they carry a vast amount of fighter craft into battles. They also act as Flagships and command vessels for Koratin fleets. 

Races Stealthfrigate-zentradi
Koratin Dreadought
Length: 1600 Meters
Crew: 1567
Armament: Heavy Laser Cannon batteries x42, Proton Missile Launchers x60
Complement: 144 Gnerl Fighters

The big guns of the Koratin Guard's Fleet. These warships are capable of interstellar travel and operation within a planet's atmosphere acting as large air ships and battleships for space operations. These warships were designed by John Talbot himself and put into production during his time as ruler of Kora. They are able to take on several Shi'Ar Battleships and win. 
Races Zentraedi_Salan_Scout
Koratin Battle Cruiser
Length: 600 Meters
Crew: 480
Armament: Heavy Laser Cannon batteries x18, Proton Missile Launchers x20
Complement: 60 Gnerl Fighters 

The mainstay of the Koratin Guard's Fleet. These warships are capable of interstellar travel and operation within a planet's atmosphere acting as large air ships and battle cruiser for space operations.

Races Landing_ship
Koratin Landing Ship
Length: 1200 meters
Crew: 500 (50,000 passengers)
Armament: Laser Cannon batteries x8, Proton missile launchers x5
Complement: 30 Gnerl Fighters 

These large ships have one purpose, to put boots on the ground. They accompany Battle cruisers from the rear and open their hatches deploying dropships and Jägers into battle.

Jäger Korps

Races 2w1xyxd
Koratin Jägers
These elite warriors are all capable of creating and manipulating the energy known as The Vim. Koratin are screened at birth to see if they are able to manipulate the energy and if they are are sent to the Grand Academy where they are taught basic studies and how to use their energy and control it. All active members of the Korps can lift 10 tons by channeling their energy at a minimum, their energy blasts at a minimum have been observed to destroy cars.

Races Captain-america-marvel-pinball-banner

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The Maklu'ann

Once upon a time, the red planet, Maklu'ann, was home to a proud people.  They were advanced, dignified, and peaceful.  They worshipped a pantheon of powerful alien gods, dividing worship of them between houses of praise.  However, as generations began to pass, the call for that worship began to fade.  Soon belief in these gods began to fade altogether.  But it wasn't until some odd decades ago that a resurgence took place.  Worship of these deities began to pick back up.  Unfortunately, it was much too late for that.  The gods had quite literally left them, returning to their haven.  This led to mass confusion and eventual outbreaks of violence between churches.  The once peaceful Maklu'ann people fell victim to the wiles of war, as they had avoided for millennia.  The council fell to disarray, hiring out a task force to retake control.  However, when control was gained, the very same task force turned on the council, overthrowing them and soon appointing themselves the rulers of Maklu'ann.

As it stands right now, Maklu'ann is in a state of critical disrepair.  The Maklu'ann people who aren't in with the Higher Ups live in poverty and chaos.  They beg for their food and cheats, steal, and..."persuade" their way into money.

The Maklu'ann people are human-like aliens with red skin and hair colors ranging from black, to silver, to white.  On average, they tend to be slightly shorter than the human average, by about 2 to 3 inches.  Their eyes are yellow, and their blood is such a dark blue that it appears black.

The planet is covered in deserts and canyons.  Major settlements are incredibly advanced (if poorly maintained, due to the current state of government).  The Maklu'ann people are among the more advanced alien races in this universe, having been among the first to develop interstellar travel.

The Maklu'ann Suits
Races Untitled_drawing_by_voyager18-d82z3mg

Also known as the "God Crusher" suits, there are allegedly only 23 in existence due to the scarceness of resources necessary to produce them.  The Maklu'ann long ago evolved an intuitive aptitude.  Using their advanced knowledge and technology, they became a prominent galactic force, though an isolated one, well aware that intergalactic travel created more problems than it solved.  Eventually, however, conflict found them.  When the conflicts following the "Great Abandonment" swept over the world, the council reacted rather than responded.  They set in motion a plan that took nearly two centuries to realize: development of the God Crusher suits.  Almost 200 years went into finding a way to weaponize the intuitive abilities of the Maklu'ann people.  The result?

Two (known) prototypes were completed in that time span and were issued to members of a faction set up by the council to detain these situations.  With only two suits, they were able to stabilize situations on a global scale effortlessly.  And as the saying goes: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  They used the suits to overthrow the council, thus resulting in further war.

The suits have since been upgraded to near completion.  They can adapt instantly, improve the wearers intuitive power to analyze anyone or anything down to their subatomic particles for precise understanding of their functionality, and even turn the fundamental forces of the universe into their playthings.  On their own, the suits are virtually infallible.  There is but one fatal flaw: the pilots.  Technically, the suit functions are independent.  The suits can operate independently or with the aid of the wearer's imagination (unlike Satyra's suit, which, being a prototype, can only work with her imagination).  But the flaw is in the suit's means of being powered.  They require the electrical energy produced by the wearer's mind.  Thus the only means of completely shutting down the suit is to essentially kill the pilot...which is much, Much, MUCH easier said than done.  The suits can only be removed by their pilots and they share a pool of information, meaning that if one suit adapts to or learns something, then every other suit will likewise adapt or learn.

