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 G.I. Joe: Alpha

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PostSubject: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeSun Nov 28, 2010 11:46 am

Issue One- Recruitment 1 of 2
International University- Madrid, Spain. 2110p.w. (Post War)
“In the year 2020 the earth’s last great war began. It has become known as the Great Jihad. On one side there is the Middle East, controlled by the Taliban and Al Qaeda and N. Korea, who by this time has managed to take over most of Asia. On the other we have the US, several European nations, Australia and Israel. For ten years these two opposing sides fought in brutal battle before an end to the fighting was called and the world reshaped. After ten years of a Cold War a final battle was fought. This battle became known as Armageddon. Now can anyone tell me how this battle came to an end?”
The professor looked around the room waiting for an answer when a large explosion outside distracted them all. The students yelled running for the door when the wall blew in. Men in strange uniforms filed in firing back on soldiers chasing after them. The soldiers pinned the others down in the room.
“Put your weapons down and surrender” the commanding officer shouted over a loud speaker. “You are surrounded and have nowhere else to go.”
The unknown men fired a few more shots at the soldiers before throwing a smoke grenade at them. When the smoke cleared the unknown assailants were all on the ground, dead.

Dublin, Ireland four months later; Frank Miller sat in the local pub flirting with the waitress.
“How about me and you get out of here and go back to my place?”
“Sounds like a good idea, but I’m working”
“Then I’ll wait” Frank smiled sipping his lager. He glanced down at the waitress’ ass as she walked away to take care of another customer. Light came in through the door as it opened; a man in uniform stood looking around before spotting Frank. He walked over standing behind him clearing his throat.
“Col. Miller, I need ye t’ come wit’ me sir.”
“Kinnit wait sergeant.” Frank asked turning to face the soldier “I’ve still got a week of leave left.”
“Sorry sir but you’re needed now”
Frank sighed downing the last of his drink getting up. “Let’s get this over wit’ then.” He left some cash on the counter for his drinks and his number for the waitress “I have plans for this evening.”

At that same time in Havana, Cuba John Harker was watching a show in a local bar. He smiled at the girl on the stage as the bell above the door rang and an officer stepped in walking over to him.
“Maj. Harker you’re country needs you.”
“Which country might that be” John said taking a puff of his cigar “The one that left me for dead in the desert or the one that kicked me out. Maybe it’s the one that decided they didn’t have anymore use for me and tried to kill me.”
“The one that provides you with shelter, drink, and cigars”
John turned to the officer blowing smoke in his face. “Right, well they can wait till the shows over. They’re bringing out the donkey next so sit back, relax and have a drink.”
The officer sighed sitting next to John watching the show with him taking a shot of Tequila.

In a café somewhere in London, England Ian Wisdom sat sipping at his tea while staring at the screen of his laptop. “Let’s see you get out of this.”
He leaned back waiting for his opponent to make his next move glancing up at the door to see a soldier walk in and over to him.
“Sgt. Wisdom her majesty has need of your services.”
“Yes of course” Ian said making another move “but am I need now or can I enjoy the rest of my time off?”
“This is urgent” the soldier said
Ian looked up at him “Very well. Let me finish my tea and this game.”
The soldier nodded watching as Ian finished his game with one move and set his empty cup on the table.

“I need to see Dr. Mercier”
“She’s in the middle of a surgery right now and I can’t interrupt.”
“That’s okay, I’ll wait” the soldier said taking a seat.
An hour later Isabella came out into the lobby walking over to the soldier “A nurse said you wanted to see me.”
“Yes, you need to come with me.”
“I’ve got another surgery in an hour and a date tonight” Izzy said “Besides I already served my time; I’m a civilian now and a very busy one.”
“You’ve been reactivated” the soldier said “and this is more important than saving the life of some rich man. Plus we’ve taken care of all your scheduled surgeries and told your date you can’t make it tonight.”
Izzy sighed putting her hands on her hips “Fine, let’s go see what’s more important than saving a life.”

“Sgt Arimoth” an Israeli officer said coming up behind him at a shooting range. Arimoth set got up setting his rifle to the side. He stood straight saluting him.
“Relax” the officer said “I have an assignment for you.”
“What is it?”
“Understand that if you don’t want to take the assignment I can find someone else. It is a dangerous one.”
“No, I will take the assignment.”
“I thought you would. There is a jet waiting for you, it leaves in an hour.”
Arimoth nodded as the officer left him. He picked up his rifle going to pack up his stuff.

