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PostSubject: Information   Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:48 am

Things like companies, groups, associations, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: Information   Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:00 am

Wayne International

Wayne Enterprises was founded in the 17th century as WayneCorp, a merchant company. It became an official business in the 19th century under Allan Wayne who turned it into a shippign company and became known as Wayne Enterprises. Since the beginning it has been to finance and aid the Wayne family in thier alrternate lifestyle as crimefighters. Over the centuries it grew adding different departments such as Wayne Technologies, Wayne Biotech, Wayne Foods, Wayne Shipping, Wayne Steele, Wayne Yards, Wayne Aerospace, Wayne Industries, Wayne Chemicals, Wayne Medical, Wayne Electronics and Wayne Entertainment. Under Bruce Wayne they expanded by buying into other companies such as Kord Industreis and Holt Holdings Inc. Bruce used advancements from his company to help him as Batman and later to fund Batman Inc. When Bruce retired he left his company to Damien where he expanded it to other nations changing the name of the company to Wayne International. Damien left everythign to his eventual successor as Batman, Terry McGinnis. The company is now run by a board with no clear heir to the company and even though they have made little advancements they are still considered one of the top companies in several fields.


Lexcorp was founded by Lex Luthor and quickly became a rival for Wayne Enterprises and Queen Indusries. Some believe Luthor gained such quick success using corporate espionage. Luthor used his company to bring down Superman but after years of failing he finally gave up and used his company to try to find ways to better the world. Over the centuries LexCorp has continued to be a competitor, mostly in communications and agriculture.

Queen Industries

Oliver inherited the company from his parents after thier death while on safari in Africa. In the early days Queen Industries was a major weapons supplier with several governmental contracts. After briefly losing his company Oliver regained control and shifted the focus of the company from weapons to other areas that would make life better for the less fortunate in the world. The company continued to provide aid to third world countries and the poor at home for decades before deciding they were not making enough profit from these endeavors and restarted thier weapons program once again becoming a major supplier to the government.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: Information   Sun May 13, 2012 9:05 am

There are going to be a few things I just don't include in the lore. There re things I am aware of that are wrong but I'm writing all of this as a synthetic continuity to make like the multiverse and none of the crisis events or New 52 ever really happened despite my likely using bits and pieces from them. For this most part, this follows its own continuity.

Superman Timeline
1948 - Lex Luthor is born.
1951 - Kal-El is born on Krypton.
1952 - Kara Zor-El is born on Krypton.
1953 - Kal-El lands on Earth after the Kryptonian Super Intelligence known as Brainiac causes the destruction of Krypton. Kal-El is adopted by Jonathan and Marth Kent who name him Clark.
1954 - Lois Lane is born.
1969 - Martha Kent passes away and John Kent urges Clark to go and make something of himself in the city, also urging him not to use his powers only for himself but rather to use them to benefit others.
1970 - Clark Kent moves to Metropolis and adopts the alias of Superman, also becoming a journalist at the Daily Planet where he meets Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and others.
1971 - Superman meets Lex Luthor.
1974 - Superman founds the Justice League of America alongside Wonder Woman and Batman.
1975 - Superman is supposedly killed by Doomsday.
1976 - Superman returns to action after a race between Steel, The Cyborg Superman, and the Eradicator.
1977 - Brainiac arrives on Earth and attacks Superman, the resulting battle killing John Kent.
1978 - Superman's younger cousin, Kara Zor-El, lands on Earth after a much longer period of time in space, having been knocked off course by an asteroid and been slowed in the aging process due to the ship's stasis systems malfunctioning, and adopts the role of Super-Girl.
1979 - Superman's DNA is used, in combination with Lex Luthor's, to create the first Superboy Clone.
1980 - Superman marries Lois Lane.
1990 - Superboy is presumably killed by Lex Luthor, Metallo, The Joker, and Circe.
1995 - Superman defeats Lex and his followers.
1996 - Superman and Lois conceive their first child together, Clarence Kent.
1998 - Superman and Lois conceive their second child, Kara Kent (named after Superman's cousin)
2001 - Superman hangs up his cape after barely managing to push back the latest and most brutal of Darkseid attacks, hoping to get to spend more time with his children.
2003 - The Justice League disbands without Superman.
2005 - Kara Zor-El retires as Super-Girl.
2007 - Clark returns to being Superman.
2018 - Kara Kent, Superman's daughter, takes up the mantle of Super-Girl.
2019 - Lois Lane is supposedly killed by a cyborg Lex Luthor; Clark leaves the Earth to do some soul searching; Clarence Kent becomes Ultra-Man; Clark returns to Earth only to be beaten by his own son; Ultra-Man discovers that Lex had merged with Brainiac and was using Starro technology to control him; Ultra-Man kills Luthor and destroys Brainiac.
2034 - Clarence Kent meets Anne Olsen and the two fall in love.
2050 - Clarence and Anne conceive Cole Kent.
2053 - Clarence goes insane as a latent side effect of the Starro technology previously used on him and leaves Anne to take care of Cole, once again becoming Ultra-Man.
2060 - Clark begins to lose his powers for some reason beyond his understanding and retires as Superman, still plagued but his Kryptonian longevity, being physically much younger than his actual age.
2067 - Cole Kent takes up the title of Superboy.
2070 - Cole graduates from Superboy to Superman.
2071 - Kara Kent retires as Super-Girl; Cole confronts his father for the first of many times.
2080 - Clarence Kent commits his first and final heroic act, sacrificing himself to destroy Doomsday before Doomsday can kill Cole.
2081 - Cole Kent meets Janice Lang at the Daily Planet.
2084 - Cole and Janice conceive Karla Kent.
2100 - Karla Kent becomes the new Super-Girl and fights alongside her father in Metropolis, being told that she was on trial basis only and if things got too dangerous, she would have to hang up the cape until she was ready.

