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 Genesis RP (Info)

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PostSubject: Genesis RP (Info)   Genesis RP (Info) Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 1:50 pm

The idea here is to have a go at a world where superheroes are only just starting to turn up.

Short Story Summary
Conceptually, it's based on a story I wrote called "First of Heroes" but only very loosely. The story takes place in no real specified time period. There are traces of the 60's, 70's, and 80's though I never gave an exact year. (It was irrelevant). The RP can be modern. Doesn't really matter. It took place in the imaginary City of Genesis. And finally comes the plot and background.

The entire thing actually starts out with a large Alien Invasion the covers the entire city and thinly stretches out to the suburban areas. The aliens are humanoid in appearance at a glance but look closer and one can see that certain regions of their bodies have scales and their backs are marked with blood red tattoos. The invasion lasts a total of seven days. On day one a high school senior named Billy Baxter is on a field trip, watching a "Weird-Science" demonstration that he couldn't care less about. The aliens crash up in the place and disrupt the demonstration. This disruption results in the equipment being shot by an alien weapon. The equipment explodes and Billy is exposed to the combined properties of it and the alien ray. Modified, it's put simply enough that a number of individuals are each effected by the invasion a different way that results in them becoming these phenomenal individuals. Or, of course, they could already have been phenomenal but I'll get to that.

In the short story, Billy discovers new superpowers that he thought only existed in the comics, including super strength, enhanced durability, superhuman agility and reflexes, and flashes of superhuman intellect.

As the invasion is carried out, it becomes less of an invasion and more of a take over by day three. On day three the aliens begin collecting citizens they hadn't made into slaves and using them for a number of things from experimentation to draining their life energy to power their main ship/hall. The aliens eventually came to be known as "Scalers".

On day four, Billy discovers that his older brother and younger sister had been taken. Thus he whips together a suit and mask to keep the aliens from Identifying him then heads off to rescue them before it is too late. Billy manages to attract plenty of attention while going through this and comes to be known as a superhero. But not only that; he was the FIRST superhero. The invasion portion is over relatively quickly. It's what comes after it that comprised the main story. For RP purposes, all of that will Billy is relatively moot.

After the aliens are defeated, more superheroes begin to turn up from the wood works, the public all claiming that "The Kid" as he'd come to be called, is the best of them. Then the attention directed toward him starts to die down.

The plot comes in after Billy, deciding to continue being a superhero, discovers that a lot of these heroes are a lot more experienced with it than they ought to be. He finds out there there had been superheroes for a time before him in an underground group called The Tomorrow Society. The plot comes from Billy's relationship with this organization who seems willing to take him in by their leader, The Commander.

RP Idea
I think it'd be interesting to take the RP from the beginning of the Invasion and try to shape the characters then take it from there to the point where they become superheroes/villains and so-on. I'll post the story here eventually as well. It's not very long. It's a couple of chapters and only a few pages in word each.

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Genesis RP (Info)
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