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 Neutrals/Morally Dubious

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PostSubject: Neutrals/Morally Dubious   Neutrals/Morally Dubious Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2015 9:53 am

Characters that aren't quite the good guys or the bad. Once again: Go crazy.

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PostSubject: Re: Neutrals/Morally Dubious   Neutrals/Morally Dubious Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2015 9:54 am

Neutrals/Morally Dubious Traile10

General Information
Full Name: Piper Dugan

Codename or Alias: Jumper, Vanish, Kid Wizard, Little Brainiac, Hyper, Hyper Piper

Gender: F

Age: 27

Birthdate: February 2

Place Of Birth: Manchester, England

Occupation/Status: "Intergalactic Problem Solver", Con, Mercenary, Freedom Fighter, and whatever else tickles her fancy that day

Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral

Skills & Abilities
Eidetic Memory/Enhanced Intellect – Piper can retain memory of virtually any information or practice she has seen.  She can instantly recall anything she needs to and can imitate any action within her physical capabilities. this also applies to muscle memory. She's a skilled athlete and combatant, an expert hacker, a mechanical genius, and much more.  She has been imbued with alien knowledge on a wide array of subjects, including numerous alien methods of FTL Travel, a handful of alien languages and dialects, the inner workings of numerous alien weapons and ships, and the biology of every alien species catalogued in the archives of the aliens that granted her this knowledge.  She even knows the history of a number of alien races up to the point of her kidnapping. This also enhanced the speed at which Piper's mind processes information. This results in Piper's "Lightspeed Intuition," as she calls it.  Essentially it means she can see the world around her as if it's moving in slow motion.  Because of this, Piper's reflexes and reaction time are also far beyond that of an average person.

Overload – Piper is capable of telepathically bridging people to her mind.  And since there’s so much information swirling around in her head and her mind has been altered to handle it, this has an effect similar to psionic inundation.  It causes such a mass overload of little more than incomprehensible noise that it can lead to brain damage, memory loss, unconsciousness, vegetative states, and even death if enduring for long enough.

FTL Gear – Piper’s harness uses alien FTL technology which allows her to “Hyper Jump” short distances or punch into FTL to get from virtually any Point A to Point B, though this is in a straight line.  When jumping, a field allows her to pass through solid objects so she doesn't hit anything whilst traveling at FTL speeds.  It also allows her to accelerate her movements in short bursts.  She is protected during both by an energy field.  She can use this device to change direction in the air, mid-fall, and to create "Zero Zones," which are small pockets of space in which gravity is enhanced sometimes a hundred fold.  Because of its size and unique composition, it also eludes methods of hampering Warp Travel, such as Interdiction systems. Think of the way a fist just mashes against flesh while a bullet pierces it.  It's essentially the same concept. The FTL Gear is so small, it can pierce through interdiction fields. The FTL Gear functions via neural link. In other words, it can be used as quickly as the user can think.  Seeing as Piper thinks on a level no normal person possibly could, this means that Piper's reaction time is essentially beyond what any human or being with similar mental facilities to a human, can perceive. She can be out of the way faster than it takes an opponent's mind to finish sending the signal down their arm to begin pulling a trigger.

Particle Hand Cannons - They're particle weapons and are exactly what they sound like.

HUD Goggles - Heads-Up-Display

Holodex - Essentially a portable super computer with a Virtual Intelligence Interface.


Likes: Cute animals, getting into trouble, pushing boundaries and making new discoveries, adrenalin, machines and the sound of engines whirring, space, goofing around and slacking off, doing normal people stuff in between escapades

Dislikes: Overly serious people, tyrants and warlords, politics, penny pinchers

Fears: Clowns, bugs (particularly of the giant variety), that no one will remember her

Bad Habits: Piper is many things.  But one thing everyone can agree on?  She is one COCKY little lady.

Orientation: Pansexual. Piper doesn't care about gender or race (species, in terms of aliens). If you have a pulse and are humanoid, she's game. She does seem to prefer women, but she's honestly a shameless flirt and will hit on anyone that she fancies.

