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 Military Forces

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PostSubject: Military Forces   Military Forces Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 3:00 pm

Military Forces 43

The Grand Army of the Minthar Empire

Ground Forces

Military Forces 865935-clone_trooper2_large
Immortal Soldiers
Immortal soldiers are easily distinguished by their stark white armor and black BDU they wear underneath it. Their armor resembles their old armor worn by their ancient soldiers. Their armor is extremely tough taking projectile and energy based attacks rather well. Immortal soldiers use very powerful and accurate rifles that fire high powered energy blasts of an unknown type that tears apart enemy soldiers with ease. Immortal Soldiers are also given energy swords to engage in hand to hand combat with.

Military Forces Commission__imperial_commando_by_turin_the_forsaken-d35zkew
Immortal Royal Guards
Immortal Soldiers that guard the Royal Palace and other locations. Trained to the level of Elites and under the direct command of the Emperor himself answering only to him. The Royal Guards are often only seen at the Palace or with members of the royal family.

Military Forces Arc_trooperMilitary Forces 69af786048f115bbc6a259c52247dc0b
Immortal Elites/Immortal Shock Troops
The best of the best. They are Minthar's greatest soldiers, and considered the best warriors in the universe. They wear advanced Immortal Combat armor and are trained even tougher than normal Immortal soldiers. It's said one Immortal Elite is the equal to 10 Immortal Regulars. Elites are often deployed with members of the Royal Family and into battles to take key objectives. Elites also undertake special operations assignments behind enemy lines and are usually the first of the Immortal Empire to be sent into battle.

Military Forces Clone_commando_TCWCG
Immortal Commandos
Immortal Commandos are a branch of the Immortal Elite Corps focusing on stealth missions and high risk missions. They are often deployed in pairs or squads of four deep behind enemy lines to take out key targets for the Immortal Empire.

Military Forces Laat_i
Saber Gunship
The workhorse of the Immortal Army filling various roles from troop transport, supply transport, close air support, and recon as well as other roles. The Saber is well armored, very fast, very agile and heavily armed. It can carry up to 20 soldiers and is able to rapidly deploy them into combat.

Military Forces 20090225_a5f97c5165db8af285b7GxRDzn7TdGOO
Lancer Transport
The Lancer was designed to carry what the Saber couldn't, large attack vehicles. The Lancer is less armed than it's counterpart but is still a relatively fast and well armored aircraft used to bring in the tanks used by the Imperial Army.

Military Forces Tank
Arc-Class Main Battle Tank
The Arc-Class MBT is the main attack vehicle employed by the Imperial Army. Well armored and heavily armed the Arc-Class makes quick work of enemy tanks and infantry forces. The Arc-Class used hover technology for increased speed and to more easily traverse through rough terrain.

Military Forces Havw_a6_juggernaut_1
Juggernaut Assault Vehicle
The Juggernaut is the largest ground vehicle used by the Imperial Army, able to level entire city blocks with the fire power it carries and the Juggernaut also serves as a troop transport, carrying up to 200 troops.

Imperial Navy

Military Forces Large
Minthar's Pride
Minthar's Pride is the flagship of the Immortal Navy and the personal ship of the Emperor. Bristling with weapons and carrying enough firepower to crack a planet Minthar's Pride can take on several Battleships by itself. At 19,000 Meters long it's one of the largest vessels ever contracted and carries 900 fighters.

Military Forces VenatorII
Praetor-Class Command Ship
The Praetor-Class is a large Battleship at 2,000 Meters long. It carries 195 fighters and packs more than twice the firepower of normal Battleships. These Vessels serve as Fleet Command ships designed to coordinate large fleets during battles and to over see large scale operations.

Military Forces Venator_clonewars
Sovereign-Class Battleship
The Backbone of the Imperial Navy, these large 1,600 Meter long warships are designed for one purpose. To dominate ship-to-ship combat, a role they filled perfectly, time and time again these ships have gone against ships from other races and come out on top with little damage. Carrying 96 fighters and being able to transport a good amount of ground forces these ships have come to be the face of the Immortal Fleet.

Military Forces Mangonelr
Titan-Class Carrier
These massive ships are the second largest ships in the Immortal Fleet, next to Minthar's Pride. At 3,000 meters long these ships only have 1/3 the fire power of a Sovereign-Class Battleship but it carries 550 fighters with it's massive hangar bay. The Titan-Class is also the primary transport used to bring ground forces to worlds. If loaded with only fighters and not a mix of both ground forces and fighters it could carry up to 1000 fighters.

Military Forces The_Demolisher_SOTG
Gladiator-Class Destroyer
Theses vessels were the most mass produced capital ship in the Immortal Fleet being used to attack smaller frigates and escort larger ships like the Titan-Class. They are small only 500 meters long and carrying 25 fighters. The Gladiator-Class was the ship given to Tabris' task force that went to investigate the Kothryn's presence on Wayland. The ship was very versatile and quick making it perfect for a small task force. However in large numbers with fleets these ships were a force to be reckoned with.

Military Forces Ardent-class_fast_frigate
Ardent-Class Frigate
These small ships are 150 meters long and carry no fighters. Instead they are designed to attack and destroy incoming fighters. However they aren't very good in ship to ship combat with larger classes of ships so they are rarely seen outside of large fleet formations. Their speed makes them very good scout craft but should discover a large force they often need to make use of their quick speed to escape and send their findings back to their command ship.