Races Silver11

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Celestials existed near the birth of the universe and created life and death along with the multiverse. Early on in the history of the universe, the hegemony of the Celestials was challenged by a species known only as the 'Aspirants'; after a bitter war of attrition, during which a hyperweapon called 'Godkiller' destroyed countless Celestials, the 'Aspirants' were ultimately defeated.  New Celestials may be born by consuming the mass of an entire galaxy. Visiting Earth every few thousand years in groups called "Hosts", the group is revealed to have been responsible for the creation of the Eternals and the Deviants, and via genetic manipulation, the existence of superpowers in mutants. Resenting the presence of the Celestials and their monitoring of Earth's progress, the Skyfather figures of Earth (e.g. Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu) attempted to stop the Third Host, but were quickly outmatched. The Skyfathers then developed a convoluted plan to stop the Fourth Host via the use of the Odinsword and Destroyer armour, but once again the Celestials — although also opposed by Odin's son Thor — prevented the offensive and melted the Destroyer armour into slag, scattering the Asgardians' life forces. Thor threw the Odinsword through Arishem's chest, but he removed it, analyzed it and then vaporized it. The Earthmothers (such as Frigga and Hera) of Earth, however, made an offering of twelve perfect humans, which was accepted and the planet was spared judgment. The judgment process was eventually witnessed by Thor, who observed Celestial Arishem the Judge sending an execution code to Exitar the Exterminator, a 20,000-foot (6,100 m) tall Celestial who carried out Arishem's "sentence". Exitar terraforms the planet in question into a garden paradise, with only the "evil" inhabitants having been destroyed. On one occasion, the hero Quasar observes a race completely fail the genetic test, with every living creature being destroyed with their planet. The Celestials' actions conflicted with the policy of "non-interference" practiced by fellow cosmic entities the Watchers, with the two races becoming enemies. The Celestials and their "opposites," a group of entities known as the Horde, are established as instruments of an entity referred to as the Fulcrum, their purpose to be "instruments of the planting/creation/teeming of the universe."

The team of space adventurers the Guardians of the Galaxy find and use as a base the severed head of a Celestial floating in an area of space known as "The Rip." Dubbing the structure "Knowhere," it also acts as a common port of call (complete with a market and bar) for travelers from all points in the space-time continuum. The base is administered by its chief of security, Cosmo, a telepathic and telekinetic Soviet space dog originally lost in Earth orbit in the 1960s. Courtesy of the deceased Celestial's "Continuum Cortex", travelers with special "passport" bracelets can teleport to any point in the universe instantaneously.

It is implied that there was, at one point, literally billions of Celestials, until an alien race went to war against them by creating a now-lost hyperweapon called the Godkiller, a space-borne 25,000 feet-tall humanoid robot which dwarfs even the Celestials themselves, and was claimed to have destroyed most of the Celestials before they were able to stop it by wiping out the alien race that built it.

Arishem the Judge: A Celestial tasked with judging whether the civilization of a planet will live or die.
Ashema the Listener: A female Celestial tasked, along with Nezarr the Calculator, with retrieving Franklin Richards for evaluation as a new member of the Celestials.
The Blue Celestial: The first Celestial whose birth is documented.
The Celestial Gardener: A Celestial tasked with the maintenance of the Apocalypse entity on Earth.[13]
Devron the Experimenter: A young Celestial tasked with watching over Earth alongside Gamiel the Manipulator.
The Dreaming Celestial: Originally known as Tiamut the Communicator; a renegade Celestial.
Ea the Wise: An action figure sized Celestial Machine Man carries and treats as an "imaginary friend".
Eson the Searcher: The Celestial tasked with "seeking".
Exitar the Exterminator: A Celestial tasked with the destruction of life on worlds that fail the Celestials' tests.
Gamiel the Manipulator: A young Celestial tasked with watching over Earth alongside Devron the Experimenter.
Gammenon the Gatherer: A Celestial tasked with collecting samples of all life forms present on a planet during a Celestial Host.
Hargen the Measurer: A Celestial tasked with measuring or quantifying the planets the Celestials survey.
Jemiah the Analyzer: A Celestial tasked with analyzing life-form samples.
Nezarr the Calculator: A Celestial who is a mathematician and possesses the ability to project illusions.
The One Above All: The leader of the Celestials.
Oneg the Prober: A Celestial tasked with experimentation and implementation.
The Red Celestial: The Celestial tasked with helping to birth the Blue Celestial.
The Red/Blue Judge: The Celestial tasked with judging whether the civilization of a planet will live or die.
Scathan the Approver: A Celestial from the alternate timeline/reality Earth-691, tasked with approving or disapproving situations.
Tefral the Surveyor: A Celestial tasked with surveying and mapping the geography of planets.
Ziran the Tester: A Celestial tasked with testing the stability of the genetic material of life forms they alter.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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The Shi'ar are cold-blooded humanoids of avian descent; they resemble humans with feathered crests atop their heads in lieu of hair. Two different styles are common: most Shi'ar, particularly those of the aristocracy, have feathers sprouting in a triangular shape away from the face, one peak on the top of the head and one peak on each side slightly over the shoulder; the other commonly seen "hairstyle" is bushy on both sides and very flat on the top.