Kim flipped an attacker over her back onto the ground leaning back and dodging the punch of another spinning to the side and kicking another. She stood waiting for the next attack when she noticed the officer standing there.
“Enough” Kim shouted holding up her hands “Officer on deck.”
The men got up saluting the officer as he came towards them. “You men may leave; I have matters to discuss with Petty Officer Wong.”
The men left leaving Kim to speak with the officer.
“Officer Wong, the emperor has need of your skills.”
“It is my honor to serve sir” Kim said bowing slightly “What does he require of me?”
“You’re orders will be given to you when you arrive” the officer said “Your jet will be leaving in an hour.”

“General your team is assembled and on it’s way”
“Thank you” General said
“Of course, I hope you and your team will be successful.”
“We will sir” General said
“Are you sure about the name though? Don’t you think it’s too American?”
“G.I. Joe means a lot to me and my family but my team will surpass the original.” General said confidently. “The men and women I’ve selected are the best of the best. They are the elites in their fields and the alphas amongst their peers. That is why they will be known as G.I. Joe: Alpha.”

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 1:33 pm

Issue 1.5- Joining the Pride
“Good you are awake” Cassius said walking into the small room looking down at his guest.
“Got any aspirin” Talbot asked covering his eyes with his hands “Got a really bad headache.”
“Sorry about that” Cassius said pulling a chair from the corner and sitting across from Talbot. “That would be from the drugs.”
“Right” Talbot said looking across at the large man sitting in front of him. “Why was I drugged and where exactly am I?”
“I needed to get you here and away from your people” Cassius said handing him some aspirin “As for where you are; you are in Africa, more specifically Rwanda.”
“Okay and why am I here?” Talbot asked swallowing the aspirin.
“That is simple, I want you to join my organization” Cassius smiled “You are a wealthy weapon maker and I am in need of weapons and funding.”
“Right, well I can sell you whatever weapons you need” Talbot said
“I know you can” Cassius said “and that is the problem. You see, as I said, I need funding which means I do not have the means to purchase said weapons. But I do have a proposal, give me 50% of all your company makes and sell me weapons at half the cost.”
“What exactly do I get out of this?” Talbot asked “I don’t see me making much money of the deal you’ve proposed.”
“You get to live” Cassius smiled getting up “which is unfortunate for my pets, you’d make a decent snack for them.”
“How long do I have to think this over?” Talbot asked looking up at Cassius
“Twenty four hours” Cassius said turning to head out “Scarlett Spider here will show you around the place.”

“Where’d he come from?” Talbot asked seeing an Asian man come out of seemingly now where and follow Cassius out.
“That’s Dragon, he never leaves Cassius’ side” Spider said.
“Didn’t think a man that big would need a bodyguard” Talbot said following her out.
“He doesn’t” Spider said
“Right, so what’s the deal with him anyway?” Talbot asked
“Which one” Spider asked leading him around the compound “Cassius or Dragon?”
“Both” Talbot shrugged following her. “And I wouldn’t mind knowing your name.”
“Cassius told you my name already, Scarlett Spider” Spider replied
“Yeah, I heard him” Talbot said “but what’s your real name?”
“I am sorry, but if I were tell you my real name I would have to kill you” Spider said seriously
“Alright then” Talbot said rolling his eyes “will you at least tell me why you’re here.”
Spider stopped and sighed looking down at the ground for a few seconds before she started. “My husband was leading a peaceful mission here in Africa to help those that are suffering as a result of the constant fighting. His team was captured and held for ransom but the UEN doesn’t deal with terrorists. I pleaded with them to at least try a rescue but they wouldn’t listen because the area is too unstable and they didn’t want to risk starting another war so I used my computer expertise and training to track him down myself. Eventually I found where he was and came down to get him but discovered I was too late. My husband was already dead and it was the UEN’s stubborn refusal to act that caused it. I had heard of Cassius’ growing army through my job and decided to seek him out. I offered to use all my skills to help him with achieving his goal if he would help me take revenge on those that killed my husband.”
“Well that’s an interesting story” Talbot said “What exactly is Cassius’ goal?”
“He’ll tell you when you join his cause” Spider said leading him to the shooting range.
“Okay” Talbot said “So what was your job with the UEN?”
“I’m sorry, what I did for the UEN is classified” Spider said
“And if you told me you’d have to kill me” Talbot sighed “I get it.”

