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 Path of a Spartan

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PostSubject: Path of a Spartan   Path of a Spartan Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 2:47 pm

Old Traditions, New World

There was a time in Sparta when children were inspected at birth to see if they were strong enough to survive this harsh world. Those that were found weak for any reason were left in the hills. That was thousands of years ago and times have changed. Babies are still examined at birth as they were then but they are no longer cast aside. Now their weaknesses, whatever they may be, can be cured or overcome with the aid of modern technology and medicine.
There is one place though that still adheres to the old ways. In this village, hidden away from the outside world, the old ways and laws of ancient Sparta are still practiced. Though hidden the village has still managed to keep up with the rest of the outside world in technology. They have many modern comforts like television, cars, and computers. Despite this those seen as weak at birth are cast aside, though not left in the hills anymore they might as well be. The weak are looked down on in this society and often wind up fleeing to the outside world.
It is this society into which Andreas was born. He was one of those deemed strong at birth and his parents couldn’t have been happier.

From the day Andreas could walk his father was showing him how to fight. By five he had learned the basics of several fighting styles. At this time he was sent to school like most kids his age to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, and everything else he’d need to know for life. The first six years of his life his parents did all they could to prepare him for the day that was coming closer everyday, the day he’d leave them to begin his real training.
On his seventh birthday Andreas was sent off with other boys his age. His father gave him his own hunting knives and bow before leaving while his mother sent him off with a duffle bag of cloths. Most kids would be sad to leave their parents at such a young age but Andreas was ready for this day, he did not cry nor did his parents. They all knew that this was part of life.

At the training grounds of the village Andreas stood in a line with the other boys. It had started to rain and they were all getting cold and soaked. Some were starting to shiver from the cold while others, like Andreas, were standing perfectly still waiting for their instructor. Soon a tall man came walking over to the boys.
“Good afternoon girls” the man shouted “welcome to my world. In my world you will do as I say without question or face punishment. Here, I will teach you to fight but you must learn how to win on your own. Here you will have to find your own means of survival. On these grounds I will turn you weak, pathetic little girls into strong, proud men.”
Andreas clinched his fists as he listened. He didn’t like being called a girl anymore than he did weak and pathetic. No one ever called his family weak without getting a beat-down from his father and he wasn’t going to let this man be the first to do so. It was at this point that he promised himself he’d become the best here and show this fool of a teacher what he could do.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Path of a Spartan   Path of a Spartan Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 2:48 pm


Andreas was dragged into the center of the ring and strapped to a pole. As he hung there listing to the cheers from his peers in anticipation of the show he tried to prepare his mind and body for the beating that was to come. He felt the sting of the whip on his back and flinched a little. This display of weakness only prompted the man in front of him to punch him hard across his face.
“Show no emotion worm, you’re a Spartan” the man barked at him. “Never let your pain show.”
The whip stung his back again and this time Andreas managed to refrain from flinching. As the crack of the whip rang out like thunder in his ears he began to think back to why he was here.

Earlier that day
The day had started out just like any other day. Woken up at the crack of dawn by Teacher to start their training with a 10 mile run before breakfast, which you had to either catch yourself or steal from someone else. After breakfast was more intense training, this time focusing on strength, skill, and weapons. When training was finished they were allowed time to themselves but there was usually only enough time to go find your lunch. Andreas was returning from a hunt with his lunch when things went south for him.

As Andreas came back into camp he saw a group of older kids picking on one of the boys that came in with him. Normally he’d mind his own business but this boy was his bunk mate. He stood there watching the beating his friend was taking gripping his bow tight as his anger grew until he could not take it anymore. He dropped his bow and prey and rushed the older boys tackling two of them to the ground.
“Get up Aeolus” Andreas shouts as he rains down blow after blow on one of the older boys he tackled getting pulled off shortly after by the other.
“Look at this little Andrea is sticking up for her friend” Darius mocked holding Andreas off the ground so he’s eye to eye with him. “You afraid we’ll damage your lover?”
Andreas spat in the boys face kicking him in the gut “You’re the only queer here Darius” he said landing on his feet. He was soon being charged by two of Darius’ friends and stepped out of the way of them causing them to crash into one another. Behind him Aeolus was just getting up and backed into Andreas. The two stood back to back facing off the older boys.
“You piece of shit” Darius yelled getting up and wiping his face “You’ll pay for that.”
“Take you best shot” Andreas taunted.
He met one of them head on with an uppercut knocking the boy back as he kicked another to the ground. His friend wasn’t doing so good though and was once again being beaten mercilessly. Darius was laughing; watching as Andreas was unable to help his friend because he was busy with his own troubles.
“All he had to do was give us his lunch and we would’ve left him alone.” Darius said still laughing as Andreas was suddenly restrained unable to get free from his captures. “Now we’re going to have to make him pay for not respecting his elders.”
Andreas was helpless as he was forced to watch as the boys ripped off Aeolus’ cloths and continued their assault on him beating him and using him as their own personal consort laughing as they brutalized him. His screams were stifled by his own shirt being shoved in his mouth. Andreas started to squirm struggling to break free from the hands that restrained him.
“Patience Andrea you’re next” Darius said laughing “and I’m going to personally enjoy breaking you in.”
That was all Andreas needed to push him over the edge. He stamped his foot down hard on one boy holding him freeing one hand which he used to burry in the face of the other breaking his nose. He quickly drew his knives and slashed his captures across the chest then turned on the ones molesting his friend stabbing them and slashing at their legs before any of them knew what hit them. He turned facing Darius, an expression of pure hatred on his face as he ran at him kicking his knees and shattering them slashing his chest as Darius fell to his knees. He grabbed Darius by the hair.
“Break me in will you” Andreas whispered in his ear “I don’t think so.”
He drew his knife across his throat slowly, killing the boy just as Teacher and other adults arrived grabbing Andreas and pulling him off too late.

Andreas and those boys that survived his brutal attack on them were brought before Teacher and his fellow instructors. The boys told them they were merely trying to get Aeolus to give them some of his lunch when Andreas flipped out and attacked them and then stripped Aeolus of his cloths to embarrass him and when they tried to stop him from humiliating Aeolus even more he went ballistic on them. Of course Andreas denied this and Aeolus was too traumatized by the ordeal to back him up so it was his word against that of older, more respected boys in the camp which meant he was the one that received the punishment they deserved.

