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PostSubject: Characters   Characters Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 2:34 pm

Name: Shunsen Takehara
Info: Seemingly a rather laid back and lonely wolf, once he's invited into a conversation he right away smiles and talks nonstop.

Zanpakuto: Everliving Death
Melee Combat Attack Based

Shikai "initial release": Large blade scythe (Reap what's sown)
Attack: Focuses all energy onto the scythe to increase its speed massively, and attack with ruth force. Based around different stages.

Last Day Tearing: Constantly releases energy while slashing/attacking with the blade, having destructive power.

Day Two: Creates an illusion, an after image as he attacks with his blade, making the appearance of the scythe appear in a further reach to damage the opponent.

Day Three: His scythe's blade splits into two more for a short while.

Bankai "final release": Death's Judgement
Effect: His skin turns darker, especially on his left arm and hand where it gets coal black. A chain is wrapped from his neck and around his right arm as his hand is engulfed in a scorching flame. His scythe becomes even taller, the blade larger, having now a more demeaning look to it. His clothing reveal his whole dark upper torso, and his eyes are turned dull and uninterested with a dark colour.
Power: His speed, out of all attributes has increased extremely, as well as his more common senses like sight, smell and hearing. He can harness a flame that is said to never to die out, and his scythe is blazing with that fire.

Final Resting Place: Inferno
Attack: Releases a large blast of black fire that disintigrates almost whatever comes in its way.

Judgement Day
Attack: His blade is enveloped in a thicker flame, which he then either releases or use in combat. When in combat, his strength in attacks is powered up amazingly. When released, it is used as either and eruption of flames from under ground, or (very rarily) above.

Captain of the 9th squad
Name: Yetsu Kamikaze
Info: He has a strict, calm and serious nature around all things, and is at most times obviously arrogant.

Zanpakuto: Westerné, Force of the Storm

Command: "Judge, Westerné"
Shikai "initial release": Not revealed yet

Bankai "final release": Not revealed yet

Right hand of the King

Name: Jack
Info: A minion of the upcoming evil force. Very cocky. He's an outlawed Death God (shinigami)

Zanpankto: Clawer, The Cold Killer

Left hand of the King

Name: Chun
Info: Very calm and quiet, but not shy by any means, she is very sneaky. Outlawed Death God.

Zanpankto: Floorisha, The Splendid

Lt. of the 5th squad
Name: Miu Shirahama
Info: A very teasing and playful shinigami, and likes attention a lot.

Zanpakuto: Oorouge

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 2:36 pm

Characters Sou_Reaper_OC_by_JLoneWolf
Name: Kaji Ayanami
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: Black, also has a bit of a beard stubble
Eyes: Green
Info: A sarcastic person, but a general fun person.

Zanpakuto: Soul Katana
Melee and Indirect based weapon

Shikai "initial release": Snipe n Strike
Attack: The Katana's blade extends towards the target with extreme speed and force and Kaji can direct the blade in any way he wants.

Sniper's Last Shot
Attack: Kaji charges a large amount of Spiritual Energy into his Katana making it glow a blood red color and he aims the Katana towards the target and it releases the energy in two ways, one massive energy blast and several smaller homing energy blasts.

Characters SAMURAI_KNIGHT_by_yutori_custom

Bankai "final release": Sniper's Fury
Attack: Kaji's Katana doubles in size and he summons another Katana, Samuari like armor covers his body giving him extra protection and he is given a increase in speed, defense, and strength as well as a huge boost in Spiritual Energy.

Sniper's Final Shot
Attack: The attack is a like a combination of Snipe n Swipe and Sniper's Last Shot, the blade of one or both Katana's glows a blood red color and a large and powerful beam of energy is shot out, the beam is much stronger than the blasts from Sniper's Last Shot and can be directed in anyway Kaji wishes, if both blades are used in the attack is doubles in power.

Death from Above
Attack: Kaji aims his Katana into the air and fires several powerful energy blasts into the air which then come down at the target like a artillery strike.

Name: Razor
Info: A loyal, clever, aggressive fighter.

Zanpakuto: TBA

Shikai "initial release": TBA

Bankai "final release": TBA

Name: Ikari Han
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Info: A strong and proud leader, cares about those under him

Zanpakuto: Wolf Beil (Axe)
Melee and Indirect based weapon

Shikai "initial release": Heavenly Flames
Attack: Ikari's axe is englufed in white and gold flames increasing the amount of damage it does 2x, Ikari's speed also increases as well.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 2:38 pm

John Parker
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Natural Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed and endurance
Spirit Abilities
John is a Bount which means he consumes souls of Humans, Shinigami, Hollows or Quincy to maintain his immortality. Like all Bounts he carries with him a Doll which is sealed within a gold and silver pocket watch and released by spinning the chain. In it's release form his Doll, whom he calls Wächterschlange (Guardian Serpent in German) resembles a gold and silver snake which rests on his shoulders and can be used as a whip, sword or shield.

Soul Absorption: Bounts normally try to absorb the Human's soul after the person dies and is trying to pass on. But they are also capable of taking the souls of those who are living, to do so kills the Human.

Immortality: By absorbing Human souls, a Bount can live forever. When they absorb Human souls, they gain eternal life.

Empowerment: By taking the souls of living Humans, Bounts gain unique abilities such as hypnosis, elemental control, or greater physical attributes.