A tall dark haired woman looked down the scope of her sniper at the target taking her shot. She smiled as she got up from the ground and tossed it to a nearby soldier “That, gentlemen, is how you shoot. Try to get it right this time I don’t want to have to show you again.”
“Showing off to the troops again” Spider said walking up to the woman
“No, these near sighted idiots couldn’t hit their mothers in a coffin” the woman replied “I see he’s awake. I assume Cassius gave him his ‘choices’ before telling you to show him around.”
“Yes and now I’m passing him off on you” Spider said “I have something to do. It’s been great showing you around, Decay will take over from here.”
“Decay” Talbot said arching an eyebrow. “And I’m betting you won’t tell me you’re real name either.”
“Nope” Decay said “So what did the Spider show you all ready?”
“Training grounds, garage and armory” Talbot said “I notice a lot of my weapons in there. I’m guessing you didn’t obtain them legitimately.”
“Don’t know, don’t care” Decay shrugged walking off. “I’m just here to shoot people.”
“You’re not from this part of the world are you” Talbot said “Judging by the accent I’d say South Africa or Australia maybe.”
“New Zealand” Decay said
“So what were you a sniper in the ARI army that is trading your skills to Cassius for some favor” Talbot said
Decay laughed stopping “That is the Scarlett Spider’s deal though I was a sniper in the ARI military. I’m here because it was this or be killed and left out for the wild animals to feed on.”
“What’d you do to deserve death?” Talbot asked
“Tried to kill Cassius” Decay shrugged heading into the cafeteria. “He decided that I could be of use to him so he gave me my ultimatum- work for him or die.”
“Sounds familiar” Talbot muttered
“You want some advice- take the deal” Decay said “I haven’t regretted it since. I didn’t see at first because he was a job but now…”
“Now what?” Talbot asked
“Now it’s time to eat” Decay said handing him a plate.

“This is an impressive facility” Talbot said as they came to the barracks.
“Thank you” Decay said “Now we come to the end of our tour and I take my leave from you.”
“So, am I staying with you tonight or…?” Talbot smiled.
“No, you’ll be going with him” Decay said nodding at the man behind him.
Talbot turned around seeing Dragon behind him and jumped a bit. “Jesus fucking Christ man, what the hell are you some kind of ninja or something.”
Dragon just looked at him then turned without a word walking away. Talbot followed him wondering where they were going. After a while the silence became unbearable to Talbot. “So what part of Asia are you from?”
Dragon ignored him as they kept walking.
“I’m guessing Chinese, most Asians are Chinese” Talbot continued “I know that might sound racist or ignorant but come on China is huge.”
Talbot sighed shaking his head. Talking to this man was like talking to a wall. Hell he’d probably have a better conversation with a wall. But hey, he was determined to get this guy to say something. “So, what’s your name?”
“Ryu” Dragon said quietly.
“Doesn’t that mean Dragon in Japanese?” Talbot said “Does that mean you’re from Japan?”
Dragon looked at him expressionlessly saying nothing.
“Okay” Talbot said “Why did you join Cassius?”
“I owe him my life” Dragon said stopping “This is where you will be sleeping. A guard will come get you in the morning.”