Internally, they have light hollow bones, and on their forearms there are still some vestigial feathers left of wings that were lost over millions of years of evolution. The average Shi'ar can lift 1 ton in Earth-like gravity and has far greater stamina. Most Shi'ar have no other special abilities, though some are genetic throwbacks. These individuals possess wings which allow them to fly.

The Shi'ar conceive their offspring in eggs. They are nurtured in special chambers and the children are referred to as hatchlings.

The Shi'ar possess technologies common to most Marvel alien races, including:

starships capable of moving faster-than-light
energy-based weapons in their ships and in their handheld weapons
force fields
faster-than-light communication
teleportation technology
The Shi'ar also possess technologies fairly unique to them, including:

Hologram technology: which is used by the X-Men in their Danger Room.
Cloaking technology: rendering a craft completely invisible, used by the X-Men on their Blackbird aircraft.
Stargates: Devices in a network system. They are used for travel to faraway distances including instantaneous travel between galaxies. There are planet-based Stargates (used for personal travel to other solar systems and galaxies) and enormous space-based versions (used for starships to travel through).
Starcracker technology: This is the Shi'ar ultimate weapon. The Starcracker causes stars to go supernova.
According to a statement by Emma Frost in The Astonishing X-Men #9, most if not all Shi'ar technology is sentient.

Traditionally, the Imperium has aggressively absorbed new cultures. Some have described the story of the Shi'ar deities Sharra and K'ythri as a parable which guides the Shi'ar expansionist philosophy to other worlds:

"Sharra and K'ythri are the gods in marriage. The gods who didn't want to marry, but were forced into it. In marriage they found strength and in strength they found love. That's what the Shi'ar Imperium does. It marries other cultures. Shotgun weddings."
There are aggressive and violent ancient traditions, such as the Rite of Arin'nn Haelar, which is a battle to the death. This rite can be invoked to settle disagreements and their outcomes are accepted by the Imperium.

Though the empire has grown to include hundreds of thousands of different sentient species and worlds, the Shi'ar race controls and governs the empire. Its central base of power is located on the "throneworld" Chandilar, while the Shi’ar homeworld is called Aerie (it is unknown if the planet still exists). The leader of the empire is given the title Majestor (male) or Majestrix (female) and is a hereditary position, occupied by members of the royal family of the Shi'ar. Formerly, the Neramani family represented the royal bloodline.

The Shi'ar Empire is one of the most advanced and expansive civilizations in the universe, spanning entire galaxies. It is mainly an economic co-operative, where trade with other galactic powers is its driving force. Not all races have the same rights in the Imperium, as the Shi’ar appear to have a disproportionate influence on its governance.

It is nominally ruled over by a high council, which has representatives from a large majority of the alien races that exist within the Imperium. However, in practice, the head of the council (the Majestor or Majestrix) exercises strong executive control and can institute policy virtually by decree.

The leader of the empire is protected by his or her own personal guard called the Imperial Guard which is made up of the most powerful and elite soldiers from throughout the Empire. The Imperial Guard is led by a praetor. The military itself (outside of the Imperial Guard) has been depicted as consisting almost exclusively of Shi'ar personnel, at least in most of the command positions.

Though having warlike and militaristic ancestry, the Shi'ar Empire has largely occupied the role of peacekeepers in many interstellar affairs. Just to name a few, Empress Lilandra Neramani tried to broker peace between the Kree Empire and the Skrull Empire to help bring an end to their devastating war: she sought interstellar accord when deciding how to end the threat of the Dark Phoenix, and attempted to avenge the destruction of Tarnax IV, the Skrull throneworld, by Galactus.

However, it should also be noted that Empress Lilandra was personally responsible for authorizing the use of the Nega-bomb weapon, devastating the Kree Empire during Operation: Galactic Storm, and that the Shi’ar were pivotal in the invasion and containment of Earth during the Maximum Security event. One of the latest atrocities committed by the Shi’ar was ordering the extermination of Jean Grey’s family, in an effort to quell any future conflicts with the Phoenix entity.

Attitude Toward The Arts
The Shi'ar consider artistic creativity to be a sign of insanity and deviance, as they lack the ability to dream. Shi'ar who have the ability to dream and create do all they can to suppress their impulses. In the past, execution was a common remedy to such 'infections'. A race called the Fianden had the ability to cause any Shi'ar to dream; this caused mass catatonia and insanity in most Shi'ar, although a small subset who already are able to dream recover after a brief delay. The Fianden were wiped out in a mass genocide. Ironically, after they were used to destroy the Fianden, the Shi'ar executed all of the natural dreamers to purge the taint from their bloodlines. Nevertheless, the trait does still emerge periodically, to continued violent repression.[2]

D'Ken Neramani, a corrupt Shi'ar ruler, attempted to use the powerful M'Kraan Crystal to take over the universe. His younger sister Lilandra and her new allies, the X-Men, foiled his plans. He was rendered comatose by the crystal, and Lilandra then took over as the Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire. The X-Men, as well as most of Earth's other superheroes, have had cordial if not friendly relations with the Shi'ar Empire ever since.

The Shi'ar put Reed Richards on trial for the crimes of genocide. He was guilty of reviving Galactus after he was defeated on Earth. Shortly after his revival, Galactus proceeded to consume the Skrull throneworld, resulting in the death of billions. Uatu the Watcher, acting as his lawyer and with the help of Odin and Galactus himself, convinced the gathered tribunal that Galactus is a necessary force of betterment of the universe, not a villain. This was done by summoning Eternity. The truth as shown by Eternity however, is so grand and overpowering that none of the tribunal's members can remember it fully, although the comprehension stays.