Andreas could no longer feel the sting of the whip on his back. He was staring out at the boys that caused this as they stood there laughing at him with Aeolus sitting amongst them staring at him with a blank expression as the one that took Darius’ place as leader put his arms around him mouthing the words ‘he’s my b*tch now.’ to Andreas. He stared at the boy emotionlessly. This experience had taught him a lesson that he would not forget- There is strength in numbers.
The whipping had stopped and Andreas was let off the pole. He turned around facing Teacher, his back covered in blood.
“I hope that is the last time I have to do that” Teacher said “Killing might have been allowed in these camps in the old days but not in these times. We have other ways of weeding out the weak now. Next time I hope you think twice about killing one of your peers.”
“Yes” Andreas said before being lead away to the infirmary to have his wounds tended to as he muttered under his breath “Next time I won’t get caught.”

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Path of a Spartan   Path of a Spartan Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 2:49 pm

Establish Dominance

Five years have passed since the day he killed Darius. He can still feel the pleasure he took in the act; the feeling of retribution for his friend and past victims of Darius and his friends. He smiled every time he thought of this. He also remembered the beating he had taken as punishment that day. Andreas took the lesson he learned there to heart and started gathering his own group to deal with Darius’ replacement, Lucien.
Lucien was only two years older than Andreas and the best of all the boys his age. He was the best shot with bow and crossbow, the best swords man, and the best fighter. No one could compare with him, even some of the older boys hated having to go up against him in training matches. Lucien knew he was the best and made sure everyone else did too. As bad as Darius was, Lucien was far worse. Not only was he mean but cruel and sadistic. He loved seeing others in pain and being as good as he was very few tried to stop him. There was only one boy that even came close to being an equal with him and had the guts to stand up to him, Andreas.
Andreas had worked hard over the years and managed to become the top amongst his age group. Unlike Lucien though he did not brag about his superiority and most enjoyed training with him. He tried to help those that were struggling and help those that were okay to get better. Andreas gained the respect of not only his age group but some of the older and younger boys as well. He was a constant bother to Lucien and his gang being there to stop them from tormenting others alone at first but he would slowly gain support from others.

The day started like every other day for Andreas. He finished his training before others and grabbed breakfast. After breakfast he got in some extra training before starting the day’s workout with the others. He finished the workout ahead of the others and went out to get his lunch. When lunch was finished he went for some individual practice with his weapons before training matches began. The first match he was paired with a boy his age and gave him pointers as they fought. He did this in almost every match he was in as Teacher and the other instructors watched. His last match was against Lucien, a match many had been waiting to see.

“Well look who I get to beat up now, little Andrea” Lucien mocked

Andreas said nothing as he stood there waiting for him to attack. Lucien continued his taunts but they didn’t seem to bother Andreas which was starting to make Lucien mad.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Lucien yelled “I just insulted your family and you have nothing to say about it?”
“Are you going to stand there talking all day?” Andreas asked “because I’ve got better things to do than kick your ass.”

Lucien charged at Andreas in a blind rage. Andreas stepped to the side tripping him to the ground. Lucien got up quickly charging at him again throwing a left hook. Andreas backed away from it and the next few blows that Lucien sent his way. He finally grabbed Lucien’s arm and flipped him over onto his back twisting the arm as he did letting go just before it popped out of the shoulder. Andreas backs away from him grinning. Lucien slammed his fist on the ground getting up and diving at Andreas tackling him to the ground. He pinned him down and began whaling on him. Andreas covered his face blocking the blows till he finally got Lucien off him by bringing his knee up into his back repeatedly.
The two stood facing each other. Lucien grinned over at Andreas kicking dirt up into his face. Andreas was blinded temporarily and did not see Lucien coming at him. Lucien punched Andreas in the face then kicked him in the knee chopping the back of his neck as he fell. Andreas fell to the ground with a thud and Lucien fell on him digging his knee into his back as he pounded Andreas’ face on the ground.
Andreas pushed himself up throwing Lucien off his back and getting up. He ran at his foe kicking him in the face as he started to rise knocking him back down to the ground. He stomped down on Lucien’s chest before picking him back up and putting him in a choke hold. He dropped back on his back wrapping his legs around Lucien’s lower body as he continued choking him. Lucien had no choice but to tap out before he passed out. Andreas let him go standing up and staring down at Lucien who glared back up at him catching his breath.
Andreas turned and started leaving the sparring grounds. Lucien got up and ran after him to continue the fight but was stopped by Teacher who stepped in his way. Teacher didn’t say anything but looked at him sternly. Lucien scowled at Teacher for a little then looked away and walked off in a huff. Everyone there felt the same thing Lucien did a change in the pecking order. There was a new star in the camp and the beginning of a new era.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Path of a Spartan   Path of a Spartan Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 2:50 pm


Lucien walked through the camp with his gang. He pushed aside a boy that had got in his way as he headed over to the target range where a young woman practiced with her bow. Her long blond hair tied up in a tail behind her.
“Let me show you how to hold that properly” Lucien said coming behind her and putting his arms around her. Lucien got an elbow in the stomach and he backed away
“I can handle the bow well enough without instruction from you Lucien” the woman said firing an arrow and hitting the bull’s eye.
“Alright” Lucien chuckled smiling at the woman as she turned around “Why don’t you come with us Helene?”
“Where are you and your cronies going?” Helene asked
“Just to have a little fun” Lucien smiled
Helene rolled her eyes knowing what kind of thing Lucien and his pack did for fun “No thank you. I’ve got to meet Andreas for sword practice.”
Lucien clenched his fist his face showing a mix of anger and hatred for a brief moment before he regained his composure.
“Why do you want to practice with him?” Lucien asked “He’s younger than you and I. You should be hanging out with guys your own age. Besides I’m better than him with a sword, you’d learn so much more if you practiced with me.”
“That’s not what I heard” Helene said walking past him “I heard he bested you the other day in sword training. I also heard he’s the best fighter Teachers seen come through here.”
Lucien fought back the urge to go after her and beat her. “Come on boys let’s go.”
He walked off more angry than usual followed by his gang.