Doll Abilities: Wächterschlange's eyes glow red when using her powers

Snake Animation: Her powers allow her to turn whatever she touches or sees into a snake through her imagination. These snakes are usually formed from the shape of lines from any material or object (such as pipes, ropes and cracks on roads) into snakes. The amount of snakes created are limitless and are entirely controlled by John through Wächterschlange. These familiar snakes are commonly used to ensnare, attack and defend, if they are cut or otherwise destroyed they return to their base materials. It's also notable that these snakes are gold with the same silver stripes as Wächterschlange.

Snake Net: Wächterschlange has the ability to create seals all around an area that John is standing in. The ability is considered Wächterschlange's absolute barrier. These symbols disappear and reappear wherever his enemy steps causing massive pillars of snakes to appear like a spike from the ground, stabbing and biting the enemy. This is presumed to be a trap like ability to narrow the field of battle and give the enemy only two options: attack or retreat. The Snake Net also acts as a sensory net allowing Wächterschlange or the snakes produced by the Snake Net to react and counterattack at a moment's notice to any perceived threat to John.
John looks like a normal college student but in truth he is far older, how old is not certain. He is an easy guy to get along with and has no trouble making friends.

Characters Shadow_Of_The_Moon_by_sailorptah
Name: Hitoshi
Info: Htioshi's name describes his personality to a fault. He is laid back and even tempered. Hitoshi never looses his cool no matter what the situation.

Zanpkuto: Ice Pick- Yari (three foot straight blade mounted on shaft of hardwood decorated with bamboo). Staff in sealed form.

Shikai: Cool Breeze
Attack: Hitoshi releases some of his spirit energy into his Yari using it to create a cold blast of wind aimed towards his opponant which causes them to slow down.

Bankai: Ice Age
Attack: Hitoshi releases all his energy into his Yari spinning it above his head causing the temp to drop drastically and freeze anything within a certain radius of him.

Characters Hinamori_Momo_by_Hanahime
Info: Hitomi is an upbeat and easy-going girl who is generally quite trusting, but also very impulsive, emotionally vulnerable, and naïve (though she has said that she would like to grow out of her naivety).

Zanpakuto: Tobiume; Flying Plum Tree
Katana; elemental Fire-type.

Shikai: The command for its Shikai is "Snap". When its Shikai is activated, Tobiume's blade straightens and produces three jutte-like prongs three along its length at various intervals; releases exploding fire balls from its blade.

Bankai: Her blade becomes a sword of fire. It is capable of launching a coninuos stream of fire, balls of flame, and other unrevealed fire based attacks.

Characters Howl__Zabimaru_by_soraxP
Name: Slash
Info: Exiled Death God; Violent, aggressive, has trouble following orders, extremely arrogant and believes he's the best.

Zanpakuto: Twin Chaos Ninjato
Melee weapon, sword can be split into two

Shikai "initial release": Anarchist Barrage
Attack: Slash releases energy into the two halves of his sword increacing thier speed, power and acuracy. He uses these supercharged blades to hack and slash relentlessly at his opponant dealing heavy damage

Characters Demon_Samurai_by_Mr__Jack
Bankai "final release": Rage of the Ronin
Attack: Slash's speed, strength and power increases dramatically as samurai like armor forms over him and his nijato doubles in size. He is then able to use these blades with deadly precisions and quickness to strike at his enemy.

Characters Chad_by_cardinalgrey-d3cc7wq
Name: Ishii Haruka
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 246lbs
Natural Abilities: Enhanced strength, endurance, and speed
Spirit Abilities
Spirit Awarness
Haruka is able to sense when a spirit is near as well as see them. This ability allows him to see his companion Ryuu and converse with him.

Incomplete Fullbring
Characters Chad_Screenshot_by_Highwind17
Haruka is able to cover his arms in two distinct forms of armor. His right arm armor works as a shield and allows him to fire spirit energy from his hand as well as increases his strength even more and his agility. His left arm armor spreads across his chest as protection and allows him to deliver a devestating attack.

Complete Fullbring
Characters ARMADURA_de_la_CONDENA_by_vinrylgrave
In his complete Fullbring form the armors that cover his arms spread across his upper body and from a demon like mask over his face. His physical features increase to ten times that of his naturally enhanced abilities.

Companion: Dragon Spirit that goes by Ryuu. Ryuu is the Ishii family protector and helps to guide Haruka as he learns to develop his spirt abilities.

Ryuu can provide Haruka with an armor that covers his body while maintaining his orginal fullbring capabilities in what is best described as a joining of spirits. This armor increases his speed and endurance and allows him to launch flame based attacks at enemies.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters Icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 3:10 am

Lt. of the 5th squad
Name: Miu Shirahama
Info: A very teasing and playful shinigami, and likes attention a lot.

Zanpakuto: Oorouge

Characters Shineyman-1
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters Icon_minitimeTue Dec 27, 2011 5:55 am

Elle's Bankai
Innocent Warrior

Characters Clare___claymore_pintada_by_leo_padre-d33ee82

Info: Elle's bankai compresses her spiritual energy into a tight fitting suit and thick armor plating in order to favour quick and responsive movement in battle. Her sword also decreases in size, although changes into a claymore sword that is still rather large but is easier to control. Her power is compressed so that force of her swings are powerful. Her agility, stamina and durability is significantly increased.

Special attacks: Divine Rage

Characters Top3

In sacrifice for some of her stamina later, her eyesight increases along with her spiritual force in a flare which covers her sword in a gold coloured energy which she may fire in rapid succession or empty the shot with an immense blast.

Special ability: Her sword has an unique ability that allows it to absorb kinetic force, although only from hollow like powers and another sword.

Characters Shineyman-1
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters Icon_minitime

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