Deathbird, the Kree-Shi'ar War, and the Spartoi[edit]
In the 1980s, Lilandra and D'Ken's unstable exiled elder sibling, Deathbird, made several attempts to overthrow her sister from power. Deathbird even resorted to attacking Lilandra's Earth-based allies in order to achieve her goals. She is also responsible for initially directing the alien parasites known as the Brood towards the Earth and its heroes. Deathbird was eventually deposed with the assistance of the X-Men.

In the 1992 crossover Operation: Galactic Storm, the Shi'ar annexed the Kree Empire at the end of the Kree-Shi'ar War and Deathbird was placed into a prominent position as viceroy of Hala, the Kree homeworld. However, Deathbird did not last long in this position and the current status of the Kree territories is unclear.

The Shi'ar have had recent contact with the Spartoi, described as an equally advanced distant race, noted for Star-Lord's citizenship.

Professor Xavier's evil twin sister, Cassandra Nova, single-handedly destroys a good portion of the Shi'ar Empire. Inhabiting the body of her brother, Nova asserts control of Empress Lilandra and causes a Shi'ar civil war. Jean Grey is instrumental in ending this threat.

Even though Jean Grey did the Shi'ar a big favor by eliminating the threat of Cassandra Nova, the Shi'ar still wanted her dead. A group of Shi'ar tried to permanently kill the Phoenix Force and Jean Grey. Jean, however, escaped their suicide bomb attack and returned to the White Hot Room to restore herself. The Shi'ar wanted to wipe out the Grey genome and Quentin Quire with the purpose of eliminating the possibility of a new Omega-level mutant becoming a host for the Phoenix Force. The Shi'ar Death Commandos murdered Jean Grey's father, niece, nephew, and other relatives in an alien invasion on Earth, thus inciting the wrath of Jean's daughter Rachel Summers, who has vowed vengeance on the entire Shi'ar Empire. Recent events seem to indicate the Shi'ar Council was responsible for this, and that Lilandra is unaware of what has been done in her name.

Another Shi’ar threat comes from an X-Men villain called Vulcan. During his tenure as majestor of the empire, D'Ken killed Vulcan's mother Katherine Summers (also mother to long time X-Men Scott and Alex Summers) and made him a slave for most of his adolescent life. Bent on revenge against D'Ken, Vulcan attacks the Empire. Not only that, but within the empire, there is a coup to dethrone Lilandra and return D'Ken to power, with the aid of Deathbird. The X-Men once again team up with their space allies, the Starjammers, to stop both Vulcan and the plot to return rulership of the empire to D'Ken. In the end, Vulcan kills his father, Corsair, and D'Ken, and assumes the throne of the Shi'ar Empire for himself, with Deathbird as his queen; Lilandra and the Starjammers now lead a resistance against Vulcan's rule. This occurs in a 12 issue arc entitled "The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire".

The civil war between Vulcan's forces and those loyal to the dethroned Lilandra rages on. Led by Havok and the Starjammers, Lilandra's forces gradually whittle away at Vulcan's forces, which are plagued by defections. The Shi'ar, contrary to Vulcan's expectations, are not happy to have an outsider as their ruler. Vulcan is discouraged by this, but Deathbird convinces him that they will come to accept him.

Warned in advance of a rebel raid on Feather's Edge, Vulcan and his fleet ambush the Starjammers. However, in the middle of the battle, his ship, the Hammer, is destroyed by the Scy'ar Tal (translates as "Death to the Shi'ar"). Vulcan and Gladiator (still the praetor of his Imperial Guard) attack the leader of the Scy'ar Tal and are easily defeated, whereupon they retreat deeper into Shi'ar space.

Marvel Girl makes contact with the Eldest Scy'ar Tal and discovers their true origin. The Scy'ar Tal were originally called the M'Kraan. Early in their history, the Shi'ar attacked them, killed a great number of their people, making the rest flee for their lives. Eventually, the Shi'ar settled on their planet, took the M'Kraan Crystal as their own, and passed down the legend of the M'Kraan Crystal as a sacred gift from their deities, Sharra & K'ythri. The M'Kraan then changed their name to Scy'ar Tal and devoted their culture and society to the destruction of the Shi'ar Empire. With their first attack, they destroyed Feather's Edge by transporting a star to obliterate it. After which, Vulcan makes contact with the Starjammers to call a temporary ceasefire.

Under the ceasefire, the Shi'ar and the Starjammers decide to take out the Finality, thus crippling the Scy'ar's biggest threat. Once Havok and Vulcan are in position to destroy Finality, the Eldest Scy'ar tries to stop them. Once Vulcan figures out how the Eldest is powered, he severs the connection Eldest has with his brothers, making him powerless. Once the connection is severed, the Scy'ar become disorganized, and the tide of the battle shifts to the Shi`ar. The Shi'ar then proceed to attack both the Scy'ar and the Starjammers. Meanwhile, Vulcan blasts Havok into a sun.

