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 X-Men: Generations

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PostSubject: X-Men: Generations   Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:12 am

This story will help fill in some holes in the rpg Finding the X-Men. I'm working on the first one and will start off, obviously with children of the X-Men: Skye, Doug, Illyana and Kia. There will be other children introduced that are not in the rpg, but could make an appearance at some time. Hopefully by doing this story we might be able to spark some ideas for the rpg.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:40 am

Alison walked into the mansion hearing the others in the back. She sighed starting to have second thoughts wondering what they might say. They’d probably assume Skye was Longshot’s. Maybe this was a mistake to come, Betsy and Warren are both good friends she couldn’t tell them the truth. She started to turn to leave but stopped.
“Where do you think you’re going, the parties out back”
“Hey Logan” Alison smiled turning to him. “I uh was just…”
“Come on kid, let’s go” Logan smiled handing her a beer. “Cute kid you got there.”
“Thanks” Alison smiled following Logan to the back, Skye keeping close to her mother.
“The girls are over there talking if you wanna join them” Logan said “Foods on the grill cooking. I think the kids are off playing, probably getting into trouble.”
Alison nodded sipping at her beer “Looks like Rogue and Storm are expecting”
“Emma too” Logan said seeing one of his kids “Kurt, come here son.”
“What is it pop” Kurt asked looking at Alison briefly
“I want you to take…” Logan paused and looked over at Alison “Sorry, didn’t catch her name.”
“Take Skye and introduce her to the others.”
“Sure thing old man” Kurt smiled taking Skye’s hand and pulling her along with him to join the other kids.
“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine” Logan said seeing a look of concern on Alison’s face. “I think Bobby’s looking after them.”

“I’m Kurt by the way” Kurt said heading over to the other kids
“Nice to meet you” Skye said politely
“Yes, I can do it” Doug said “I fixed our computer didn’t I? Oh, hey Kurt. Who’s the girl?”
“Everyone this is Skye” Kurt said introducing her to the others “Skye this is Doug, Illyana, Warren IV, Michael, Scarlett, Rose and Lizzy.”
Skye waived at the others feeling a bit shy.
“Okay, so Doug says he can work the computer” Illyana said “Now we just need to find a way to get away from Mr. cool over there so we can get down there.”
“Where you all going?” Skye asked
“Danger Room” Warren IV said “We’re going to play in the Savage Land. It’s going to be so cool.”
“Okay” Skye said
“Hey, I think I know how to get away from the babysitter” Rose said motioning for the others to get in close as she told them her plan.
“I’m the oldest that’s why I get to be it first” Kurt shouted
“Not fair” Liz cried “I wanna be it first.”
“As the smartest one here I propose we take into consideration a few simple factors to help us deduce who should be it first” Doug said
“Or, we let the new girl go first” Illyana suggested
“Whoa, everyone just chill out” Bobby said walking over to break up the argument. “What’s the problem here?”
“We want to play hide and seek but can’t decide on whom get’s to be it first” Warren IV said
“Okay, well why don’t I be it” Bobby said “What’s the highest any of you can count to?”
“A googolplexian” Doug said
“That’s not a real number” Bobby said “Not even sure it’s a real word. Let’s just go with a hundred.”
“Is too a number” Doug muttered as he went off with the rest towards the mansion while Bobby counted. The kids made it down to the Danger Room waiting for Doug to get the Savage World simulation running.

Skye wondered off from the others after Bobby had found them in the Danger Room. Her mother had promised to introduce her to her father today and she wasn’t sure she could wait any longer. Skye wasn’t sure if he was here or they were meeting him somewhere else. She went looking for her mother stopping when she heard her talking.
“You don't want money from me so what am I supposed to do?” Warren III asked “Am I supposed to just walk up to Skye and say ‘Hey, I'm your father and your mother just now told me about you because she was ashamed.' Is that what you want me to do?”
“No,” Allison said. “You're making it sound like I regret having her.”
“Well, don't you?" Warren III said looking at her
Alison sighed and looked down "A little. Yes. She's a constant reminder of some stupid mistake I made."
"I'm a mistake?!" Skye screams, tears welling up in her eyes.
“Baby wait” Alison says as Skye takes off running. She follows after her with Warren but they lose sight of her quickly.

