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 i sure hope Karigan is still doing this

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i sure hope Karigan is still doing this Empty
PostSubject: i sure hope Karigan is still doing this   i sure hope Karigan is still doing this Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 6:42 am

OMG i sooo would love me a avatar will be done soon just waiting on my scanner to get fixed....

newish here...i look here all the time...went out of town for a job and account went inactive yesterday. Bummer to see when i got home.
K.....or anyone making banners....i SOOOO am drooling for a snappy banner.
Im stuck on a work laptop and cant toss my photoshop on this and play around to make one...but from what i have seen..your surpass my skill ten fold.

I REALLLLLY would love a Hawkeye banner...him all in shooting mode as the main ground. Instead of Hawkeye in big letters on the banner topish...i would love Slackmare
on bottom right of banner...small letters...BOLDISH and stand out colors..i would love it to say .... Spoiler Alert: I WIN!!

if you need more info or anything inbox me....would love to hear back from you...i have been looking for a hawkeye banner for SOME time now..on other forums as well...since im here pretty often and LOVE the artwork i have already seen...just thought you could do wonders.
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i sure hope Karigan is still doing this
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