Vulcan decides to use Finality to destroy the Scy'ar by using the weapon to place a star in the middle of their fleet. Alex returns and, having absorbed enough power to burn him, decides to end things with Vulcan. While they battle, Rachael and Korvus try, but fail to stop the beacon that will initiate the attack by the Shi'ar. The Shi'ar Imperial Guard end Alex's battle with Vulcan by appearing with the Starjammers in captivity, threatening to kill them. Before surrendering, Alex destroys Finality. With Alex and the Starjammers in custody Vulcan declares that he will return the Shi'ar Empire to its former glory.

Vulcan's attempts to expand the Shi'Ar Empire lead into conflict with the Inhumans and the Kree. Lillandra's assassination during what has been called the War of Kings put an end to the rebellion against Vulcan. After the presumed death of Vulcan and Black Bolt, Gladiator assumes the throne and surrenders to the Inhumans and the Kree when the damage to the Shi'ar military is too much.

Notable Shi'Ar
Araki - He is the chancellor to Lilandra.
D'Ken Neremani - The former Magestor of the Shi'ar and the brother of Lilandra and Deathbird.
Cal'syee Neramani-Summers (Deathbird)  - The sister of Lilandra Neramani and D'Ken; wife of Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan.
Sharra Neremani (Deathcry) - A Shi'ar commando who is the niece of Lilandra.
Lilandra Neramani - The former Magestrix of the Shi'ar and the sister of D'Ken and Deathbird.
Korvus Rook'Shir- Wielder of the Phoenix Blade; Former member of the Starjammers; Leader of Shi'Ar space pirates the Salvangers
Ava'Dara Naganandini (Warbird)- Former body guard to Kid Gladiator; teacher at the Jean Grey School for the Gifted; member of the X-Men.
Adam X- Shi'Ar/Mutant hybrid.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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Even without using the Terrigen Mist, the Kree modifications, combined with centuries of selective breeding, have given all Inhumans certain advantages. Their average lifespan is 150 years and an Inhuman in good physical condition possesses strength, reaction time, speed, and endurance greater than the finest of human athletes. Karnak and other normal Inhumans who are in excellent physical shape can lift one ton and are physically slightly superior to the peak of normal human physical achievement. Exposure to the Terrigen Mist can both enhance and in some cases reduce these physical capabilities. Most Inhumans are used to living in a pollution-free, germ-free environment and have difficulty tolerating Earth's current level of air and water pollution for any length of time.

At the beginning of the Kree-Skrull War, millions of years ago in Earth time, the alien Kree established a station on the planet Uranus, a strategic position between the Kree and Skrull empires. Through their work at this station, they discovered that sentient life on nearby Earth had genetic potential invested in it by the alien Celestials. Intrigued, the Kree began to experiment on Earth's then-primitive Homo sapiens to produce the genetically advanced Inhuman race. Their goal was apparently twofold—to investigate possible ways of circumventing their own evolutionary stagnation, and to create a powerful mutant race of soldiers for use against the Skrulls. Although their experiments were successful in creating a strain of humanity with extraordinary abilities, the Kree abandoned their experiment because a genetic prophecy had predicted that the experiments would eventually lead to an anomaly who would destroy the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

Their test subjects, the Inhumans, went on to form a society of their own, which thrived in seclusion from the rest of humanity and developed advanced technology. Experiments with the mutagenic Terrigen Mist (a process known as Terrigenesis) gave them various powers, but caused lasting genetic damage and deformities. This led to a long-term selective breeding program in an attempt to mitigate the effects of these mutations.

Attilan's society and culture are predicated on a conformist belief system which permits individuality as it applies to genetic development and physical and mental ability, but demands rigid conformity in that each member of society is assigned a place within that society according to those abilities following exposure to the Terrigen Mist. Once assigned, no Inhuman, no matter how great or powerful, can change their place within this rigid caste system. Although a member of the Royal Family, Crystal married outside the Inhuman race to the mutant Quicksilver.

The Inhumans are led by their king, Black Bolt, and his Royal Family, consisting of Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad, and the canine Lockjaw. Both Crystal and Medusa have been members of the Fantastic Four; Crystal has been a member of the Avengers as well.

Black Bolt has guided the Inhumans through some of the most turbulent times in their history, including several attempts by Maximus to usurp the throne, revolts by the worker class (with their eventual emancipation), attacks by human renegades, the kidnapping of Medusa, the destruction and rebuilding of Attilan, and the revelation of the Inhumans' existence to humanity.

His role as king of the Inhumans has been tumultuous. The first major crisis occurred when he and Medusa conceived a child. Medusa bore the child in defiance of the Genetic Council, who felt that Black Bolt's bloodline was too dangerous to pass on. The Council nonetheless took the child to examine, and forbade parental contact. Black Bolt was torn between his love of family and his duty to respect the Genetic Council, and it was only when the Council was revealed to be using his son in a plot against him that he finally turned against the Council. With that, he gave up the crown as king of the Inhumans. For a while, they lived away from Attilan, but returned in times of need.

The once-secret existence of the race has come to light among the general public as the Inhumans interact more often with many of Earth's superheroes — including the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and the X-Men — whom they have aided against threats such as Doctor Doom, Ultron 7, Magneto, and Apocalypse.