Siblings: Blake Dugan (Brother), Patty Dugan-Price (Sister), William Price (Brother-in-Law)

Mother: Maggie Dugan (Deceased)

Father: Matthew Dugan

History: As one of a large number of people discreetly abducted by aliens (at the age of 10, no less), Piper was subjected to a handful of tests.  Her (remarkably high functioning) eidetic memory allowed her to absorb vast amounts of information.  The aliens used her as a subject of their knowledge sharing tests and she was imbued, by the age of 12, with advanced knowledge on their race and a great deal of the galaxy's secrets.  Meanwhile, other people were experimented on in other ways.  Piper joined a rebellion at 18 that eventually overthrew their captors and get the abductees back to Earth.  She and her compatriots, however, returned to the stars to seek adventure where they eventually parted ways.  Piper's continued her own personal adventures alone ever since, solving problems for credits and going wherever the... solar wing takes her.  She acts almost entirely on whim and gets into some crazy things.  She's been everything in the past 9 years from a war hero to a space pirate to a cosmic treasure hunter.  Predicting Piper is virtually impossible because of all the ancient knowledge swirling around in her head.

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PostSubject: Re: Neutrals/Morally Dubious   Neutrals/Morally Dubious Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 11:37 am

Ink wrote:

Real Name: N/A
Alias(es): NIL
Identity Status: No Dual Identity
Gender: Technically None, Prefers the form of a Human(oid) Woman
Birth-Date: Technically Predates Time, Late 20s (This Incarnation)
Place of Birth: The Blank Space
Occupational Status: N/A
Nationality/Ethnicity: Nameless God
Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral
Powers & Abilities

Nameless God Physiology - In corporeal form, Nil has all the physical characteristics of her fellow Nameless Gods. Class 100+ Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed and Agility, and Nigh Invulnerability.

Immortality/Self-Spawning - Like all the Nameless Ones, Nil does not age. When her body is destroyed, she will either return to Blank Space or take over another body and transform it to become her next. When she possesses another body, she typically retains the same form, causing the original body to radically shift in appearance and make.

Regeneration - The Nameless Ones are incredibly difficult to destroy. Their bodies very quickly fix themselves if damaged unless the damage is too extensive.

Flight - Like all Nameless Ones, Nil is capable of mach flight, though she rarely seems to use it, preferring to teleport, instead.

Mysticism - Nil is among the mid-ranged Nameless Ones in terms of mystical power. And even the weakest ones can potentially obliterate moons and split planets in half.

Omni-Observation - Nil, like the other Nameless Ones, possesses a keen sense of the universe around her. Her senses are remarkably advanced, making her capable of seeing, hearing, smelling, and otherwise sensing anything around the universe and beyond, provided she is focused on that particular thing. This also include her astral, mystical, and energy senses, which as they sound, allow her to detect the flow of astral, mystical, and physical energy. It is very close to a psychic ability such as Clairvoyance but far more potent.

Binary Manipulation/Balance Control - Nil is the Nameless One who represents balance. Her unique arcane ability is to manipulate dualities, i.e Darkness/Light, War/Peace, Chaos/Order, Space/Time, Good/Evil, etcetera. For example, she can turn a saint evil and vice versa, stop time and rend holes in space, give a violent man pause, and so on. She even possesses the ability to split an individual in two, based on a particular duality, such as creating one good half and one evil. She can heal and individual or inflict incredible pain. She can bless someone or see to it that they meet incredible misfortune, and the like. Whatever she can do with one hand, she does the opposite with her other hand. And she only maintains control over one duality at a time. The only duality she is without is that of Creation/Destruction, though she does appear capable of warping reality on some level.

Neutral Force Connection - While Nil is not a Neutral Force entity, her abilities give her a unique connection to the Neutral Force, which allows her to communicate with the transcendent entities of it.

Weapons & Items

Likes: The Corporeal Realm, men, women, observing conflicts, messing with people, tea, strategy games (ala chess), games in general, sightseeing

Dislikes: Her "Siblings", boredom, Blank Space

Fears: Nothing

General Personality: Nil as surprisingly unlike the rest of her kin. She doesn't seek the creation of some perfect world to call her own. She seeks to enjoy the imperfection of the world around her. She has a remarkable zest for life and no time to spend worrying about it. That said, she cannot escape what she is. She is incredibly paranoid at times, though veils this often with humor. She also is very intrigued by binaries and enjoys seeing how they pan out. She tends to give gentle little nudges to the losing party in most situations where a duality applies, just to make things interesting.


Nil was a unique case, having not participated in the war, instead opting to observe it from the sidelines. Her sibling was the Nameless One of War who incited the entire thing.

"The Goddess of War and the Goddess of Peace... one person? Now, who said she could go stealing my thunder like that?"

"Not all of us deities are stuffy, proper-speaking, social yokels. Just all of us excluding myself."

Future Arcs:

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PostSubject: Re: Neutrals/Morally Dubious   Neutrals/Morally Dubious Icon_minitime

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Neutrals/Morally Dubious
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