“What are you going to name her?” Kitty asked
“Kia” Opal smiled
“You’re naming her after a car?” Logan said raising an eyebrow
“Don’t listen to him Opal, it’s a beautiful name” Melita said after smacking Logan’s arm. “What’s it mean anyway?”
“It means…” Opal started but was interrupted by Warren III and Alison
“Skye’s missing” Alison said “We have to find her.”
“Calm down Ali” Kitty said “I’m sure she didn’t go far. We’ll find her.”
“Right, we’ll split up and spread out.” Scott said. “Emma will stay here with Storm, Rogue and Opal and keep us all linked.”
“We wanna help one eye” Kurt said
Scott glared over at Logan who just shrugged. “Alright, if you find her let us know and bring her back here.”
Kurt and the kids nodded before taking off searching for Skye.

Skye sat in the woods behind the mansion hearing her name being called. She got up to get further away but stopped when she heard a twig snap. She turned slowly not sure who or what she expected to see letting out a sigh of relief when she saw who it was.
“Warren, you scared me.”
“Didn’t mean to” Warren IV said “We’ve been looking for you. You’re mother’s worried about you.”

“Yeah, right” Skye said rolling her eyes “My mother doesn’t care about me.”
“That’s not true” Warren IV said walking towards her. “My dad, you mom, Kurt … all of us are out looking for you.”
Skye blinked looking at him then shook her head “Well I’m not going back.”
“Not even to see Kia?” Warren IV said
“Who’s that?” Skye asked arching an eyebrow.
“Bobby’s daughter, she was just born a few hours ago” Warren IV smiled “If you come back with me maybe you’ll get to hold her.”
Skye stood thinking before nodding her head “Alright,” She said smiling “always wanted to hold a baby.”
Warren smiled taking her hand leading her back to Opal letting Emma know he had found Skye and they were on their way back.

When they got close to the others Alison ran towards them grabbing Skye and hugging her tight. Skye pushed her mother back from her and looked over at Warren III as he came towards them. “Are you my father?”
Warren III looked down at her and smiled “I am.”
“I wanna come live with you” Skye said making both Warren III and Alison flinch.
“Of course you can go stay with you father” Alison said “We’ll work something out between us…”
“No” Skye said interrupting her mother “I don’t wanna just visit him, I wanna live with him.”
“Skye, listen your mother didn’t mean what she said” Warren III said bending down and putting an arm on her shoulder. “She loves and she doesn’t resent having you.”
“I don’t care, I don’t wanna be with her anymore” Skye said “She locks me in my room all day and never lets me play with other kids.”
“Hey, now that’s not true” Alison said defensively “I give you everything you want and treat you like a princess.”
“Then why aren’t you ever around when I need you” Skye shouted at her mother.
Skye blinked unable to respond to this. Warren III was about to say something else but was cut off by Betsy who walked over kneeling down next to him. “We’d love it if you came to live with us.”
Skye smiled and threw her arms around Betsy hugging her tight.
“Alright” Betsy smiled “Why don’t you go see the baby.”
“Okay” Skye said starting to run off. She paused and turned around looking at Betsy “Can I call you mom?”
“Of course you can dear” Betsy smiled watching Skye go over to Opal and Kia. “Warren III, why don’t you get the car babe, I think it’s time to go.”
Warren III nodded and left the two women there alone.