Draco watched the new group of trainees file in. He thought back to his first days and how he was intimidated by Teacher and the older students. He would’ve left along time ago if not for the encouragement of his friends to stay. Draco got up and headed towards the target range. On the way he bumped into another student.
“Sorry” he said looking up.
“Not yet you aren’t” Lucien said looking down at Draco.
“Lucien” Draco said backing away “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you. Please don’t hurt me.” He bumped into another person and was grabbed from behind.
“You should’ve been watching where you were going” Lucien said “you bumped into me at the wrong time.”
Draco struggled to free himself from the grasp of the boy holding him Lucien came to him with a twisted smile as the rest of his pack encircled them. Lucien slapped Draco hard across the face making him jerk his head then back handed him forcing him to jerk his head the other way. Lucien smiled as he hit Draco hard in the stomach; the only thing keeping Draco from falling to his knees was the boy still holding him. Lucien hit him several more times in the stomach and the face. After several minutes of this he nodded at the boy holding him. Draco fell to the ground coughing trying to crawl away. Lucien kicked him in the stomach hard then rolled him over onto his back stomping on his chest.
“I’m going to fuck you up” Lucien said getting on top of him and pounding on his already bruised face.
As the beating continued the others smiled watching, rubbing their hands waiting for their shot. Aeolus was amongst them but did not look as anxious as the others to join in the beating. He stood there having flashbacks to what had happened to him so long ago as Lucien got up and stood back watching and grinning as another of his cronies picked up where he left off.

“So Lucien still thinks he’s better than me” Andreas said swiping at Helene with his wooden practice sword.
“Yeah” She said dodging and striking at him with her own
Andreas laughed blocking it “He’ll never accept it.”
“No he wont” Helene said thrusting her sword at him
Andreas blocked it to the side with is own knocking it free of her hand. He thrust his sword at her and she grabbed his arm twisting it forcing him to drop his sword. Helene took the arm behind him letting go and pushing him forward. Andreas staggered forward a bit. He picked up his sword turning to face her. Helene had picked up her own sword and came at him again. Andreas got his sword up in time to block it pushing her back. Helene stumbled back and tripped falling to the ground dropping her sword. Andreas held his sword at her neck as she was starting to get up.
“Do you yield?”
“Yeah, I yield” Helene said “now help me up.”
Andreas slid his sword back into his belt and offered her his hand. Helene smiled taking it and pulling him down to the ground rolling over on top of him. She pinned him to the ground smiling down at him as she straddled him.
“Do you yield?” she asked
“I yield” Andreas smiled
Helene looked down at him not moving. She was about to lean down and kiss him when she was interrupted by another student.
“Andreas, come quickly. Lucien and his gang are going to kill him.”
Helene got up helping Andreas to his feet following him as he rushed out.

“Aeolus what are you doing” Lucien asked “Move aside. I don’t want to have to hurt you.”
“No” Aeolus said “I’ve stood by and watched you do this kind of stuff long enough.”
“You ungrateful little bitch” Lucien spat. “Is this how you repay me; by turning on me? After all I’ve done for you; protected you, showed you how to fight.”
Aeolus laughed “Protected me? I remember what you did to me. You and Darius and all your buddies; I was just a kid then and you raped me. Andreas tried to help me, tried to stop you and when he took the punishment you all deserved I did nothing. I’m not going to let that happen to this boy.”
“So you want to take his place then” Lucien said “Fine but you should know I’m going to take my time enjoying this.”
Aeolus was grabbed by two of the boys and held as Lucien came over hitting him in the stomach and starting to pummel him.

“What are we doing” Helene asked following Andreas.
“You’re going to get Teacher and the other instructors” Andreas answered “and I’m going to help whoever Lucien is picking on today.”
“You can’t take them all on your own” Helene said
“Yes I can” Andreas said “now go get Teacher.”
Helene stopped and watched as Andreas ran off. She couldn’t help but notice how good he looked and thought that this take charge, savior attitude made him even more attractive to her. She shook her head clearing away these thoughts and rushed off to get Teacher.
Andreas saw Lucien and his gang up ahead beating on a boy about his age. He noticed a younger boy badly beaten lying on the ground. He clenched his fist charging in tackling one of the boys to the ground knocking the wind out of him. He got to his feet quickly and turned ducking beneath the blow of another boy and rammed his head into his gut coming up with an upper cut knocking him to the ground.
“Aeolus” Andreas said surprised to see it was his old bunk mate being beaten.
Andreas grabbed the boy beating on Aeolus and threw him to the ground then punched the one holding Aeolus in the nose breaking it.
“Brings back memories doesn’t it” Andreas said catching him before he hit the ground
“Unfortunately” Aeolus said “Thanks.”
“No problem” Andreas said putting him on the ground. “Just relax, Teacher should be here soon.”
Aeolus nodded and Andreas moved back out of the way of Lucien’s foot. He got to his feet quickly and looked at Lucien.
“Shouldn’t stick your nose where it don’t belong Andrea” Lucien said
“You know I’m getting really tired of you calling me that” Andreas said charging at Lucien.
Lucien stepped aside bringing his knee up into Andreas’ gut then knocked him to the ground with a hammer blow. Lucien kicked the ground in front of him getting dirt in his eyes then kicked him in the stomach a few times.
“No Teacher here to save you this time” Lucien said “I’m going to show everyone you’re not the golden boy they think you are.”
Lucien went to stomp on Andreas but he rolled out of the way and got to his feet. Lucien yelled as he ran at Andreas. Andreas was still partially blinded by the dirt in his eyes and could barely see Lucien’s fist coming at him. He ducked and punched Lucien in the stomach making him back away. Andreas stood waiting for the next attack and was grabbed from behind. Lucien came at him punching him hard in the face with a right cross.
“Come on golden boy fight back” Lucien taunted wailing on him “you’re pathetic. What happened to the boy that kicked our asses five years ago?”
“Still here” Andreas said head butting the boy holding him breaking his nose and kicking Lucien in the stomach. He got free and ducked beneath the swing from another boy that hit the one that had held him knocking him to the ground. Andreas tackled the boy in front of him into Lucien knocking them both to the ground. Lucien shoved the other boy off him and got to his feet going at Andreas again only to be knocked back to the ground as Andreas side step and tripped him.

“Come on” Helene said leading Teacher and the instructors.
The adults followed her closely. In the distance they could see two boys wrestling with some others down around them. They ran past Helene to stop this.
Teacher was the first there and he pulled Lucien off Andreas. He stood between them keeping them separated and looked at the other boys. The other instructors were busy seeing to the boys on the ground. They were relieved to see that none were dead.
Helene ran past teacher hugging Andreas. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah” Andreas said wincing in pain a bit “I’ll be fine.”
Helene let him go and backed away relieved as Lucien clenched his fist tight enough to cut into his palms making drops of blood fall to the ground.
“What happened here” Teacher asked
“You’re golden boy just attacked us for no reason” Lucien said pointing an accusatory finger at him.
Teacher looked over at Andreas recalling the last time something like this happened.
“Lucien’s lying” Aeolus said “he was beating on a younger student then turned on me when I tried to stop him. Andreas stopped him.”
Teacher looked back at Lucien “Is this true?”
“Of course not” Lucien said
Teacher sighed “Get them all to the infirmary. We’ll settle this in the court.”
The other instructors nodded helping Aeolus, Draco, Lucien and the others to the infirmary. Helene helped Andreas following them.