Talbot was woken up the next morning early. The guard led him to Cassius’ private quarters leaving him there.
“Come, sit, join me” Cassius smiled
Talbot sat down across from him taking some of the fruit in front of him.
“So, how was your tour?” Cassius asked eating.
“Interesting” Talbot said “but not very informative. You gave me twenty four hours to make my decision but I don’t have anything to sway me one way or the other, aside from a will to live.”
“What would you like to know?” Cassius asked
“Obviously you are a building an army here for something” Talbot said “but I still don’t know what.”
“That is simple” Cassius smiled; “I hope to unite all of Africa and put an end to all the fighting.”
“A noble cause” Talbot said “but I don’t think that is your ultimate goal.”
“You are right” Cassius grinned “but I only share that with my inner circle.”
“I can respect that” Talbot said “Okay, there’s one more thing before I give you my decision. Your earlier proposal, from a business perspective, is just not acceptable. But I do have a counter for you- I’ll sell you whatever weapons you want at a 10% discount and give you 15% of my company’s sales.”
Cassius leaned forward shaking his head “That is not a good deal for me. 40% of your company and 45% discount from your weapons.”
Talbot sighed as he leaned back in his chair “I don’t think I could sell my investors and committee on that deal but I might be able to sell them on 20% of my sales and 15% off.”
“Give me a 30% discount and 35% of your sales” Cassius countered.
“Okay, this is my final offer” Talbot said “and I think you might agree on this one- 30% of my company sales and 25% off of your purchases.”
Cassius sat thinking for a few minutes before extending his hand. “Mr. Talbot you have a deal.”
“Excellent” Talbot smiled taking his hand “and you have yourself a new recruit.”
“Glad to hear that” Cassius smiled standing up, pulling Talbot with him. He pulled him in close giving him a hug and pat on the back. “Welcome to my Pride Mr. Talbot.”
“Everyone else here has an interesting code name” Talbot said “I think I deserve one as well. From now on you can call me Obelisk.”

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 1:40 pm

Nice, kinda cool seeing Talbot in a role other than the power hungry villian.

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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 2:46 pm

yep, here he's more of the money grubbing buisnessman. Everyone there has a motive for joining Cassius and the only mystry is Cassius himself.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 2:49 pm

Yeah, gonna be a good read.

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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 3:01 pm

I hope so.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2012 10:47 am

Issue 2- Recruitment 2 of 2

Frank sat back on the plane looking around at the people sitting with him. He noticed there was at least one representative from each of the world powers. Whatever this mystery mission was it involved more than just the UEN. He looked up hearing a loud slap seeing John rubbing the side of his face as he got up coming over to sit next to him.
“Everything they say about red heads is true” John said “they’ve got a fiery temper.”
“I don’t know” Frank smiled “I’ve been with a lot of red heads that didn’t slap me. At least not like that.”
“Then you must be some kind of love god” John joked
“Close” Frank grinned “I’m Irish.”
“Good for you” John said “I’m not so I gotta rely on cheesy pick up lines.”
“Well at least you didn’t try it on the Asian” Frank smiled “she looks like she’d feed you your balls with a bowl of rice.”
John chuckled leaning back “Or worse.”

Ian sat staring at the screen of his tablet. He recognized Frank when he first saw him but the others he didn’t know which bothered him. Ian guessed at their nationalities based on their physical appearances and began digging through various databases finally finding the files on everyone there. There were some files marked classified that he could have accessed if he really wanted to but for now, everything he saw here was enough to give him a general idea of who these people were, accept for the pilot. He got up heading to the cockpit to talk with the pilot.
“Hello Captain” Ian said “at least I’m assuming you’re a captain judging from the markings on your jacket.”
“I am” Xerxes said. “Captain Xerxes, proud member of the holy sky warriors for the Holy Islamic Empire.”
“Sgt. Ian Wisdom, UEN army.” Ian said “So where are you taking us?”
“Sorry, can’t say till we get there” Xerxes said “Anything else I can do for you Sgt.?”
“No, thank you” Ian said getting up heading back searching for the Captain’s military history.

Izzy sat mumbling to herself about the nerve of that man coming on to her like that. She leaned back biting her lip glancing over at him and Frank. He was good looking though; hell most of the men here were pretty damn attractive. She sighed shaking her head “Don’t go there Izzy, not again.” She looked up at the Israeli man seated across from her staring at her.
“What are you staring at” Izzy said frowning “Are you going to hit on me too.”
“No” Arimoth said “I’m trying to figure out why such a frail looking woman who talks to herself was asked to join in this mission.”
“Frail?” Izzy repeated upset “I’ll have you know I am very proficient in hand to hand and have taken down men bigger than you in my time with the ARI army.”
“My mistake” Arimoth said
“Yeah it was” Izzy said getting up to go to a different seat.

Kim sat quietly meditating. Meditation helped Kim to keep her focus and prepare her mind for the task at hand. She still had no idea what she was doing here but she was not one to question her emperor when he called. It was an honor to serve the Empire and a greater honor to die in that service. She looked up from her meditation when she felt the plane make a sudden shift.