Inhuman society changed radically when Ronan the Accuser sought to use the Inhumans as an army to disrupt the Shi'ar control of the Kree after their defeat in the Kree-Shi'ar War. Appearing over the city of Attilan, Ronan seized control in a surprise attack and forced the Inhumans and their king, Black Bolt, to obey, or he would destroy their only home and everyone in it. During their time in forced servitude, Ronan revealed that the Inhumans had always been intended as weapons in service to the Kree. To this end, much of the genetic attributes that were encoded in them during the original experiments were meant to give them the abilities and appearances of various alien races, the idea being that these Inhuman slaves could be used to infiltrate alien worlds and races to conduct espionage or assassinations to weaken potential conquests. Ronan used the Inhumans in just this manner, disrupting treaties being negotiated by the Shi'ar, and launching attacks on ships and bases.

Eventually, Black Bolt sought to free his people by challenging Ronan to a personal battle. If Ronan won, the Inhumans would continue to serve him. If the king won, the Inhumans would go free. After a terrible battle, Black Bolt won and Ronan, demonstrating that the Kree still had honor, kept his word and left the Inhumans. All was not over, as the Inhumans were not willing to just follow Black Bolt back to Earth. Pressure had been building in the closed society of Attilan since open contact with the outside world had been made. During their enslavement by Ronan, the Inhumans had wished for their freedom, but had developed a sense of pride in their power and a belief in their own destiny. They no longer believed that Black Bolt or the Royal Family was fit to lead them in the new life they wanted, and they exiled the Royal Family from Attilan. The Royal Family returned to Earth to find their destiny. After suffering bigotry while living in Latveria, they returned to Attilan, which was located on the Blue Area of the Moon. The Inhumans began to foster better relations with Earth by sending students to a Wisconsin university.

Throughout history, their city Attilan has frequently been relocated and has taken off from the oxygen-bearing Blue Area of the Moon into space.

After losing his powers when his sister (whom he had manipulated into creating a utopian type society with her reality altering abilities) decreed 'No More Mutants'. Not wanting to live as a normal human he petitioned Black Bolt to undergo Terrigenesis but was denied. Not willing to take no for an answer and looking for redemption Quicksilver stole the Terrigen Crystals in an attempt to regain his powers and cure the de-powered mutants from M-Day. The theft led to a conflict on Genosha between the re-powered mutants (whose powers came back as too powerful for their own good causing their eventual surrender), the Inhumans, and the U.S. Office of National Emergency. The conflict ended with the O.N.E. confiscating the Terrigen Crystals, an act that incited Black Bolt to verbally declare war on the United States.

What became known as the Silent War began with Gorgon launching a first strike on New York. Gorgon would surrender taking responsiblity for actions of a young Inhuman that resulted in the death of innocents. Scientist of O.N.E. would experiment with the mist on Gorgon which resulted in him taking on a more feral appearance. Although the Inhumans did manage to recover the crystals, the episode ends with Maximus again taking control of Attilan.

It has been revealed that Black Bolt has been replaced by a Skrull impostor sometime after the Silent War. The impostor revealed himself to the Illuminati (an organization that comprised of Prof. X, Iron Man, Namor, Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt and Dr. Strange) and was killed. Both the sudden rift between Medusa and Black Bolt apparent in Silent War and Black Bolt's later defeat at the hands of Hulk could be attributed to this development, for it is uncertain just when Black Bolt might have been replaced by his Skrull duplicate.
During what has become known as the Secret Invasion, the Skrulls attack Attilan while Black Bolt is revealed to be a prisoner of the Skrulls, who intend to use his voice as a weapon of mass destruction. The Inhuman Royal Family defeated several Skrull soldiers and took a Skrull ship with the point of taking the war to the Skrulls and save Black Bolt. With some help from the Kree, they rescue Black Bolt and return to Attilan.

Finally deciding they will no longer be used and abused by other races, the Inhumans take drastic action to ensure their survival as a race. To that end, they activate a series of long dormant machines beneath the city of Attilan, transforming it into a gigantic starship, powered by Black Bolt's voice. Breaking free from its resting place on the Moon, Attilan enters hyperspace and tracks down the remnants of the Skrull Armada, completely eradicating it. As Attilan enters Shi'ar space, it attracts the attention of three Shi'ar warships, who order them to depart or they will open fire. They too are destroyed without mercy.

Attilan reaches the planet Hala, destroying the protective shield that guards their weakened empire and enter the planet itself. The Royal Family confronts Ronan the Accuser, who is serving as king. He admitted he felt that he was just holding the spot of ruler for their true king, Black Bolt (like the Celestials, the Kree experimented on the humans to create the perfect weapons and the Inhumans were created, but Black Bolt declined the seat of king, then).

The Inhumans seized control of the Kree Empire, with the promise of jump-starting the Kree's stagnant genetic makeup. As part of the arrangement, Crystal marries the Kree leader Ronan the Accuser. During the wedding, Vulcan with the Shi'ar attempts to seize control of the Kree Empire. After severe casualties on both sides, Black Bolt and Vulcan are seemingly killed in single combat. The resulting energy creates "The Fault" and destroys most of the Shi'ar fleet. Without their fleet and with their rulers dead, the Shi'ar surrender. Medusa struggles to rule the Inhumans and Kree until her son is old enough to rule but luckily Black Bolt returns to take up the throne once again.