When everyone was well enough they met with Teacher and the other instructors in the court. Lucien had told his story of how Andreas just attacked them for no reason and was backed up by his gang.
“And what do you have to say Andreas?” Teacher asked
“I was practicing sword with Helene when another student came and told me of Lucien’s attack on a younger student” Andreas said. “When I arrived the younger student was on the ground and they were beating on Aeolus. I attacked them yes but it was to stop them from doing more than just injuring Aeolus.”
Teacher nodded and looked at Helene and Aeolus “And you two will back his story?”
“Yes” Helene said “I was practicing with Andreas”
“It is as Andreas said” Aeolus replied “I was with Lucien when it happened. He was in a fowl mood after a talk with Helene and the younger student just bumped into him. He did nothing to provoke Lucien but Lucien attacked him anyway. I will admit that I stood by and did nothing as the beating went on but I could not stand by and watch another boy go through what I had. I stepped in to stop it and Lucien turned his wrath onto me. Andreas came and stopped them thankfully.”
Teacher nodded and looked over at Draco “is this true?”
Draco nodded slowly.
“Lucien, I am disappointed in you” Teacher said
“What?” Lucien said looking surprised “They’re all lying. I did nothing.”
“Please stop” Teacher said holding up a hand. “It is clear that you are the one that has been lying. I do not like punishing my students but sometimes it must be done. You will be escorted to the ring for lashes immediately.”
“What about Andreas” Lucien said “He was fighting outside the ring.”
“And he will be punished accordingly for doing so” Teacher said “now go, the instructor will escort you to the ring.”
Lucien and his gang were lead out to receive their punishment in front of their peers. Teacher stood up “Andreas you will be on clean up for the next week. The only free time you will have is to get your food and that is only if accompanied by an instructor. Do you understand?”
“Yes teacher” Andreas said getting up and heading out to join the other students in the ring to watch.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Path of a Spartan   Path of a Spartan Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 2:51 pm

The Crew: Helene

“You can’t be serious” Teacher said “you want your daughter to go through the training.”
“I have no sons to carry on the tradition. She is strong and I have been showing her how to fight and hunt.”
“What does your wife say about this?” Teacher asked
“She feels the same way I do”
“I won’t treat her any different because she’s a girl” Teacher said. “And the other boys will not go easy on her. In fact it will be much harder for her to complete the training than the boys.”
“I understand.”
“Are you sure she is prepared for this?” Teacher asked
“She is.”
“Then I will expect to see her in a month with the others” Teacher said turning to leave.

While Teacher and her father were talking Helene was out playing. Most girls her age were learning to read, write and behave like a good Spartan woman but Helene was learning to grapple and hunt. She didn’t play girlie games of patty cake or skip rope she played war with the boys. Sure they made fun of her for acting more like a boy than a girl but she didn’t let that bother her. She just ignored the girls and beat up any boy stupid enough to mock her.
Helene was just coming back home from playing with her friends when she saw Teacher leaving. She ran inside to see what he had said.
“Well, am I going to be trained?”
“Yes. Teacher will return next month on your birthday to take you with the others.”
Helene squealed with delight like a little girl, it was one of the few girlie things she did. She hugged her father tight then looked over at her mother who smiled at her approvingly. Helene went over hugging her mother as well.
“Go get cleaned up. We’re going to go out and celebrate.”
Helene smiled running upstairs to clean up. Her mother had set out a dress for her to wear that night. When Helene came out of the bathroom into her room she frowned at the dress. She hated wearing them; there was nothing practical about a dress. They were hard to run and fight in. Helene put it on anyways knowing it would please her mother. Yes her mother approved of her being treated like a boy by her father but she also tried to instill some lady like qualities into her daughter.

A month passed and Helene stood by the door waiting anxiously for Teacher to arrive. Earlier that day she celebrated her seventh birthday with her parents. For her birthday her father gave her a sword specially made for her while her mother gave her a belt and quiver she made. Her parents watched her as she started pacing as she stared at the door.
“When is he going to get here?” Helene asked
“Soon, just be patient.”
“I can’t help it I’m just so excited” Helene said as she heard a knock on the door “It’s him!”
She rushed opening the door and seeing Teacher standing there. She grabbed her bag and rushed outside. Teacher looked at her then back at her parents and nodded. He turned following her out and taking her to the training grounds. Helene joined the other boys and listened as Teacher gave his speech about turning them into real men before dismissing them to find their barracks.
Helene headed towards the barracks with the other boys. She looked around for a small one man bunk and went to claim it but was shoved aside. The boy that pushed her looked down at her and laughed.
“Gotta be faster than that.”
Helene got to her feet and tackled the boy to the ground. She punched him a few times in the face and got off him kicking him in the side before picking her stuff back up and heading in. She stopped at the door and looked back at him smiling “Gotta be tougher than that.”

That first year there was hell for Helene. She was taunted by the other boys and told to go home where she belonged. She usually trailed behind the others in everything and found it hard to keep up in her training with them. On more than one occasion she wanted to drop out and go back home but her pride and being looked down on by the rest of society as a failure kept her there and made her work ten times as hard to become better than the others.
When the new trainees arrived Helene stood watching. She smiled when she noticed a few girls among them. Apparently word had spread about her and some decided to follow her. That was cool with Helene; she could use someone else to hang out with besides the boys. She looked through the crowd of the other trainee’s and noticed one boy that seemed to be mocking Teacher as he gave his speech and picking on the other boys she rolled her eyes at this thinking he’d be trouble.

She was right about the boy who’s name was Lucien. He immediately fell in with Darius and his pack of bullies. The girls that came in didn’t last long and she was once again the only female. She continued training harder than the boys and became better than most of them at archery and was a formidable opponent in the ring. As usual she watched the new trainees come in hoping to see some girls but like the years before she saw none. She sighed and headed to the shooting range to get in some archery practice.
This year was like the others before it. She improved on her skills and made some of the boys look like pansies. It was pretty much a dull year until the incident. Apparently Darius and his thugs had gone too far and one of the new trainees didn’t like them picking on his friend. She heard this boy Andreas had killed Darius and some of his pals. She sat there with all the others in the ring watching his punishment and couldn’t help but think how wrong this was. She felt kind of sorry for him.