Xerxes looked out seeing the ocean beneath them, checking his coordinates. This was where he was supposed to land but didn’t see any place to land. When he finally spotted the strip he started his landing procedures. He landed on a strip that blended in with the ocean around it shutting down the plane “Alright everyone off, we’re here.”

The General watched his team step off the plane from his office. It was a small unit but so was the original G.I. Joe when it first started. He got up heading out to meet them putting on his sunglasses. Most of them were looking around trying to figure out where they were, one was staring at a tablet typing furiously.
“Attention” he shouted making them all fall into line, standing at attention. “I am General Snake and this is Atlantis. I’m sure you all have questions and I will answer them in time. The first thing you must know though is that I am in charge, you will do as I say when I say without question is that clear?”
“Yes sir!” the team shouted in unison
“Good” Snake continued “The second thing you must know is that you will be given codenames to use. You will use them at all times, in the field or on the base. Finally, I chose you because you have proven to be the best amongst your peers and you all have reputations for excellence. We will exceed all expectations the Council has set for this team, I expect perfection every time. Anything short of that is unacceptable. Is that clear?
“Yes sir!”
“Good” Snake smiled “Welcome to G.I. Joe Alpha.”

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2012 11:54 am

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Snake
Team General
File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Strategic Command Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Artillery
Birthplace: Classified
Grade: 0-8 (Maj. Gen.)

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Wolf
Field Commander
File Name: Frank Miller
Primary Military Specialty: Military Tactics/Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Sniper Instructor
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Grade: O-6 (Col.)

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Scar
Weapons Specialist

File Name: John Harker
Primary Military Specialty: Special Weapons and Tactics
Secondary Military Specialty: Classified
Birthplace: Classified
Grade: O-4 (Maj.)

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Nightingale

File Name: Dr. Isabella Mercier
Primary Military Specialty: Medical Doctor
Secondary Military Specialty: Translator/ Social and Behavioral Sciences
Birthplace: Adelaide, Australia
Grade: O-3 (Capt.)

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Rocket

File Name: Xerxes
Primary Military Specialty: Fixed Wing Pilot/ Helicopter Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Special Services
Birthplace: Tehran, Iran
Grade: O-3 (Capt.)

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Mist

File Name: Kim Wong
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: Hand to Hand Combat Instructor
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Grade: E-6 (PO1)

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Gadget

File Name: Ian Wisdom
Primary Military Specialty: Telecommunications/ Computer Science
Secondary Military Specialty: Advanced Technologies
Birthplace: Manchester, England
Grade: E-5 (Sgt.)

G.I. Joe: Alpha  KillZone
Kill Zone
Explosives Expert

File Name: Arimoth
Primary Military Specialty: Explosives and Demolitions/ Explosives Ordnance Disposal
Secondary Military Specialty: Marksman Instructor
Birthplace: Nazareth, Israel
Grade: E-5 (Sgt.)

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2012 4:34 pm

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Cassius
Baas Leeu
Pride Commander
File Name: Unknown; goes by Cassius
Birthplace: Africa

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Obelisk
File Name: John Talbot
Birthplace: England
Occupation: Owner/CEO Talbot International; Weapons Supplier

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Dragon
File Name: Ryu
Birthplace: China
Occupation: Bodyguard, Assassin, Spy, Martial Arts Expert, Sabatuer

G.I. Joe: Alpha  ScarlettSpider
Scarlett Spider
Real Name: Hannah Roberts
Birthplace: Sweden
Occupation: Intelligence, spy

G.I. Joe: Alpha  Decay
File Name: Javiera
Birthplace: New Zealand
Occupation: Assassin

Pride Soldiers
G.I. Joe: Alpha  LightPride
Light Infantry

G.I. Joe: Alpha  HeavyPride
Heavy Infantry

G.I. Joe: Alpha  JunglePride
Jungle Infantry

G.I. Joe: Alpha  DesertPride
Desert Infantry

G.I. Joe: Alpha  UrbanPride
Urban Assault

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: G.I. Joe: Alpha    G.I. Joe: Alpha  Icon_minitime

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G.I. Joe: Alpha
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