“Betsy I’m so sorry” Alison said “I never…”
“Shut it you trollop” Betsy said turning to Alison, the smile fading from her lips. “I don’t need your apology, I forgave you along time ago for what you did to Warren III”
“What I did” Alison said confused “What are you…”
“You don’t speak slut, you listen” Betsy said cutting her off again “I’ve known about what you and my husband did this entire time. And don’t give me crap about how you were both drunk off your asses and had no idea what was happening because that’s bullshit. Warren III really believed you were me but you knew different. You could’ve stopped it and you didn’t but I decided to forgive you anyway. This though, this is unforgivable. You waited five years before telling him about Skye even though you could’ve reached him at any time. And to make things worse, Skye’s gone this entire time thinking God knows what about her father.” Betsy paused sighing “I don’t want to see you near my family ever again”
“Wait a minute, you can’t keep me from seeing Skye” Alison said “She’s my daughter too.”
“True” Betsy said “but she doesn’t want to see you so until she’s ready to see her mother again, goodbye Alison.”
Betsy turned leaving Alison standing there speechless and stunned. She watched as Skye went off with Warren III and his family smiling.

“Good job on the mission son”
“Thank you general. I’m just glad it’s over so I can get this thing off.”
“Well then we better get you to the lab. We don’t want that thing taking over someone with your skills, it could be disastrous.”
The soldier nodded walking into the lab. He stood in the center of a large room and looked up at the windows. Soon the room was filled with sound making him drop to his knees and clutch at his head. The symbiot started separating itself from the soldier trying to get away from the sound. The soldier fell over blacking out as the symbiot was gathered in a container. The noise cut out soon after, medics and scientist rushed in. While the medics attended the solder the scientist had the symbiot hauled away.
“Be careful with that thing, we don’t want it getting free.”
“Don’t worry; we’ve got it under control.”
The symbiot was taken to a storage area and transferred to another container. None of the soldiers or scientist noticed part of it separate and slips out. The new symbiot crawled through the base latching onto a soldier as he was heading out to go home.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:01 pm

Awesome start man!

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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:14 pm

I like it too! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:20 pm

thank you. Just highlighting some of the main ones right now. Next one will be James.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:25 pm

Teen saga rpg!!!! Very Happy flower

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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:27 pm

Hey, if Anime can get away with it, why can't Pryde use teen angst?

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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:37 pm

teen angst, of course there be some drama.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:48 am

“Good, we’re all here” the director of the Agency said seeing his top agents enter. “Let’s get started with this briefing. Two weeks ago a symbiot was spotted outside of Boston. SHIELD agents were able to stop its rampage but unable to capture the creature.”
“Typical” Shade interrupted “they always find a way to mess things up.”
James looked over at his partner and shook his head as the director continued.
“From there the creature dropped off our radars and was last seen somewhere in Alaska. We’re still not sure how it managed to get so far so fast but regardless that’s the last place it was seen. We believe it has been captured by Weapon Alpha, successor to Weapon X and an unsanctioned program. We can only assume that they are conducting experiments on it. Your mission is to infiltrate the Weapon Alpha compound and get the symbiot back.”
“Should be a piece of cake” Shade said confidently “Patriot and I will have it back in no time.”
“I expect nothing less than success from you” director Steele smiled as the two walked out to the hanger where they’re transport waited.

“Bring in the test subject” a scientist said “Good, strap him to the table and let’s begin.”
The subject was strapped to the table. He struggled against his bonds trying to break free as an assistant lowered a mask over his face and the gas released. Slowly he started to drift off to sleep. When he was finally out a container was brought in with a thick black substance in it. The container was hooked up to a machine that started spreading it over the man on the table.
“Phase two has been initated; the symbiot is being applied to the subject.”
“Good, now we see if this subject is a more suitable host.”
The symbiot latched onto the subject starting to bond with it. A loud scream broke through the lab as the subject was woken up suddenly by the bonding process. He broke his bonds and got up from the table throwing the table across the room.
“Calm yourself number 12, remember your training. You can control this.”
Twelve tried to control the symbiot but struggled. He breathed heavily, clenching his fist as he tried to concentrate. He heard a laugh in his head as the symbiot buried its claws into his brain. Twelve let out an animalistic roar returning to his rampage throwing a stool up at the observation room cracking the glass.
“Initiate containment protocols.”
The room was filled with sound making Twelve cry out in pain. Security rushed in surrounding him in flames with their flame throwers while the container was prepared for the symbiot. The symbiot finally released from his latest host and was quickly put in the container. The subject dropped to the floor passing out and was dragged away by the security. The scientists watching sighed leaving the observation room.
“I was certain our alterations would work.”
“It should have. Our calculations were correct we just failed to take into account the human factor.”
“Yes, perhaps we should turn our focus to improving the host instead of the parasite.”