Inhuman Royal Family
Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon) – King of the Inhumans and husband to Medusa. He has a destructive hypersonic voice that is so loud, he actually remains silent and has undergone rigorous mental training to prevent himself from uttering a sound, even in sleep. The fork-like antenna on Black Bolt's forehead allows more controlled use of his voice.
Medusa (Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon) – Wife of her cousin Black Bolt and Queen of the Inhumans. She is also a former member of the Fantastic Four and the Frightful Four, as well as the mother of Ahura and older sister of Crystal. She has prehensile hair.
Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff) – Medusa's sister and ex-wife of Quicksilver. She can manipulate Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
Gorgon – Cousin of Medusa and Black Bolt. He has bull-like legs in place of his actual legs that can create intense shockwaves that would be equal to an earthquake.
Karnak – Cousin of Black Bolt. He is also a priest and philosopher and chose not to expose himself to the Terrigen Mists. But he does have the ability to sense an opponent's weak points and is good at martial arts.
Triton – Karnak's fish-like brother.
Lockjaw – A large bulldog who serves as a transporter for the Royal Family.
Maximus Boltagon – Also known as Maximus the Mad. He is the brother of Black Bolt and tries to overthrow him from time to time. He has the ability of mind-control.
The Unspoken – Cousin of Black Bolt. He was once the king of the Inhumans until the rest of the Royal Family rose up against his power-hungry ways. Black Bolt defeated and banished him, decreeing that his actions would be removed from the history books, and his name never be uttered again, causing him to be referred to as "The Unspoken". The Terrigen Mists gave him the power of "Terrigenesis," the ability to alter his body into any form he wished.
Ahura Boltagon – Son of Medusa and Black Bolt. He has psychic abilities.
Luna Maximoff – Daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal. Born human, but was later mutated by the Terrigen Crystal by her father.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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Phalanx are formed when organic lifeforms are infected with the Technarchy's techno-organic transmode virus. They pass through a lifecycle attempting to infect others before reaching critical mass. At that time, by hard-wired instruction, they build a "Babel Spire" to contact the Technarchy. The Technarchy consider Phalanx to be abominations. They invariably destroy the Phalanx "nest", usually by converting the entire planet into techno-organic matter and draining its energy.

Earth Phalanx
The Phalanx on Earth were initially formed by a group of human mutant-haters who voluntarily infected themselves with the transmode virus, taken from the ashes of Warlock, a renegade Technarch who had joined the New Mutants, in an attempt to turn themselves into "living Sentinels". Steven Lang, the man who had used the Sentinels against the X-Men many years before, was recruited from a mental hospital to become an "interface" - not actually infected with the transmode virus himself, he was intended as a buffer to keep the Phalanx "on track" for their intended purpose. He was assisted by Cameron Hodge, a traitorous former friend of Archangel who had obtained immortality from the demon N'astirh, who did infect himself, and who had been the one to kill Warlock some years before in a prior attempt to infect himself with the virus.

Initially, the aim of these Phalanx was to simply assimilate mutants into their collective. When this proved impossible, as mutants possessed a resistance to the virus, they organized an attack on the X-Mansion, kidnapping most of the X-Men and replacing them with Phalanx members in disguise, in an attempt to use the X-Men's knowledge base on the mutant genome to solve the problem. Banshee, absent during the kidnapping, returned and suspected something. Discovering the ruse when the impostors failed to realize Professor X was currently unable to walk, Banshee recruited Sabretooth from a cell in the complex. He then aided Banshee in saving Emma Frost and Jubilee from the beings. Banshee, after discovering that the Phalanx had accessed the location of several young mutants for use in further study, then destroyed the knowledge base in an attempt to prevent the Phalanx accessing any further information.

While Banshee and his group scrambled to save the young mutants, he sent messages to Wolverine and Cable on the location of the X-Men, and who in turn recruited Cyclops and Jean Grey to aid them in recovering the X-Men; and to Professor X, Excalibur, X-Factor and X-Force on the location of a third, unknown, group of Phalanx.

Banshee's group were followed closely by the Phalanx, who impersonated several beings, notably police officers. The group was joined by the mutant Synch, who could copy powers which proved helpful as Banshee's screams easily subdued many Phalanx entities. The rest of the targeted mutants were being held in an old, decommissioned battleship. One of the Phalanx disguised itself as an imprisoned mutant, a farm-boy type. This disguise was suspected by some of the prisoners. Eventually, the group saved all the targeted new mutants but one - Blink, who sacrificed herself to save the rest. One of the original Phalanx entities was destroyed in this attempt, parts of his physical body detached from the rest. He was unable to survive the trauma.

The rest of these young mutants went on to become the core of Generation X, tutored by Banshee and Frost. Meanwhile, the other mutant teams found a group of Phalanx attempting to follow their genetic instruction to construct a Babel Spire to contact the Technarchy. Douglock, a resurrected Warlock with Cypher's memories, led a small team, Forge, Wolfsbane and Cannonball in destroying the spire. Cyclops' group assaulted the core Phalanx base on Mount Everest, where the X-Men were held. They were covertly assisted by Lang, who realised the Phalanx had grown beyond his ability to manipulate and were threatening the general human population. The smaller Phalanx nests around the world were destroyed as a result of this confrontation.