The next five years Helene watched Lucien fill Darius’ role and become more of a tyrant than his predecessor. She tried to stay out of his way as much as possible but apparently he had taken a liking to her. Helene didn’t care for Lucien at all and had her sights set on someone else. She tried all she could to let Lucien know she didn’t like him while at the same time trying to show the man she really wanted how she felt about him.
Helene had kept an eye on Andreas over the years. She watched him keep to himself and work hard on his training, harder than anyone there including her. She liked it when she was paired up with him for sparring and couldn’t help but to think how cute he was. It was weird that she seemed to have all these thoughts she considered to be girlish about him, at least to her.
The day Andreas and Lucien sparred she watched them both closely. When Lucien knocked Andreas down she gasped quietly to herself and was worried. When Andreas came back and put Lucien on the ground she cheered silently. When Andreas won the match she restrained herself from running out to hug and congratulate him. It was at this point that she realized her feelings were more than just a crush.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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The Crew: Aeolus

“Well doc” Armon said looking anxiously at the doctor examining his newborn child.
“It’s a healthy boy” the doctor said
“That’s great” Armon smiled over at his wife! “So is he going to be strong? Will he be a great warrior?”
“I don’t know” the doctor said. “He doesn’t show any capacity to be a great strategist. Nor does he show any remarkable potential.”
“So you’re saying he’s defective” Armon frowned
“No, he’s healthy” the doc said. “He has no deformities, no abnormalities, and no defects. He’s just extraordinarily average, nothing about his stands out.”
Armon sighed “Thanks doc.”

Seven Years later
“When will he get here?” Aeolus asked impatiently waiting by the door.
“Be patient dear” His mother told him rustling his hair. “He’ll get here when he gets here.”
Aeolus frowned pushing his mothers hand away. “Stop doing that.”
“I’m sorry, it’s just I’m so proud of you” she smiled down at him. “My baby’s growing up.”
“Don’t call me that” Aeolus said “I’m not a baby anymore.”
“I know” his mother said as Teacher came to the door knocking. She opened it inviting him in. “Armon, you’re sons about to head out. Don’t you want to come say goodbye?”
Armon came out of his room and nodded at Teacher then looked down at Aeolus “Don’t bother the other boys.” He turned heading back into his room.
“Is dad disappointed with me?” Aeolus asked “Did I do something wrong?”
“No” his mother said “he’s just got a lot on his mind. Remember to listen to everything Teacher and the other instructors tell you, don’t get in too much trouble and do your best.”
“I will” Aeolus smiled
His mother leaned down hugging him tightly “I love you and so does your dad. Don’t forget that.”
“Mom, this is embarrassing” Aeolus said trying to get away
She let him go and smiled waving as he left with Teacher and the other boys.

Aeolus stood with the others looking around. He noticed that he was shorter than most of them and felt a little intimidated. After Teacher finished his speech Aeolus rushed off with the others to find a hut to live in. He was rudely shoved out of the way and knocked down by the others in the madness. He sat on the ground hearing his fathers words repeat in his head.
“Need a hand?” a voice asked from above him.
Aeolus looked up at a boy holding out his hand. He took it letting him help him to his feet.
“I’m Andreas.”
“Hey, have you found a hut yet?”
Aeolus looked down shaking his head. “No, I’m too slow and small. Everyone just shoved me to the side.”
“You can stay with me” Andreas said
“Really” Aeolus said surprised.
“Of course” Andreas smiled picking up his bag. “Come on, stick with me.”
Aeolus smiled following his new friend.

It was tough for him in those beginning months and he considered leaving on a few occasions but was encouraged by Andreas to stick with it. Aeolus felt lucky to have a friend like Andreas by his side. He was always there to push him on when he felt like giving up or to keep him out of trouble. Aeolus smiled not paying attention where he was going and bumped into Darius.
“Watch where you’re going shrimp”
“Sorry” Aeolus said still looking down.
“Hey, don’t I know you?” Darius said
“I don’t think so” Aeolus said looking up.
“Yeah, I do” Darius smiled “You’re the boy he brought me my lunch today.”
“Hey, give that back” Aeolus shouted after Darius snatched the rabbit from him.
Darius just laughed shoving Aeolus down. Aeolus got back up and went after Darius to get his food back. Darius held him back with a hand laughing.
“Look at this boys; the pip squeak wants to fight” Darius laughed shoving him back to the ground. “What do you say we show him who’s the top dog around here?”
Darius’ gang smiled surrounding Aeolus who was getting back to his feet. He was knocked back down and kicked in the gut. They laughed as he struggled to get back up and one by one they took turns kicking him down.
Aeolus was trying to cover up and protect himself from the blows when he noticed they had stopped. He heard someone shout at him to get up and looked seeing Andreas fighting Darius and the boys that had attacked him. He struggled back to his feet and when he did found himself back to back with Andreas. Aeolus was glad to see his friend and felt confident that they could take these boys. His confidence quickly left him when he found himself back on the ground being pummeled. He heard Darius say something about teaching respect and struggled to get up as one of the boys held him down. He was shocked when one of them ripped his cloths from him.
“No, stop” Aeolus shouted trying to break free. Tears began streaming down his face as he felt something mercilessly shoved in his ass. “Stop, that hurts. Andreas, help me!”
He gagged as he felt something shoved in his mouth. He could hear them laughing and Andreas struggling to get to him. He was relieved when he felt the object pulled out but felt a fresh wave of pain wash over him as it was replaced. He closed his eyes, the tears flowing none stop now as he was repeatedly violated. After what felt like an eternity to him he heard the sounds of fighting. He lay there not wanting to move or open his eyes, afraid that it would start again any moment if he did. When he heard the fighting stop he finally opened his eyes and saw Andreas standing with a bloody knife in hand being pulled off Darius by the instructors.
Aeolus stood listening to the boys lie about what had happened. He knew he should speak up and help his friend but was unable to for some reason. He said nothing as the other boys dragged him away to watch his friend be punished for doing the right thing. He stared blankly not noticing Lucien put his arm around him.