“You ready for this Patriot” Shade asked as they neared the landing zone.
“Always” Patriot smiled “you just make sure you don’t fall behind.”
“Get ready to jump boys” the pilot shouted back at them “we’re just about to the lz.”
Patriot and Shade nodded getting into position to jump. As the transport flew over the lz Patriot jumped out first popping his chute when he reached the proper altitude. Shade followed right behind him landing shortly after James. The two stashed their chutes and checked the map before heading off for the compound.
“So same plan as always” Shade said as they quickly closed on their objective.
“Not this time” Patriot said “We’re both going in.”
“Alright” Shade said “Let’s say we put a wager on who finds it first.”
“Sure” Patriot smiled “First to find the symbiot buys the drinks.”
“Get ready to pay for my margaritas and shots” Shade said opening the grate.
The two climbed in getting into the compound. They split to search for the symbiot being careful to avoid security.
“Hey Shade guess what?” Patriot said over the coms about an hour after they began their search.
“You’ve finally decided to have that surgery” Shade joked
“Funny” Patriot said “no you’re buying my lagers tonight.”
“You found it” Shade said disappointed “damn, alright time to go then.”
James chuckled grabbing the container and turning to head out setting off a silent alarm. Security quickly moved to the symbiots containment room. As Patriot came around the corner security opened up on him pinning him down.
“Shit, Shade I triggered an alarm. Security’s got me pinned down. I could really use some backup.”
“On my way partner” Shade said moving to his location. He heard gunfire up ahead and smiled knowing Patriot was giving them hell. He dropped the M4 from his shoulder and opened fire catching the security in a crossfire between him and Patriot. “I think you owe me drinks for saving your ass again.”
“I seem to remember saving your ass last time” Patriot shouted as he reloaded.
“Fine, we’ll call it even” Shade shouted back “So how we gonna get out of this one, won’t be long before more security shows up.”
“Then we blitz” Patriot said “On three. One, two, three”
Shade charged the security as Patriot broke out from cover. Within minutes the security was taken out and the two were making their way to an exit.
“Transport we’re en route” Shade said over the radio “We’ll probably be coming in hot.”
“Not a problem, we’ll cover you.”
Shade and Patriot fought their way out of the compound making their way to the extraction point. The heavy guns on the transport opened up on those pursuing the two keeping them back. Patriot and Shade climbed on sitting back and letting out a sigh of relief as they made their way back to the Agency base.

“Great job on getting the symbiot back” Director Steele said
“Not a problem sir” Patriot said
“Like I said, piece of cake” Shade added smiling “So what are we going to do with it now?”
“Use it” Steele said “After we run some tests to see what they did to the thing first. You two deserve some rest.”
The two nodded leaving the Agency and going to a bar for drinks to celebrate another successful mission.

“I want my mommy” a little girl cried sitting in a large room with other young kids.
“Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll see her again soon” Justine said trying to comfort the girl “We’ll all get out of here soon enough.”
“You really think so” Ty said “’Cause I don’t think anyone even knows we’re here.”
“Shush Ty” Justine snapped at her bother “you’re not helping any.”
Ty shrugged going back to sit in the corner glancing around the room at the other kids being held there. The door opened and two more kids were brought in by a guard
“Here ya go two more playmates for you brats” he shoved the two kids into the room before shutting the door “Play nice now.”

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past

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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:03 am

Nice one man!

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PostSubject: Re: X-Men: Generations   Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:19 am

thank you.

Those who ignore hstory are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past
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X-Men: Generations
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