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PostSubject: Endgame   Endgame Icon_minitimeSun Aug 12, 2012 7:35 am

CIA Headquarters Langley, Virginia

The room was abuzz with action as men and women went about their jobs. A very shocking piece of intelligence had just come in from the field and the CIA was in a buzz.

"We just got the news fifteen minutes ago, it's confirmed."

"Jesus...the entirety of Task Force 242 was wiped out?"

"Well, no. One man survived and we believe he's gone rogue."


"James Miller."

"Then find him and put him down, he knows too much. Narville, I swear if you fuck this up you're out of a job."

"Yes sir, he was last seen in Europe. I'll put a team on him."

Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Headquarters Vauxhall, London

"You asked for me ma'am?" Ian Wisdom asked walking into the office overlooking the city. A woman stood looking out of the windows. She turned facing Ian and motioned to the sofa in front of her desk as she walked to her desk and sat down.

"Yes, sit down Agent Wisdom. I have an assignment for you."

"What is it?" Ian asked sitting down.

"A member of the joint Task Force 242 has gone American named James Miller. The CIA has sent over his information. They want him dead, so I'm putting you on it."

"Task Force 242? Not going to be easy."

"That's why I put you on it."

Munich, Germany

A man was running across the rooftops with several others behind him. He had a considerable distance on them, he was in much better shape. He cut one jump short and went down into an alley landing on a fire escape before he grabbed the railing and swung himself over and dropped down to street level. He looked up seeing the men chasing him looking down. He smirked and waved at them before he took off out onto the street and into the crowd of people.

"Jesus that guy was fast..." One of the men panted.

"Langley won't like hearing about this...he got the dossier."

"So who's gonna tell Narville?"

"Not me..."

James walked up a flight of stairs and into the small hotel room he was staying in and he set the dossier down as he sat down. He opened it and looked it over reading the contents.

"Paris." He said setting it down and he looked over at the wall. A picture of Narville was posted. "I'm coming for you."

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PostSubject: Re: Endgame   Endgame Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2012 11:49 am

Chapter One: Seeing Red

An undisclosed location

Two men stood looking through a window in a lab. On the other side of the window was a sealed white room with a black goo on a small pedestal. One man was dressed in a white lab coat with very plan slacks and button up shirt, clearly a scientist. The other man however was in a very expensive suit.

“How is the project coming?” The man in the suit asked.

“It’s on schedule Mr. Talbot, we’ve managed to clone the symbiote and now we are making strides on the improvements listed…but I need to ask sir.”

“Ask what?”

“If we’re improving the symbiote…who is going to wear it?”

Mr. Talbot smirked a little. “That’s not your concern, just finish the genetic improvements.” He said heading to the door. “I’ll expect your weekly report next Monday.” He said walking out.

Talbot Enterprises, Haven City

John Talbot the CEO of Talbot Enterprises one of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations sat in his office at his large desk when his phone rang.

“Yes Stacy?” He asked answering the call.

“A Agent Narville from the CIA is here to see you sir, shall I send him in?”

“Yes please, and make sure we’re not disturbed.”

“Yes sir.” With that Talbot hung up.

Agent Narville walked into the room, he glanced around and walked towards the desk, the office was large and had a great view of the metropolis that was Haven City.

“A pleasure to finally meet the famous John Talbot.” Narville said.

“The pleasure is all mine Agent Narville, please have a seat.” John said walking towards the other end of the office were a couch and several chairs were positioned around a table. The table had a bottle of scotch and cups on it. Narville took a seat and looked up at John. John was a tall man, and a rather well built man as well. Agent Narville stood around six feet tall and had a lean build, being a government agent meant he was in very good shape but the CEO sitting across from him was taller and gave off the feel that he could easily handle himself, John Talbot was imposing to say the least. “Care for a drink Agent Narville?”

“No thank you, I just want to get to business and be on my way.” Agent Narville said sitting back.

“A man who likes to get to the point. I like that.” John said. “So, Justin, may I call you Justin?”

“You may.”

“Well Justin, it seems you wish to see a war spark between the world’s two big heavy weights…why?”

“War drives everything.” Justin said. “The US economy is suffering and a major war will kick start the industry and create jobs and also knock out a major threat to US dominance. Just like World War II did.”

“Good enough for me.” John smiled. “As long as I get to make my billions making weapons and getting the best contracts.”

“Afraid of competition?”

“No, just afraid that the US will fall behind using faulty tech from Swift of Stark.” Talbot said.

“Right, so what did you have in mind?” Justin asked.

“Anti-Matter bomb.” John said. “The Chinese have been looking into it and it’ll be a nice fresh new weapon that will scare the public into World War Three.”

“When can it be ready?”

“A year.” John said. “Maybe two.”

“Good, I’ll see to it that you have your funds.” Justin said standing up. “You’re doing this country a great service Mr. Talbot.”

“No, I’m doing my wallet a great service.” He said standing up and shaking his hand.