The Phalanx returned for a special one-shot issue of Uncanny X-Men. Its revealed that before the Phalanx Covenant happened, Mister Sinister managed to capture one member of this techno-organic race and experimented upon it in order to clone himself into the single-minded collective. As Sinister experimented on it, the Phalanx member lost the mental link to his brethren. When Sinister eventually succeeded, he destroyed the lab and everything inside, including most of this being. A scrap of him remained and combined with earthworms, which didn’t have minds, so they simply added to his physical makeup, growing and growing slowly. Upon surfacing, he attempted to link up with the Phalanx, but was too weak.

Left alone, it eventually discovered that when it attempted to assimilate humans to form a new collective mind, their minds are wiped out and the humans essentially die, adding just their physical mass. Desperate to locate the rest of the Phalanx, to once more feel the sense of unity and togetherness they shared, it absorbed more and more people, hopping to gain the strength needed to signal them.

However its energy signature is detected by Agent Abigail Brand of S.W.O.R.D., who alerts the X-Men, who are horrified to find this Phalanx member had absorbed an entire town. As the X-Men face it they can't prevent this Phalanx from turning into a Babel Spire so it could contact the Technarchy, yet, things do not go as it hoped, and the X-Men eventually destroyed the techno-organic virus as Storm wonders, “It said we didn’t understand. Could we have understood one another? Is there anything we shared?” Cyclops’ response, “I doubt we’ll ever know.”

Other Phalanx
Another group of Phalanx later decimated the Shi'ar throneworld in the absence of the Imperial Guard. These Phalanx considered themselves as the pure Phalanx and hadn't any reservations about infecting mutants with the transmode virus and almost transformed Rogue. Beast, with the assistance of other X-Men and Trish Tilby, devised a way to discorporate many of them. The rest of this group later conquered another planet, but were destroyed by the Magus after the construction of a Babel Spire.

Given the powerful nature of the Phalanx, different individuals and governments attempted to experiment with the alien race.

  • British intelligence group Black Air acquired several Phalanx specimens, and determined how to control them. They used at least one Phalanx (which had a Brood as its template) as a guardian "warliquid" at their London headquarters, the Blackwall. They kidnapped and manipulated Douglock as part of a plot to gain outright dominion over the earth by the channeling of demonic energy.

    Another such attempt was conducted by the Chinese government on a young boy who had technokinesis—the manipulation of and communication with technological devices. The government scientists purposefully implanted the young boy with the Techno-Organic Virus to see what would happen and the T-O virus had an interesting reaction with the young boy. Both the boy and the part of the Phalanx became transformed into a new being calling himself Paradigm, who not only had the Phalanx's penchant for shapeshifting but was able to control the minds of people that he covered with his techno-matter. Somehow Paradigm found himself allied with King Bedlam's group of Hellions only with the purpose of discovering himself. After the Hellions were defeated by X-Force, Paradigm was not seen for years, until he, or rather his head re-emerged. He was killed and his abilities used to control a new fleet of 'bio-sentinels" by Simon Trask.

    After a battle with the Silver Surfer, Cable was partially lobotomized in order to save his life from the angry herald of Galactus. Now trying to save him, Deadpool tracked down the Fixer to save Cable. Deadpool was in possession of a Phalanx fetus, having taken it from an AIM facility, which Fixer surgically grafted onto his body. After a brief scuffle for control, Cable's mind overwhelmed that of the fetal alien and made it subservient to him so that it would not try to "assimilate" him into the collective.

Space Phalanx
A new breed of Phalanx tried to begin where Annihilus left off. When the Kree began the test of their new defensive network, the Phalanx managed to corrupt the system directly through the Kree homeworld of Hala, surrounding the entire Kree Empire in an inescapable energy barrier. They also spread their Transmode Virus, turning all organic life forms into Phalanx, fully under their control and members of their single minded matrix. High powered beings such as Ronan the Accuser were made into their group Select, used to cut off any attempts to stop the spread and control of the Phalanx.

The Kree who didn't fell under control fought back against their oppressors, as well as Quasar (Phyla Vell), Moondragon, Adam Warlock, and Starlord and his Dirty Half Dozen only to discover that the Phalanx were under Ultron’s guidance.

Unlike the savagely individualistic Technarchy, Phalanx form an insect-like hive mind. While each member retains memories from prior to assimilation and a degree of their personality, generally each member cannot perform actions against the wishes of the group mind without first being severed from the collective consciousness, as Douglock was.

Phalanx, like the Technarchy, can infect other organisms with the transmode virus with any physical contact - the only known exception being Earth mutants, who possess a degree of immunity to the transmode virus. This seems to be a limitation of the Phalanx which their Technarchy progenitors do not have, as Warlock had no problems infecting his future teammate Magik (accidentally) when they first met and repeatedly infecting Cypher to form the Douglock entity on multiple occasions (In Cypher's case the effect was reversed without apparent incident, though Warlock was constantly worried that a time would come when the reversal would not take).

Any organism infected by the Phalanx is automatically inducted into the group mind. Recently, however, through Ultron's guidance, they have allowed certain individuals with exceptional powers and/or abilities to become the "Selects"; beings who are connected to the Phalanx hive mind, but retain their individual identities.

Phalanx also possess the Technarchs' abilities to shapeshift and teleport, but, unlike the Technarchs, cannot grow in size and mass without absorbing external matter. Over time, they can adapt to attack from inherent biological powers, but only to the specific frequencies/levels/etc already used against them.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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