The next five years were hell on him. He found himself part of Lucien’s gang watching as the sick bastard tortured people for fun. He tried to avoid Andreas as much as possible, too ashamed to face him. Aeolus knew he should have tried to stop Lucien but never found the courage to, despite having become one of the biggest at the camp. He wasn’t there to see Lucien get beat by Andreas but heard about it from others.
After that Aeolus noticed a change in Lucien; he became more violent, more ruthless, and easier to piss off. Aeolus tried to distance himself from Lucien but found it nearly impossible to do. Lucien kept bringing up the past. How if it hadn’t been for him, Aeolus would’ve been dead.
Aeolus stood off to the side watching Lucien hit on Helene and rolled his eyes. Everyone in the camp knew she liked Andreas, why couldn’t he see it. Aeolus sighed when he saw Lucien walk away from her. He knew the look in his eyes; someone was going to get hurt. Aeolus followed Lucien trying to keep him from any of the younger students as best he could but was unsuccessful.
“Watch where you’re going shrimp”
“Sorry” Draco said looking up at Lucien.
Aeolus had flashbacks to that day staring blankly as Lucien began beating on the boy. He shook his head stepping in front of one of the others as he was coming in to take his turn.
“Aeolus what are you doing” Lucien asked “Move aside. I don’t want to have to hurt you.”
“No” Aeolus said “I’ve stood by and watched you do this kind of stuff long enough.”
“You ungrateful little bitch” Lucien spat. “Is this how you repay me; by turning on me? After all I’ve done for you; protected you, showed you how to fight.”
Aeolus laughed “Protected me? I remember what you did to me. You and Darius and all your buddies; I was just a kid then and you raped me. Andreas tried to help me, tried to stop you and when he took the punishment you all deserved I did nothing. I’m not going to let that happen to this boy.”
“So you want to take his place then” Lucien said “Fine but you should know I’m going to take my time enjoying this.”
Aeolus was grabbed by two of the boys and held as Lucien came over hitting him in the stomach and starting to pummel him. Aeolus kicked Lucien back and pulled the two boys holding him together bashing their heads against each other.
“Get up kid” Aeolus shouted fighting against Lucien’s cronies. Aeolus watched the kid back away as he kicked a guy to the ground. He felt someone hit him from behind and stumbled forward into a fist that knocked him back into the arms of another. He was held tight as one of them came back at him. He heard Andreas say his name and smiled seeing his old bunk mate pull his tormentor off him. He fell forward with relief when the one holding him let go.
“Brings back memories doesn’t it” Andreas said catching him before he hit the ground
“Unfortunately” Aeolus said “Thanks.”
“No problem” Andreas said putting him on the ground. “Just relax, Teacher should be here soon.”
Aeolus nodded and watched Andreas and Lucien fight. Flashes of the fight he had with Darius went through his brain and Aeolus was relieved to see Andreas didn’t have any weapons with him. He was even more relieved when he saw Teacher, Helene and some of the instructors running over to stop the fight before it got out of hand. As he was being helped up by an instructor he heard Lucien lying about what happened and did what he should have earlier, he stuck up for his friend. Even though he knew he’d still be punished he stuck by his friend in court. He was the only one smiling when being lead to the arena.
“What are you smiling at?” Lucien growled looking over at him. “You’re getting the whip too.”
“I know” Aeolus smiled “but at least I deserve it.”
“You’re dead now you know that” Lucien said “nobody turns on me without paying the cost.”
Aeolus looked over at him as they were bound to the pole. “Lucien, no one’s scared of you anymore.”
Aeolus flinched a bit with the first crack of the whip on is back. He smiled through the rest of his punishment; this was the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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The Crew: Draco

“This isn’t happening it’s too soon” the woman said shaking her head adamantly as she lay in the hospital bed. “No, it’s not going to happen this early.”
“Ma’am, I need you to calm down and push for me” the doctor said “You’re baby is coming whether you like it or not.”
“No, it’s too soon” the woman said defiantly.
“Babe, relax” her husband said holding her hand “Just do what the doc says, everything will be alright. I promise.”
The woman looked up at her husband “Promise?”
“With my life” her husband said smiling reassuringly
The woman nodded gripping his hand like a vice pushing.
“Good” the doctor said “just one more.”
The woman nodded grunting and groaning as she gave one more push. She fell back into the bed panting from exhaustion as the doctor came up with the baby. For a minute the room was deathly quiet then a loud cry broke the silence. The doctor sighed with relief handing the baby over to a nurse to be taken care of. The nurse headed out of the room with the infant as the parents looked on.
“Where is she taking my baby?” the mother asked looking up at her husband
“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s nothing” the husband said stroking her hair. “Just lay there and relax, I’ll go see what’s going on.”
Kratos ran out after the doctor catching up with him “Doc is everything alright?”
“Everything’s fine,” the doctor said turning to Kratos “it’s something we do with every baby born prematurely. The nurse is just doing some routine tests to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the child.”
“Alright, but the baby is healthy right?” Kratos asked.
“Yes, your son is healthy” the doctor said.
“Thank you” Kratos said sighing a bit. “Persephone will be glad to hear that.”

Draco ran into the house leaving the door open and rushing up the stairs to his room slamming the door shut. Kratos sighed setting his book down and getting up to go see what the problem was. He knocked on Draco’s door before opening and heading in.
“You left the door open downstairs. What happened?”
“Don’t wanna talk about it” Draco said staring down at the floor.
Kratos sat on the edge of the bed staring over at Draco silently.
“They called me baby and said I was too small to play with them anymore” Draco said finally “Then they shoved me to the ground and laughed.”
“Well you are short” Kratos said “but you’re not a baby.”
“That’s what I said but they didn’t listen” Draco said looking over at his father. “They just kept calling me baby.”
“So you ran home to mommy” Kratos said
“No, I didn’t!” Draco shouted
“Okay then” Kratos said holding up his hands. “Listen son, running away from the problem is not going to solve it. So you’ve got height issue, big deal, so do I. I’m not the biggest in this village, but I’m still one of the toughest. Did you know there are only a handful of people that can take me in a fight?”
Draco looked at his father “You’re just trying to make me feel better.”
“No, it’s true” Kratos smiled “I learned to use my size to my advantage when I was about your age. I never let anyone tell me what I could and could not do because of my size, and neither should you. So here’s what I want you to do- Take the fighting sticks I made you and go kick their asses. Show those boys that picked on you that size isn’t as important as they think. Can you do that?”
“I can” Draco smiled getting up and running back out of the house.