Military Forces 250px-Obi-Eta2
Actis-02 Interceptor
Extreme fast, agile, and small these fighters are incredible dogfighters and are also able to do light damage to ships. The Actis-02 has become a favorite for Aces and Commanders.

Military Forces V-19_Torrent_Starfighter_SotG
V-07 Superiority Fighter
A perfect blend of speed, firepower, armor, and agility the V-07 is the standard fighter in the Immortal Fleet. An exceptional dogfighter and a decent assault craft as well.

Military Forces ARC170_concept
Arc Assault Fighter
Manned by a crew of three, a pilot, navigator, and rear gunner these fighters are the heavy hitters called in to attack large capital ships and to provide air support along side Saber Gunships on planet surfaces. Armed with heavy cannons and missile tubes squadrons of these large fighters can make quick work of even large Battle cruisers.


Military Forces 170px-Vong_Glyph.svg

Kothryn Military

Ground Forces

Military Forces Vong-rpg
Kothryn Warriors
Kothryn Warriors are some of the most fiercest and ruthless foes in the galaxy. They are large and fast and rival Immortal Soldiers. The Kothryns make use of both projectile and energy based weapons in their military their projectile weapons usually firing large spikes and other gruesome missiles. They're battle armor rivals Immortal armor but the Kothryn's usually do not wear helmets so head shots are what Immortals usually go for to insure a kill against these tough foes.

Military Forces YuuzhanVong
Kothryn Zealots
Only the most fanatical Kothryns are given the title of Zealot. Zealots are the Shock Troopers of the Kothryn Empire. They are extremely well trained and are sadistic in their killing methods. Should you find yourself captured by Kothryns pray for a quick death, and pray that you weren't captured by Zealots because you won't be given a quick death if that happens.

Military Forces XimBotNEW_COL_WEB.preview
Kothryn War Droid
Kothryn War Droids are fierce foes standing tall over even Kothryns and using powerful weapons. War Droids are extremely durable taking blaster fire easily. They have been out of service for a long time but the Kothryns have since begun producing them again and using them extensively on Wayland.

Military Forces Gunship_original-300x242
Kothryn Widowmaker Gunship
The Kothryn Widowmaker is designed with the sole purpose of annihilating enemy forces, they swoop in at high speeds delivering huge amounts of fire power to the battlefield. Heavily Armed and well armored the Widowmaker is a force to be feared.

Military Forces 4315402859a7831502642l
Kothryn Reaper Troop Transport
The Reaper Transport is a quick and large troop transport used to deploy Kothryn Ground forces into battle, able to carry Infantry and Walkers in their large cargo bay. Carry up to 200 soldiers and four Medium Walkers or 2 heavy walkers or 1 Goliath Walker.

Military Forces 119aucm
Kothryn Goliath Walker, Kothryn Heavy Walker, Kothryn Medium Walker
The Kothryn Goliath Walker is the largest ground compound vehicle used by any race. Able to change the outcome of battles drastically with their fire power and troop complement they can carry.

The Kothryn Heavy Walker is used as command vehicles to lead their Medium Walkers into battle. Bringing a large amount of fire power into a battle they are powerful weapons of war.

Kothryn Medium Walkers are the main Kothryn Attack vehicle often employed in large numbers to overwhelm opposing forces with heavy firepower.

Kothryn Navy

Military Forces 5chb47
Hammer of Kothra
The Kothryn Emperor commands his armies and empire from this ship. Constructed to be both a feared warship and to serve as the center of the Kothryn Government until a suitable capital world could be taken over. At 20,000 meters long it is slightly larger than Minthar's Pride, but Minthar's Pride rivals the Hammer of Kothra in every way. This large warship carries 900 fighters.

Military Forces 503px-WD_NEGWT
The World Devastator
The Ancient Kothryn Weapon built during the Thousand Year War fought between the Immortals and Kothryns ages ago. The World Devastator is a massive weapon the size of a medium sized moon. It would be used to 'eat' a world and convert the planet into resources to be used by the World Devastator to both power it and to construct ships, weapons, and vehicles for the Kothryn Empire. Several parts to the World Devastator's main weapon was stolen by Immortal Commandos during the Thousand Year War and scattered throughout the galaxy. When the Kothryn Empire resurfaced from outside of the galaxy and waged a new war against the galaxy's sentient races they began searching for the components to rebuild the main weapon then construct the World Devastator to attack Minthar with it and wipe out their biggest threat, the Immortals.

Military Forces 20ro30h
Kothryn Vendetta-Class Command Ship
The Vendetta-Class is large warship at 2,500 meters long and heavily armed. They serve the Kothryn Empire as fleet command ships. Using their powerful rams on the front of these ships they can ram through enemy ships ripping them in half, the Command ship can carry up to 190 fighters

Military Forces 10rsr28
Kothryn Blade-Class Battleship
The standard battleship in the Kothryn Fleet. At 1,700 meters long and carrying 95 fighters the Blade-Class is large and powerful warship able to take on the warships from other races and rival the Sovereign-Class used by the Immortals.

Military Forces Jp79m1
Kothryn Scythe-Class Cruiser
Small and fast the Scythe class specializes in light ship-to-ship combat and anti fighter roles. Carrying 20 fighters itself the Scythe-Class is a very versatile ship.

Military Forces Hvndxw
K-M8 Mulipurpose Fighter
The Kothryns decided they did not want several types of fighters and produced one type of fighter. The K-M8 is fast, well armored, and well armed with anti-fighter and anti-ship weapons to serve as both a dogfighter and an assault fighter.

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Military Forces
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