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PostSubject: Re: Information   Sun May 13, 2012 10:05 am

This timeline, as with the last one, isn't set in stone nor is it particularly following any continuity as it is an amalgam of various continuities. This is also because Wonder Woman has been rewritten too many times to really keep up with. This one is also going to be in a bit less detail, starting simply from Wonder Woman's arrive in America and on. So to cover her constantly changing origin, I'm going with the original one. She is made of clay.

Wonder Woman
1963 - Diana rescues an infant Donna Troy and the girl is raised on Paradise Island.
1972 - Diana arrives in America for the first time with Steve Trevor; Diana becomes known as Wonder Woman.
1974 - Diana founds the Justice League with Superman and Batman; Wonder Woman allows Donna Troy to join the Teen Titans as Wonder-Girl at a young age.
1975 - Diana becomes an ambassador to accompany her superhero role, adopting the alias of Diana Prince as a civilian guise.
1979 - Donna Troy leaves the title of Wonder-Girl behind and simply goes by her name.
1980 - Wonder Woman meets Helena and Cassandra Sandsmark; Wonder Woman gives her title to Donna Troy only to later reclaim it.
1982 - Cassandra becomes the new Wonder-Girl.
1990 - Wonder Woman temporarily leaves her title to Wonder-Girl until both she and Donna Troy are presumably killed along with Superboy and Jason Todd, now the Red Hood, by Lex Luthor, Circe, The Joker, and Metallo.
1995 - Wonder Woman takes over as ruler of Themyscira.
2010 - Wonder Woman summons Captain Marvel and Hal Jordan to aid her in the creation of a divine power ring that could be used to replace her after it is revealed that she has become almost entirely mortal.
2065 - Wonder Woman dies; all consulting with Paradise Island is forbidden.
2099 - Corinna of Themyscira discovers the old Ring of the Pantheon that SHAZAM created so many years ago for Wonder Woman; Corinna discovers that Circe had taken over the Island and defeats her but declines rule.
2100 - Corinna forges a body of clay to resemble Diana and this statue is given life, then granted the soul of Diana, imbuing her with all of Diana's essence before her death; Diana declines Corinna's offer to take all that was rightfully hers and tells Corinna that if she really wished to prove herself, then she would go to Man's World and Diana would remain on Themyscira to rule again; Corinna takes up the mantle of Wonder-Girl and leaves for Gateway City.

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PostSubject: Re: Information   Sat May 19, 2012 11:25 pm


More Soon...

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PostSubject: Re: Information   Mon May 20, 2013 11:34 pm

MATRICORE BASE - Sovereign's Base of Operations


Coming Soon...

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PostSubject: Re: Information   Tue May 21, 2013 9:10 am

Justice League
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Bat Girl
Gold Lantern
Star Girl

Teen Titans
Nightwing -Trainer
Hawk -Trainer
Dove -Trainer
Black Bat
Super Girl
Red Hawk

League of Assassins
Crimson Blade

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PostSubject: Re: Information   Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:07 am

The Justice Society
The Justice Society of America is a much more grounded superhero team than the Justice League, focusing much more on slightly smaller scale problems.  They are a legacy team who emphasize that aspect, making sure to stress the importance of the original heroes' legacies.  They were first formed when an older Human Green Lantern got it together with a time displaced older Flash.  They decide that it's time for the average American to once again have icons to look up to when the Justice League resurfaces.  But in their case, on a much more attainable level.

They presently consist of the older Green Lantern, an older Flash, a new female Captain Marvel, a new Black Canary, an aged Sandman, a returning Dr. Mid Nite, Kid-Quick (a young new Jesse Quick), Catman (Robin's father returning to action, but now as a hero), an aged Hourman, and the new Star-Girl.

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PostSubject: Re: Information   

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