Five months later Draco stood with others listening to Teacher as he welcomed them to the camps. He looked around nervously noticing that he was the smallest student there. While others were listening intently to what Teacher was saying, Draco was looking for the quickest route to the barracks and noticed a few older students watching. He nudged the kid next to him to get his attention
“Hey, who are those three up there?”
The kid looked up to where Draco had indicated. “Those three, well the girl is Helene. I hear she’s the only female to have survived the training so far. The mean looking guy next to her is Lucien, he’s the top dog around here or at least that’s what everyone else says. And the kid off to the side, that’s Andreas. My brother said he killed a bunch of students just for looking at him wrong or something like that. Nobody’s actually sure what happened but they all agree that it’s generally in your best interest to stay clear of him.”
Draco nodded staring up at the three. He snapped to attention when Teacher started yelling at him. When they were finally dismissed Draco took off as fast as he could, sticking to the route he planned avoiding being trampled over or knocked down by the others. He was one of the first to reach the barracks and quickly staked his claim on a bunk.

Draco learned early that Lucien was the top dog in the camps. He also learned that Andreas wasn’t as bad as what others claimed. Over the next three years he found that Lucien liked to prove his strength over others and sometimes went too far. Whenever possible Draco tried to pair up with Andreas or Helene in sparring because Andreas always tried to help him become better and well what boy doesn’t like wrestling with a girl.
Most people in the camp knew the day was coming when Andreas and Lucien would square off and finally prove who the best was. Draco already knew who the better of the two was, at least in his own mind. When the day finally arrived Draco had no doubts that Andreas would come out on top and he wasn’t wrong. He was on of those that cheered the loudest when Andreas beat Lucien seemingly effortlessly and knew that he wanted to be just like Andreas.

As usual, Draco watched the new students come in the following year. He didn’t have a particular reason to do this, just liked to listen to Teacher’s speech which never changed. He turned when Teacher dismissed the new class and bumped into someone. He looked up into the face of a scowling Lucien and tried to apologize but it did no good, he was now a target. One on one he might have been able to slip away but not surrounded by Lucien’s goons. He was especially worried about the big, quiet one standing in the back. Draco was sure the big guy would break him in half which is why he was surprised when he saw him step in to stop the pounding.
Draco lay on the ground watching this big guy take on Lucien and his gang. He felt sorry for the guy when the numbers became too much for him to handle and they started beating on him. Draco didn’t remember a lot of what happened after Aeolus stepped in to save him but he does remember seeing Andreas come to help and Helene embracing Andreas after the fight. After being patched up and telling Teacher what caused the fight Draco sat with Helene and Andreas watching Lucien, Aeolus and the other boys receive their lashings. In the back of his mind Draco thought- I owe Aeolus my life.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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Lucien: Born Bad

Certain people are born to be the villain. Mayhem, destruction, chaos, and everything else that is commonly associated with the bad guy are hardwired into their brains. Their names are well known as are their deeds. To most people being compared to such a figure is an insult, but not to a guy like Lucien. Put all of histories worst and most hated figures together and they’ll still look like angels compared to him. Of course everyone has to start somewhere and this is Lucien’s beginning.

Lucien’s first victim was his mother who died shortly after giving birth to him. His father raised Lucien by himself for the first few years but he was no where near an ideal father. He did provide Lucien everything an infant needed but outside of the basics, Lucien got nothing. Lucien never felt loved and even less so when his father started dating.
Things only got worse after Lucien’s father remarried. The woman he married wanted little to do with Lucien and desperately wanted a child of her own, something Lucien’s father was more than happy to provide her with. When his brother was born Lucien was five and became largely ignored by his father and step mother. Because of this Lucien hated his brother and would often do something to upset him which brought him the attention he’d been denied for so many years.
Lucien’s second victim would turn out to be his brother. When he started moving on his own Lucien would purposely find ways to make him stumble or run into things. He felt better seeing his brother run into a chair or crawl over a sharp object. Things were even more interesting when he started walking and Lucien could find things for him to trip over. The day finally came when Lucien tired of just causing minor injuries to his brother and he shoved his brother down the stairs killing him.

When the day came for Lucien to leave for the training grounds his father couldn’t wait to be rid of him. As far as he was concerned Lucien was now Teacher’s problem to deal with. Lucien quickly found others like him joining with Darius’ gang. It wasn’t long before he gained a reputation for his cruelty and ruthlessness, which was usually kept in check by Darius.
When Darius decided to take Aeolus’ lunch and got into a fight with Andreas it was Lucien who stripped Aeolus and gagged him. He smiled wickedly watching the others viciously assaulted the young recruit. Seeing others in pain was like a drug to him, and he couldn’t get enough of it. With Darius gone Lucien stepped in to fill the role of leader, something not even the older boys of the group protested, to afraid of what he’d do if they did.
For the next five years he tormented new recruits. His favorite target though was Andreas and he’d do anything to try to provoke him. It frustrated Lucien though when Andreas ignored him and even more so when he heard others talking about how great Andreas was. Lucien wanted to show everyone that Andreas was nothing special and that he was still the top dog of the Training Grounds. That chance came when he was put against Andreas in a sparring match. Despite his best efforts and a few dirty tricks Lucien could not overcome Andreas. From that day on Lucien hated Andreas and knew that he’d do whatever it took to get rid of him.
His chance came the day he was spurned by Helene for Andreas. Pissed that his rival had taken one more thing from him, Lucien took his anger out on the first unlucky soul to cross his path. Unfortunately for Draco, he was that person and received a terrible beating for it until Aeolus stepped in. Furious that someone he thought was under his thumb would challenge him, Lucien turned his anger on Aeolus. If not for Andreas intervening once again to save his friend, Lucien may have wound up killing Aeolus. Again Lucien was beaten by Andreas but Teacher and other instructors were there to see them fighting outside the arena. He tried to take advantage of this like the first time with Darius but it didn’t go his way. Both his victims had the balls to go against him. As a result he was punished for the first time since he had been there and as he received his lashing he began plotting his revenge against all those that had wronged him.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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Outsiders- Introductions

Andreas stood with Draco, Aeolus and Helene watching his father speak with Teacher and an outsider.
“So who is he?” Draco asked
“I’ve seen him in a photo with my father and mother before” Andreas said “I think they fought in some war together.”
“So what’s he doing here?” Helene asked
“Andreas, come here son” Aetos shouted waving him over
“Looks like we’re going to find out” Andreas said
“We will see you at lunch” Aeolus said getting off the tree he was leaning against as Draco dropped down from a low branch. The two waited for Helene who gave a quick look around before kissing Andreas on the cheek and walking off with the boys. Andreas smiled a bit heading over to his father.
“Who was that?” Aetos asked with a slight grin.
“A friend” Andreas said still smiling
“Right” Aetos said glancing over at Frank who also had a slight grin. “I’d like you to meet Frank and his boys James and William. They will be training here for the year and I’d like you to keep an eye on them for me and help them get caught up.”
“Yes sir” Andreas said nodding at James and William to follow him. James and William picked up their duffle bags following him after saying bye to Frank.
“So, that girl was hot” James said with his thick Boston accent “any chance she’ll go out with me?”
“No” Andreas said
“Oh, then you and her are together” James grinned.
“Sort of” Andreas said shyly as they came to his bunkhouse. “We’re here. I’ll let you two get settled in and come back after my lesson.”
The two nodded heading inside as Andreas left them.