CIA Surveillance Vehicle, Haven City

Sitting a cramped van parked a few blocks away sat CIA Agents Ethan Scott and Garrett Boyd. Ethan was in his early thirties and had been doing this for a little while. He had light brown hair and was a lean handsome man. His partner Garrett was younger, just fresh from The Farm.

“Jesus Christ…” Ethan said listening to the conversation being held between the CIA Agent and powerful CEO. “We’ve got to get this back to Langley.” He said looking over to his partner.

“I hear ya .” Garrett said. “Who the hell is this Narville guy anyways?”

“He’s a operations director and a really shady character. No wonder Pamela had her suspicions. The sooner we get back to Langley the better.” Ethan said ending the recording and moving to the driver’s seat.

Afghanistan, two weeks later

A V-22 Osprey was flying over the mountains of the Middle Eastern nation, on the side was printed in bold black letters “Task Force 242”. The 242 as it was known was a special team of soldiers from around the world, made up of special forces operators from the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Sweden, and Canada.

“So who is buying after we clean up this situation?” Asked Corporal James Miller, an American Marine who’s specialty was nothing because he was good at everything. He was the “Point Man” for the unit meaning he was the guy that always went in first.

“Not me I bought last time.” Said Unteroffizier Dieter Hauser, a German KSK or Kommando Spezialkräfte operator, making him one of the best soldiers from Germany. Dieter Hauser was the best sniper to apply for the Task Force and as such was the team’s Designated Marksman.

“Doesn’t matter who bought first last time.” Said Lieutenant David Price in his thick English accent. Price was the team leader and a operator from the British Special Air Service. He lit his cigar and looked around. “The person who loses buys.” He said taking out three dice.

“Oh god not that damn game again…” Said Private Joseph Banks a large Australian man from the Australian Special Air Service and the teams explosives expert. “I hate playing that fucking game.”

“The game is fair.” David said rolling the dice.

“Cee-lo is aggravating…” Joseph said grunting as his team leader rolled a 5. “Of course you roll a five…”

James chuckled taking the dice and rolling. “Hell yeah, 6.” He smiled only to get grunts from the other four men. Dieter took his and rolled getting a 4.

“Scheiße…” Dieter said sitting back as Joseph said taking the dice and rolling a 1,2,3.

“FUCK!” Joseph said sitting back as the other men laughed. “Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you.” He said pointing at James, David, and Dieter.

“You angry Joe?” James smiled.

“I hate this game some much…” Joseph said shaking his head.

“Sorry to break up the good mood but we’re landing gentlemen!” The pilot said.

“Awesome, let’s go kill a guy.” James smiled sitting back.

The Osprey hovered over the ground as the four men disembarked. James was the first out, he was in the normal desert camouflage worn by the US Marines and was armed with a M4A1 Carbine with a ACOG scope and fore grip attachments. His side armed a M1911A1 .45 caliber pistol. Behind him came David wearing the British SAS uniform and armed with a HK G36C assault rifle and a SIG Sauer P226 sidearm. Piling out behind them were Dieter and Joseph, Dieter was armed with a SR-25 Mark 11 Mod 0 sniper rifle and a HK MP-5 for his sidearm. Joseph however was armed a little bigger, with a Steyr AUG HBAR light machine gun an a .357 magnum.

“Alright lads, we’re the point team the rest of the Task Force will be moving up once we’ve infiltrated the caves.” Lieutenant Price said. “Miller lead on.”

“Yes sir.” James smiled moving forward with the three other men falling in behind him as they headed towards the caves keeping low. James moved up and stopped behind a large rock formation near the entrance to the cave.

“Is it me or is it quiet around here?” James said looking back at his fire team.

“I agree.” Dieter said. “No contact at all yet is strange especially considering why we’re here.”

“Yeah you’d think a ex-CIA agent would have plenty of security measures.” David said.

“Sir, the rest of the task force is in position to move in.” Joseph said.

That was when James heard it, the screeching shriek of a 105mm shell coming down. The nest few moments were all a blur as James made a mad dash towards the cave entrance, his M4 slapping against his leg and hip as he ran. He looked back seeing his three squad mates running to him and he looked up seeing the small outline of a AC-130 in the sky, the same AC-130 that was supposed to be providing air cover for their operation was now firing it’s entire arsenal down at him and his fellow Task Force 242 members. James ran out a few feet from the caves entrance seeing another 242 operator go down.

James woke up looking around and he saw red coming in view. Red hair. Above him he saw the face of a beautiful woman. She looked down at him and spoke.

“Can you hear me?” She said but he only saw he mouth move. He shook his head, his head was ringing far too loud. She looked away suddenly then back down at him, something had caught her attention. James closed his eyes and shook his head and he started to regain his hearing, he heard sporadic gun shots.

“What…what’s happening?” He managed.

“No time to talk, stay down and stay quiet Marine.” Natasha said. James looked around they were hidden behind a ridgeline, he found it hard to believe that this woman had dragged or carried him and all his gear up here.

“Who are you?” James said wearily.

“Agent Romanoff of SHIELD.” Natasha said. “I’m getting you out of here.”

To be continued…

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