James and William heard some voices coming towards the bunk as they finished unpacking.
“It’s always fun messing with the new trainees.”
“Yes it is. Did you see the expression on that one’s face when I picked him up?”
“Priceless, I think he actually wet himself.”
“It’s a lot more fun being on the other end.”
The two laughed walking in the tent when they were jumped by James and William. James had the big one pinned down, or at least he thought he did. In virtually little time James found himself pinned on his back unable to break free
“Go on get it over with” James grunted “But I’ll warn you now, there will be retribution.”
Aeolus chuckled getting off James and helping him up. James looked up at Aeolus backing away and putting his hands up waiting for the attack. “Put your hands down outsider, we’re not going to fight you.”
“Somehow I don’t believe you.” James said
“Yes” William agreed “We heard you two talking about picking on the new guys.”
Aeolus looked over at Draco and started laughing again. James and William relaxed a bit staring at the two.
“Wanna fill us in on the joke?” William asked
“We knew you were here” Draco said
“And we never said we were picking on anyone” Aeolus added “Just that it was fun to mess with the new trainees.”
“But you said you made one piss his pants” William said confused.
“I am already close to six feet tall and only thirteen” Aeolus said “If you were seven and on your own away from your parents wouldn’t you piss your pants if you bumped into someone like me?”
“No” James said as William nodded in agreement. “I’d stare ya down.”
“Then you are either brave or stupid” Draco said “I’m not sure which but I do know neither of you can fight.”
“Bullshit” James shouted “We’ve been in a few fights and even won some of them.”
“I find that hard to believe” Draco said shrugging “especially with how easy it was for us to pin you.”
“Well if we met on the streets of Boston it’d be different” James said clenching his fist.
“Spartan warriors are trained to be able to overcome any opponent” Draco said proudly as he stared back at James “in any scenario.”
“Right well …” James started but was stopped by William.
“Well it’s been nice meeting you two, I think we’re going to have a look around” William said heading out with James.

“Can you believe that little punk” James said still upset at what Draco had said
“Your not the one that got pinned by him” William said “If either of us has a reason to be pissed it would be me. You got pinned by the giant.”
“Yeah well I still say he’s wrong” James said “I know how to fight.”
“Do you now” Lucien said coming up behind them. “Why don’t you show me outsider.”
James looked over at William who shook his head. He sighed when he saw his brother grin and turn around. James saw Lucien standing with a few of his stooges, each one looking like they were ready for a fight.
“Doesn’t matter how many of you there are” James smiled “You know what the say the more the merrier and I love kicking ass.”
James rushed in at Lucien getting in a good punch making him stumble back.
“Nice shot” Lucien said rubbing his jaw. “But that’s all you’re going to get in.”
“We’ll see tough guy” James said throwing another jab at Lucien. Lucien leaned back out of the way and ducked beneath the hook that followed punching James hard in the gut.
“That the best you got?” Lucien taunted
“Just getting warmed up” James smiled rushing back in at Lucien who just side stepped him and shoved him in the back into the arms of one of his buddies who grabbed him and held him while another took shots at his abs and chest.
“That’s not fair” William shouted as he rushed in to help his brother but was tripped by Lucien. Lucien kicked William in the side a few times before rolling him over on his back and stepping on his chest hard.
“Get him up, I wanna use him as a punching bag” Lucien ordered. William was picked up and held for Lucien to wail on as he laughed. James managed to get free and tackled Lucien to the ground.
“Nobody beats on my brother but me ass hole” James said getting in a few good blows before he was pulled off Lucien again.
“You son of a bitch” Lucien said punching James hard in the gut making him double over. He brought his knee up into his nose making him fall back. Lucien started kicking James as William struggled to get free. “Nobody attacks me like that you little piece of shit.”
“Nobody, really” Andreas said walking towards them with Draco, Aeolus and Helene “Cause I seem to remember kicking your ass a few times.”
“Stay out of this Andreas, it’s between me and the outsiders” Lucien said through clenched teeth.
“Yes well, my father told me to look out for them” Andreas said stepping in front of James and glancing back at the guy holding him “so I guess that makes this my business too.”
Lucien clenched his fist and looked like he was going to take a swing at Andreas when Aeolus stepped over joining him. “I wouldn’t if I were you, don’t want you getting in trouble again.”
Lucien stared at the four of them thinking over his situation. He was just going to ignore them but noticed Teacher coming their way and nodded at his boys to let James and William go.
“Another time golden boy” Lucien said turning and walking away.

“Looks like I was right” Draco said “you can’t fight.”
“He had half a dozen goons with him” James shouted “No one could win in those odds unless they were in an action movie.”
“He could” Draco said pointing at Andreas “and did, twice. I know because I was there for one of them and Aeolus was there for both.”
James looked over at Andreas who stood there quietly “No way.”
Andreas nodded silently.
“Jesus fucking Christ man” James said still in disbelief. “You gotta tell me about it sometime.”
“Sometime” Andreas nodded
“Holy shit William, we are going to be bad ass mother fucking fighting machines when we leave this place” James said
“Your father did not send you here to learn to fight” Teacher said coming up behind them. “He sent you here to learn to be men. Now go get your supper, the final training session will start in an hour.”
“Yes Teacher” Andreas, Aeolus, Helene and Draco said in unison running off.
James and William took off after them catching up quickly. “What are training sessions?”
“You’ll see” Helen said “But I doubt you’ll be participating today, maybe tomorrow.”
James smiled over at his brother going with Andreas and his crew to get some food. This was going to be an amazing year.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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